Hamari Sister Didi 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita places the ear pins in her bag, and wears larger ear rings instead. At the Sangeet function, Dr. Gill meets with everyone. Babay was also there, Dimple arrives at the function. Malika points her to Mehr, and asks Babay for dance on stage. Babay sends her there instead.

Dr. Gill comes to Dimple and says he was sure she would be here. He asks her about Amrita and Karan. She says she doesn’t know about Karan. Amrita comes with bouquets. Dimple looks at her, while Dr. Gill says she has come as guests. She touches Dr. Gill’s feet. Dimple says that the Karan I know will never come here. Malika says to Babay how Dr. Karan doesn’t come here, and asks Bobby to call him. Mehr asks her to think about it again, but Malika says that we all decided together about it. She gives the lassi to her junior, and tells Bobby that the ring is going. Karan answers the call, Bobby says that I am Gill here, it is my Misus number. Why you didn’t come. Karan says he is busy today. Bobby says that if he won’t, he will come there himself. Karan still tries to make up, but Bobby says that he is in his father’s place, and he must come. Karan hangs on.

Amrita meets Gill’s grand-daughter on stage. Gill asks how is hospital? She says that it is running fine. He says what if he had come here too. Amrita says why wait for people who don’t even care. Gill looks at the door, and says he has come here.
Karan arrives at the function. Everyone was shocked to see him. Malika boasts about her idea. Gill goes to meet him. He says that he has made his day by coming here. Gill says it is good that he kept his words. Karan says that he insisted so much by calling him. Gill says thank you so much. Karan excuses saying he cut the phone abruptly, as he had talked about his father. Gill was skeptic.

There Malika blamed Bobby for the phone, and teases him that what he will do now.
Gill uncle asks what time is he talking about. Mehr heads to leave the group. Karan explains that he just called him come here, immediately. Gill uncle denies, and tells him to leave it and enjoy the function. Karan shows him the number and asks isn’t it his wife’s number? Karan thinks about who can it be. Bobby was worried, Karan comes to him and passes by while Bobby held his face covered.

Karan comes to Amrita and scolds her that she made someone call him as Dr. Gill. Amrita denies doing any such thing, She looks at the group hidden. Amrita tells him to be quiet as here is a function going on. Karan tells her not to deny what she did. Some men come to Karan, and insist Karan to have the drink. Amrita tells them to enjoy, as they will joins them in sometime. Amrita says that I am sorry for calling you here, but please be relaxed now. She comes to Malika and says that she might not have felt ashamed. Malika says sorry, and asks Amrita to come to dance.

Dimple comes to Karan, and asks is he feeling fine as he doesn’t like such functions. Karan gives him a smile. Malika asks Dimple to come to dance. She teases Dimple for always staying straight, and asks her to bend somewhat to dance. Dimple scolds her.

The dance begins, Malika starting it. Everyone claps at her performace. Babay comes to send Amrita on stage, when Malika and Bobby had already come there. They ask Amrita to join them, and she does. Karan watches Amrita intently.

The group of men who had come to Karan, points at Amrita and talks about her. One of them comes to stage, and touches Amrita making her uncomfortable. She stops dancing, while the others take him along. Karan goes to them, and asks him to stay in his limits. One of his friends tell him to stay relaxed, but Karan asks why they drink when they can’t handle it. Amrita comes to Karan, but Karan shouts at them. Amrita takes him along her. She asks what is he doing, they are their guests. Karan says that they touched her. She says that she is ok. He asks why is she asking him to be quiet. She says that she has always lived in small cities and knows about taking care of herself.

PRECAP: Karan finds out who called him, and scolds the whole nursing staff. Amrita comes forward, when he tells her to be in her limits too. Mrs. Kapoor arrives there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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