Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahil says told you I will expose him. Aashi says before this proof everyone was saying the same. Even jhabru aunty was saying vishesh is wrong but my heart didn’t agree to any of them. After listening to all of this my heart still says vishesh can never di wrong. I trust vishesh completely. she leaves. SAhil says are you blind or mad. closing your eyes doesn’t make your parents good or vishesh a good man. you want God to come and say that vishesh did this. Aashi says quite. You will see tomorrow how much my parents love me. she puts a tape on his face.

Scene 2
Vishesh sees his dad and recalls how everyone used to respect him. he recalls when his dad said you will get a job but don’t do anything illegitimate. Vishesh said I will never do something that will lessen your respect papa. He looks at his dad and says I remember my vow papa. He des with someone. The man is angry. Vishesh collects the scattered vegetables from the gorund and touches his feet. he gives the bag to him while facing the floor.

Sunil and Roopa comes home. Roopa says this deal is never ending. sunil says I ahev played a game they have to agree now. Roopa comes and asks what are you doing on this cycle aashi? Aashi says I am exercising and gardening both. roopa says why donlt you join some gym. aashi says you have to come at 7 pm tomorrow. Sunil says I have brought something for you too. he shows her the papers of a new tower her says we have named them aashi towers. This will be the biggest tower of Jabalpur. Aashi says thank you so much papa. Roopa says we are tired now. aashi says mummy papa are doing this all hardwork for me. SAhil is wrong about mummy papa. He is wrong in everything.

Scene 3
Parbha gives tea to Vishnu. she says there is something about aashi. whenever we’re with her something good happens. Vishnu asks what did you wished today? prabha saysv the security and happiness of our house. Vishnu says they have done everything. They have started constructing a board. But I will not give up. prabha says your hope increases my strength.

Scene 4
Next morning, vishesh wakes up and recalls aashi’s optimistic words. He says thank you aashi for everything you have done for me. he is leaving for the job. aashi stops him and gives him sugar and yogurt to wish him luck for his new job. He says thanks. Aashi says come by 7pm. I have planned a part. he nods and leaves. Aashi gets a call Vishnu and says you have to come on time uncle or I will get angry. Vishesh looks at her and smiles. SAhil comes there. vishesh says him hi, sahil reverts. When he leaves, sahil says its your bad time. sahil is coming in and recalls his argument with aasho about her parents and vishesh. aashi says do you have any proof? sahil says you were about to prove that your parents are the best parents. Aashi says you will tell first. he says you. sahil says you will fall to see my proof. aashi says you will forget your acting after seeing my parent’s love for me.

Vishesh says to his boss according to the records, the plot belongs to the defendant. Boss says you don’t have to tell me what is right and wrong. he is our client and he got you this job. you have to do as he says. Vishesh says in heart I can’t let go this job, vishesh says tell me what to do sir? Boss says note this address and some people will break their boundary wall. The work shouldn’t stop at any cost even if they call police. is that clear? Vishesh nods. Vishesh says in heart how can I say no I have got this job because of aashi.

Aashi reaches a sculptor shop and says you have to make a marble heart and write mummy papa on it. He says I have a lot of work to do. aashi says please I beg you complete my work please. he says okay I will I can’t say no to you.

Sahil, kunni and bunto are doing the arrangements. aashi says what will we do for welcome? Sahil says we will keep this rose petals with fan near door and turn on the fan when they come in. sahil says you bet that they are not going to come so what is this arrangement for. Sahil says challenge at its place and friendship at its place. aashi says I hope your challenge switch keeps on always. he says but I will keep challenging.

There at Vishnu’s house Sunil’s men are fighting with Vishnu and breaking the boundary wall. Vishnu says I am not going to give up. He is fighting with those people. Vishesh sees them and recalls when aashi introduced him to them. aashi is trying to call Vishnu but he is not receiving. aashi calls vishesh. aashi says how is the work going on. I have called to remind you to come. I am trying to call Vishnu uncle but he is not receiving. you all have to come. vishesh is looking at Vishnu fighting with the thugs.

Precap-sunil’s men are fighting with Vishnu. a thung says they are not letting us break the wall. allow us we will do it forcefully. prabha and Vishnu are dazed to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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