Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naksh doing color art. Naitik takes care of Naira and they all have good family time. Naksh says I want to go village, I m getting bored here. Naitik says we will go soon. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to let them come. Shaurya asks the man to come. Devyaani says if they are wrong people. Bau ji says if the woman really need help then, is this good to leave them along here, we also have daughters and bahus. The men bring the pregnant lady and Bhabhimaa makes them sit. She gives them water and the bus starts moving.

Jasmeet gets tensed seeing her. Varsha asks is she fine. Jasmeet nods. Rajshri asks Shaurya to be careful and keep an eye on them, as they can loot by stopping the bus. Rajshri gets tensed seeing the man and holds her slipper. The man takes out his phone and she gets relieved. Rajshri says it was hurting my leg and they all smile. Ananya asks the lady does she have baby boy or baby girl. Karishma asks what did she wish to have and any name she thought. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh play blindfold catching game at home. Music plays…………. Naksh enjoys a lot. He gets tired and sits.

Akshara calls Bhabhimaa and says Naksh is fine, no need to go to doctor. Bhabhimaa tells this to everyone and they all smile. She asks when are they coming. Akshara says in morning. Bhabhimaa says they are not feeling good without them and worries. The network goes. The bus reaches the hospital. The men thank them and the lady is taken to hospital. The bus leaves. Omi says humans can’t trust humans. Bhabhimaa says yes, we were thinking they will loot us, and they helped us. Dadi says intention should be good. Akshara, Naksh and Naitik miss everyone. He says one who gets habituated to stay in joint family, can’t leave alone. The bus gets a jerk and stops. The driver says the village has come and they all thank Lord. They get down and Naman says its different place. Karishma says yes and asks did we come to right place.

Rukmani says its looking different, it changed. Bau ji asks Naman about the Dharamshala. Naman says I will ask driver, maybe he got us to wrong village. He asks the driver and the driver says he got them to right village. The dharamshala man calls Naman as he did booking and asks when will they come. Naman says I m in the village bus stand. They don’t see anyone and are worried. Bau ji says we can’t trouble Alok by calling again and again. They ask a man about dharamshala and he says it had one and got closed. Naman says I went from here one week before.

The man says about two villages, one is on other side of the river. Karishma says it means we did bookings in wrong village. Devyaani asks Naman why did he not do the work well. Rajshri asks shall we stay here at night. Bau ji says we have to call Alok now. Akshara does packing as they have to leave early. Naitik says Naksh is taking care of Naira. He romances and she asks him to go. He hugs her. She does packing and runs. He catches her and they smile. Music plays……………

Naksh calls them as Naira did susu. Akshara says nothing looks good without family. She says she is coming and asks Naitik to switch off lights and come. Alok and his family meet everyone and ask why are they standing here. Bau ji says kids did mistake, they did arrangements in wrong village. They say about problems. Alok says about swine flu in village and there should not be kept any gathering, we can’t keep marriage here. Devyaani says she feels all problems are coming in this marriage. Alok’s mum says lets keep marriage here, nothing will happen. The elders discuss.

Alok says I don’t want to take risk, we have kids and many people. His family talks about their wish to do marriage in village. The kids and Dadda ji feel sleepy. Bau ji says what to do then. Alok’s dad says we can postpone village, else imp people can stay for marriage and rest ones can go. Bau ji asks them to come Udaipur and they can keep marriage there. Alok says no, you will have problem. Dadi says maybe its Lord’s wish. Alok’s family agrees.

They ask them to stay with them tonight and they will leave tomorrow. Bau ji says we will leave now. Omi says we have to do arrangements too. Rukmani says we came village from so far and going back now. Alok says you stay here. Rukmani says no, I can catch flu. The ladies say they will stay at Rukmani’s place. Mohit says yes. Bhabhimaa pacifies Devyaani. Naman asks her not to panic, as they will go home and see. Alok tells Muskaan that he will come soon.

The bus leaves back. Dadda ji asks where are we going. Bau ji says we are going hom, try to sleep. Muskaan coughs. Naman says she has motion sickness and asks is she fine. Muskaan drinks water. They talk about Naitik, they will reach till morning, why to inform them now, let them sleep. Naksh asks when will morning happen, I can’t wait, can’t we go now, we can give them surprise. Naitik says its nice idea, we should go, I will drive. Akshara says we will go in morning. Naitik says you are just afraid, lets go. Naksh says please. She says fine, all packing is done, just have to lock home and go. Naksh smiles.

Everyone come home and call Akshara asking where are they. Akshara says they are on the way, they left at night. Bau ji asks what, are you on the way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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