Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says to Ranveer that she didn’t want to lie to him and he couldn’t listen to the truth. If he doesn’t believe, he must ask her lawyer how long she had told him to prepare the divorce papers. He also has the proofs for her and Chiraag’s relations. She asks Ranveer to open his eyes.
Chaitali argues Baa that she never uses her brain. She tells Baa that Falguni has played her recording in police station. She always made them dream to get the house back, but they may not be able to stay in the house even. Falguni has spoiled their reputation, they didn’t even get Ritika and now Baa will have to go to jail. Baa says she won’t let her do this.
The police calls Amba and Kailas that they have been bailed. Amba cries hugging Lakshmi, Parul supports Kailash. Falguni takes Ishaani aside and scolds her to be silent. She asks is she insane, she told her in morning that they will know about her happiness tonight. Ishaani says she wanted to tell her that she loves Chiraag and wants to marry him. Falguni says she is lying, Ishaani asks if she named Ranveer. She says to Falguni that she knows she loves Chiraag from a time her papa engaged her to him, it was she who was against this marriage. She made her marry him, knowing how much she hates this man; doesn’t she know. Falguni says she knows it all. Ishaani asks what, she asked her to respect her husband, family and make all the sacrifices. Did she ever ask what is her happiness. Falguni says she disliked RV, but then she said she has started to love him. Ishaani says she lied so that her lectures stop and she can Chiraag. Ishaani tells the inspector that Ranveer created such scenario on her day of marriage to Chiraag so that he can marry her. Falguni says she owes this man a lot. Ishaani says he did it all to cover it up. She tells him that he always wanted to marry her. Parul stops her, but Ishaani says she doesn’t want to give any explanations to anyone. She says she did this drama to get divorce money, but what will she do with this money now when Chiraag isn’t here. She shouts that she disowns everyone here. Baa hears this, and says Ishaani is right. She tells them that they aren’t anything to Ishaani. Ranveer says Ishaani isn’t right, she is lying. She wants to live with family. He holds her face and says though she didn’t say I love you to him, he saw it in her eyes. He asks what she is stopped by. Amba comes between then, says she sent his parents to jail along with her Baa, kept an illegitimate relation with that Chiraag and he is finding his liabilities. She asks Ranveer that his love will take his life once. Ranveer says he believes in Ishaani more that himself, she can’t betray him. Ishaani says she has made the complaint that he has killed Chiraag, and she had sent Baa with the complaint against his parents. She says it is good they have beaten his parents because they beat her daily. Ranveer stops her, but she says he must asks her if she pushed her out of her house, took her to door steps dragging and beat her. Ranveer stops her and says she must atleast forgive his parents. She says he can ruin her life along with his parents and she can’t even do this.
The inspector comes to announce Chiraag’s body has been found. The inspector calls for RV’s arrest, but the lawyer says there is no proof against Ranveer. The inspector says they aren’t arresting him right now, but until investigations go on he must not leave the city. Ishaani leaves the station. Baa goes smiling at Amba. Ranveer cries.
Ishaani comes out of the station and gets into her car. Falguni keeps on stopping her, Baa stood behind. Ishaani stops her car ahead some blocks crying hard.
At night, Falguni waits for Ishaani. Falguni asks how she came home so late when she left police station before them. She asks Ishaani she doesn’t want to know where she was, she just want to know why is she doing this. Ishaani ignores, Falguni says why is she accusing Ranveer. Ishaani says if she thinks Ranveer is innocent she must tell the police, I don’t want to hear his name as well. She gets into the room and slams the door shut. She cries with her mouth shut as Falguni stood outside.
Ranveer brings Amba and Kailash outside. Lakshmi sends Parul to get medicine.
Ranveer and Parul put medicine on them. RV is shattered and goes upstairs. Amba watches him go, she jerks her hand. In the room, Ranveer thinks why is Ishaani doing this all, something must be going in her mind. He opens his door to find Amba outside. He says she must be taking rest. Amba says she wants to talk to him about Ishaani. RV says he is sure something is in her mind. Amba says he is unable to think clear, she is doing this all. RV says he is responsible for this all, because he wasn’t there. He says Ishaani doesn’t want a divorce, she loves him and is under a pressure of a family or something else. Amba says he is blindly in love with her, she isn’t. He doesn’t want to accept that she always loved Chiraag, he knows but doesn’t want to accept. She asks Ranveer to divorce her right away, it is making him away from his blood relations. Ranveer asks Amba to calm down, he will think about it and talk to Ishaani. Amba turns to leave. RV was restless.
Amba comes out of room saying he won’t do anything. She must do it herself, she will call the lawyer and bring lawyer’s papers. Ishaani’s lawyer says Ishaani has asked him to get the papers ready. Amba asks, the lawyer says she told her to get them ready for 7 to 8 days. She also sent him some personals photos proving her affair with Chiraag. Amba’s lawyer says there won’t be much problem with the case now. Amba asks them to get the papers to her, she will get them signed. She must leave her son’s life as soon as possible. Ranveer thinks about calling Ishaani, he gets a call then and is shocked.

PRECAP: Ranveer shows Ishaani the divorce papers and asks her to sign them. He asks why is she not taking them, should he tell her because it is easy to do the drama but it is really difficult to keep it up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. why is ishani acting so stupid….???
    shayad dis is wat luv is…sacrifice ur happiness for ur loved ones happiness…feeling sad for both ishani and ranveer…hope they meet soon….:(

  2. Mere aashiqui tum se ha 13march

  3. its tooooo much ishaani if u love RV means y u send him in jail? I expect for ishaani go jail instead of RV but totally changed its too sad nd ranveer is sooooo much pain in his love (~_~)

  4. Now the serial is going to take a 6 months leap in which Rv is going to marry ritika…now it started to become sooooooo boring 🙁

  5. Really is it sure he will marry Ritika? I think that is what Ishani wants. She wants RV to hate her and she will succeed this way. If he hates her his pain will be less when she is in jail. His parents love Ritika very much. They will love Ritika. I hope one day they Ishani & RV will unite. All sacrifice going to be a blunder when she find out RV didn’t kill Chirag. Who killed him ? It sounds interesting I want to know who killed him . I want Baa to learn a lesson for ill treating others around her, esp RVs parents! How dare she is!

    1. Ya 100 % sure RV ll marry Ritika…..n Ritika s in negative role n she killed Chirag 🙂 she wants RV n Ishani separate as she loves RV 🙂

      1. Shaaz if rithika want dem 2 seprate den why she had broke her marrge with rv nd also help them many times in uniting……remember when ishani take diamond case on her name nd rv has done her bail…dat night also he went 2 rithika…..den also she helped him nd made him sure dat he loves ishani

  6. What is dis yar…..y ishani is doing drama …
    i dont get one thing if she doesnt want rv 2 go to jail den y c makng d cndition dat he must go 2 jail….
    it was showing dat after six months leap ishani will be in d jail….nd rv with rithika den how rv is going in d jail….
    u r r8 mehraj there is soo much pain in dis love……

    1. jagriti vo ache bne ka natak kr rhi h thaki kisi ko uspe shak na ho….aur vo ab RV k samne bechari bne ka natak kregi uski ki shaadi Toot gyi n pregnancy n al….aur RV use shaadi krega thaki uski bche ko naam dne k lye bcz RV Usko apna bst frnd mante h….bt baad m RV ko pta chalega k in sab k piche Ritika h…. 🙂

  7. hey ishaani why u behave like this. U loved ur husband but u……….. But I watch the new promo in this ishaani save ranveer. But u iritating directors this all are happened becoz of u. For this ur thought all the MATSH fans are hate it. Plz change the story

  8. I hate it. This is not fair, what will happened in this serial why ishaani why. But arora you are right this all will happen by director. Why u wrote like this I hate ur story. Change the story ok

  9. Very boring serial…..never ending tragedy…… Don’t know what directors think of audience…..better stop watching this bakwass…….hope serial producers see this and realise……these type of serials are of no use to society in anyway

  10. how dare u directors why u separate my ishveer. its not impossible. I didn’t accept it. ranveer had lot of pain. Again and again ishaani will give lot of pain to my ranveer. She also get lot of pain becoz of her talking.

  11. Ena koduma idhalam how boring story line

    1. Sathyasree venkat

      Tamil pesuveya, wow

  12. This serial is getting really bore now…why cant just RV and Ishaani be with each other without any hurdels atleast in one episode..tooo much drama..tooo much confusion..tooo much tension
    We wanna see RV and Ishaani happy together or else just put an end to this serial-bas khalaas

  13. Somebody kill ishani … I’ll marry ranveer!!!

  14. Ok I think I get it.. She can’t just take the blame on herself cos that way once she goes to jail what will happen to her family…
    So she blames RV so that once police see the proof she left they’ll give her severe punishment for murdering b falsely blaming RV … N so he will divorce her n her family will get money as alimony
    She is securing their future…
    What an idiot….
    Why couldn’t she first ask RV if he actually killed chirag n then just keep quiet n live happily !!!

  15. I totally agree with your comment zeba.ishani always give pain to ranveer from the starting till here while ranveer is loving her every moment. Though ishaani saves him , by the only way of hurting him. Feeling sad for ranveer.. Please make it good or end it…

  16. What a boring episode!!!!
    hate it when ishani n RV separation

  17. Hi evryone

  18. I knw writer will seprate isveer so it is usless to comment of non spration of them as writer never to dere fans nd always write what dey want……
    It is sure dat they will seprate nd rv will marry rithika ……i just hope dat after ishani come out of jail c again dont do anything stupid after hearing rv nd rithika marge nd instead of this directly ask rv ……of what is d reason behind dere marge…..nd clear her doubt……
    But i knw dis will not happen as writer want serial 2 become hell so dey will again do misunderstanding b/w isveer……
    rv will think ishani love chirag nd ishani will think that after she went 2 jail nd do all this drama rv had start loving rithika….
    den again stupid track of dere missunderstandng……if by mistake dey will again reunite writers will again bring another track of dere sepration…….
    actually dis is d story dat writers want us to show in MATHS

  19. Dear lord!!! All of you out here have pathetic command over the English language. Better stick to Hindi if that’s what your good at. Don’t screw up a language. Never mind if u not good at English … It’s not our language… It’s a foreign language. So talk in our national language!
    Hindi serial ke bare mein baat kar rahe ho after all

  20. Boppy what if you live in the country that speaks english because i am one of them. I guesse that you are in india but i don’t think it matters if you don’t know proper english.

  21. Exactly what I said… Dont think u understood… What I said was it’s not ‘our’ language so it does not really matter if u can’t speak it well … U can always speak ‘our’ language … Don’t have to force yourself to speak a language when u not comfy in it n then screw it up.

  22. Whatever the language is that is being spoken (typed in this case), the sentiment behind it is all the same. The serial is going backwards here.

  23. This serial is quite boring !!! There is no common sense in the story

  24. Stupid ishaani…nooo i cant see rv’s pain..ok well…upcoming episode ishaani was in jail nitin go to meet her..but she insult her father…

  25. I like this new twist in MATSH . Waiting for next episode

  26. Suga romba naala comment panala why???!!!

    1. Ama avunga comment panni romba days achu..

  27. Guys I think its a total communication gappp between ishveer……

  28. What d hell… Bkwas kr dia serial ko…boring

  29. yawr.. I dont want to say anything.. But kya zrury h story ko agay chalany k ly hero or heroin ko alag ker do.. Rv or ishani to milay bh nh.. Or ritika k baby ka father kn he..? Is she pregnent..? I dont thnk so.. Yh bh drama he h.. Sharman s peecha churany ka.. Plzz director change the story..

  30. Its so boring. Better nt to c MATSH

  31. Do u all think we viewers are mad or any mental patients that u show any nonsense and we will watch silentilly

  32. i thnk tht guy killed chirag remember chirag gf’s bro he came to knw all abt chirag’s mischivious activits n he killed him

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