Satrangi Sasural 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s office
Arushi gets a voicemail from vihaan, that addresses her as dilwali kudi, and adds that they are inching closer to success, having bagged two of the ladies. He sys that soon their satrangi sasural shall be a reality. She too thanks him for his efforts in her heart, and hopes that everything is okay soon. she gets a disturbing call from mili and is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi comes home enraged, and asks buaji how dare she hit her mother, and threatens her to not even dare to try and protest her innocence as she knows. buaji starts being egoist and angry. Arushi reminds her of her fake FIR report which is punishable by crime, and asks how dare she raised a hand at her mother, as she wont bear it. She goes inside. Buaji starts taunting her for being immature and rude too. Arushi takes her by the hand, shocking everyone, and throws buaji out, while the outsiders gather on, mortifying buaji. Arushi gets inside to get buaji’s suitcase outside, while prahlad and girish are tensed. Buaji tells Kasturi that it must have been her instigation. But kasturi says that she called this on herself. Arushi brings back her suitcase, and then buaji takes a u-turn, and asks her to forgive her one last time, but she slams the door shut on her face. buaji is frustrated.

Inside, Arushi’s mother is tensed that bua might take revenge from her in-laws’s house, but she is adamant that she wont let buaji live here, as her leaving had become very improtant. her mother is tensed for dadaji, who thinks that he couldnt raise his kids well. but arushi assures that she is prepared for everything that buaji might concoct.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While geeta and harpreet are convinced that arushi is perfect, narmada asks whats the matter. geeta asks narmada to stop worrying now, as she cant be biased towards her. narmada says that she didnt respond, and she wont let her come inside and have her place as the bahu of this house. narmada says that arushi is after their money just like her father. geeta says that if she wants to come back, its her right, and how would she stops her. narmada says that she doesnt believe in her, and she wont let come inside at any cost.

Just then, buaji walks in. All the ladies are surprised, as she starts hollering for vihaan. priyanka asks her to get lost, and not come inside. Buaji taunts priyanka that if she can stay with vihaan as his aunt, she herself is arushi’s aunt too, and hence can stay here. she says that she is here for vihaan. Buaji threatens her that she shall hit her, if she tries to come in her way. buaji comes straight to narmada and says that she is here to take Arushi’s share, and if they give it slently, she would leave easily. Buaji says that arushi has said, that if they pay 11lakhs, she shall separete from vihaan. narmada says that she wont give a cent. buaji sits and says that she is here to meet vihaan and she wont go without meeting him. harpreet and mini grab her and throw her out, while all are amused slghtly, and narmada is frustrated. She gets the chance to get back at geeta, while geeta says that she is still misunderstanding her, and shouldnt frame an opinion of arushi, based on buaji’s false statements. meanwhile, buaji starts hollering outside, that they have demanded dowry. they check outside, and are frustrated as they close the door. Just then, Vihaan comes in his car, and finds buaji creating a scene. Buaji comes to him and tells about her ulterior motive, and asks for the 11 lakhs. he asks buaji whats going on. she threatens him to malign the family. he takes out a 500rs and asks her to reach to her village. he warns her to never be seen here again. he says that he cant spend a lot of money but asks her to leave rightaway. He threatens that he would get her kidnapped. but sarthi goes to her, and ensures that she shall never bother them again.

Sarthi and manohar come inside, to find all of them tensed. Priyanka taunts him for buaji’s version of arushi’s statements. vihaan silently listens. he says that arushi can never do anything like this. he says that he knows noone will believe as they dont trust her, and hence has come here with evidence that she is innocent in all this. sarthi then, on vihaan’s request, shows the recorded confession of buaji. All are shocked. Vihaan asks their opinion now. Priyanka says that maybe he gave lata money to speak so. He says that he had always heard, that she finds fault with everything, but never believed, until today, as today he does. he says that he did this to prove the truth, so that happiness and peace is restored. He is coughing badly, as he vehemently puts forth his viewpoint, asking what can he do to make them happy. mini comes and says that if he really wants their happiness, then he should divorce and forget arushi, and start afresh, and then asks if he can do this. He is shocked, and asks how could they even suggest this, as who knows more about marriage and the pain of living alone. He says that maybe he shouldnt say this, but if they cant make a place for arushi in their hearts, then the fault lies in them, that they cant understand a girl like arushi. he leaves angrily. all the ladies are stunned and tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
On the roof, arushi waits for vihaan’s voicemail tensedly. She gets sad when it doesnt come. Arushi’s mother asks whats the matter. Arushi says that for the first time, she doesnt have a message from vihaan, tonight. She is told that he must be busy, and asks her to take the first move. she tells her mother of their promise, that she wont talk to him. Her mother says that she cant but Diwali kudi can. She smiles. arushi asks her to go sleep, as she would message. Her mother complies. then she writes her next column.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, geeta comes and tries to wake vihaan, and finds that he is running high temperature, as he lies unconscious on the floor. she shouts to gather the other ladies. the screen freezes on vihaan’s face.

Precap: Arushi pleads to be let inside, to see vihaan just for a minute. But narmada throws her out saying that she has no place here. Arushi says that her seven promises keep her here and she wont be able to go away without seeing vihaan. priyanka says that she wont be allowed inside. Arushi says that a bahu might not have her grihapravesh, but a wife definitely will. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Foolish mothers serves them right guys you know what? this is called ” justice by fire”

  2. what is wrong with these seven so called mothers they are all acting like spoiled brats who needs to be trained arushi has done nothing wrong to them yet they hate her sooooooooo much and that is because it is a love marriage that took place instead of an arranged one well I do not know about the indian customs but for me I want to see what I am getting before hand so to hell with arrangement I want a love marriage so you seven mothers can go to hell for all I care hence the reason why you seven mothers are all single to this day with one grown son whose life you are willing to destroy for the sake of you all being alone get with the modern times no one wants their face covered in this day and age anymore we want to see and feel what we are getting so mothers seven wake up and smell the coffee before it is tooooooooooooo late

  3. mothers seven let me reiterate in this day and age we want to see feel and taste what we are getting LOL

  4. I hope Vihaan has not succumbed to the curse that family has but where is granny.Any way that money hungry ,scheming aunt is just insane and it does not surprise me because this is the character she plays.Arushi was right to stand up to those mothers who are against her and let them she is the wife.Let them be shocked.I believe that Arushi will break through the exterior of their lives and not only live up to each of their expectations but will also establish a loving bond with them.Arushi will soon explore the journey of both Vihaan and herself and their bonds within the universe of seven mothers in laws.They will soon win their hearts.Give it some time.

  5. Vihaan. Shud take Arushi n move. Far away from da 7 churails

  6. Vihaan&Arushi is married legally with all customs and traditions then why can’t Arushi see her husband?that’s not fair!

  7. Those seven mother stupid

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