Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara telling Rohan that Naksh has to take insulin injections, he faints when his sugar level flickers, the sports is good, but not more than life. She says Naksh was his team’s captain and this time he is not taken in the team, will you understand what we go through to see his dreams breaking each day, be away from my son. Rohan says I understand he is ill but don’t make it his weakness, can’t you see his pain, its injustice and I won’t let this happen, I will do what I want, you do what you want. He leaves.

Muskaan cries. Bhabhimaa asks what happened, did Devyaani say anything. Muskaan laughs and says I was cutting chillies and hugs her. Bhabhimaa smiles. Raashmi comes and sees them. She becomes upset. Bhabhimaa says Rashmi and goes to her. Rashmi gets annoyed. Bhabhimaa asks her to come and meet Akshara, sit with her, share her pain. Rashmi says I m ready to do anything, but no one needs me here. She leaves. Muskaan cries and says I know Rashmi got upset because of me. Bhabhimaa asks her not to cry and makes her smile.

Akshara comes home and goes to her room. Bhabhimaa sees her upset. Akshara cries thinking about Rohan’s words. She calls Naitik while he is busy in his meeting. He does not take her call. She thinks about Naksh. Rohan calls Naksh to meet him. Naksh comes home and tells Akshara that Rohan took him in his team but he said no, as he don’t want to go in the team as an extra. He gets upset and runs to his room. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Akshara says I don’t know what to do. Devyaani asks her not to worry.

She says Naksh is getting a chance to play football, he got extra player chance but he rejected, he is fighting with him and us, and I m losing. Devyaani asks her not to lose. Bhabhimaa says its good if he forgets football, as health matters the most. Devyaani says we should leave him on his own. Naksh talks to Yash and takes his advice. Varsha says she found some Maharaj ji for Akshara’s house.

Rajshri is happy. Varsha says they will come soon. Akshara tells Bhabhimaa she will help her. Muskaan says no, I will help her, as mum is not here. Bhabhimaa says no, she already did a lot. Muskaan says I will do some work, go. Akshara leaves. Muskaan asks Bhabhimaa what to do. Bhabhimaa says don’t increase my work and takes her help showing her what to do. Muskaan helps her. Bhabhimaa smiles. Muskaan says I will be an expert learning from you, as I have to do this after my marriage. Bhabhimaa says so you are eager to marry.

She asks do you like anyone. Muskaan says no. Bhabhimaa says we will find a good guy for you. Akshara tells Naitik that Naksh got selected as 13th player. Naitik says I will talk later. She sees Naksh upset. She tries to make him happy and shows him his childhood pics. Naksh becomes glad and his mind gets diverted. Varsha and everyone see some servants and does not like anyone. They take their interviews. The man says I was a prisoner and was in jail. They sent him. All of them are one of a kind and they reject them.

Rajshri talks to Akshara and says we got one servant and have sent him to you. Akshara is happy and thanks her. Rajshri asks about Naksh. Akshara says he is fine. Everyone are happy knowing this and Girja is most happy. The new servant comes to meet them and he is south Indian. Bhabhimaa says did she send him. Akshara says yes, she said he is good. He says I made food in hotel and know all types of food. Bhabhimaa interviews him. He answers everything.

Everyone get happy. Bhabhimaa says keep him. Akshara says you can come from tomorrow, in morning. He says I can come at 4am. Bhabhimaa says not so soon, come at 6.30. He says fine and leaves. Akshara says I will tell mum that I will keep him. Rohan teaches some kids some good moves in football like banana kick. Rohan thinks where is Naksh and writes his name on the board. Naksh is at home.

Rohan talks to Akshara and Naitik and asks them to not make Naksh feel weaker and oush him to play football.

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