Veera 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Villagers says to veera, go and learn the poem then came to stage. Gunjan gets happy. Ranveer goes to stage and hugs veera and sings his song. Then gunjan gets upset. Everybody claps on ranveer’s song. Everybody gives compliment to veera and ranveer.
Gunjan gone from there and goes to home and after reaching home, she says, i didnt sleep whole night but veera has spoiled everything. I want to make ranveer’s birthday special but veera spoiled everything. Gunjan breaks all the preparation. Ranveer says to veera, when will you prepare all this. Veera says, i will show you real surprise now. Harmeet pajji brother reaches there and says, i recorded your sound and may be possible you will get chance for singing. Ranveer says, i cannot sing in crowd. Veera gets upset then biji says, you have miracle in your voice. Ranveer says, i do it only for me. Biji says, you have filled others dream but now its your time.
We will support you. Balwant tayaji also gives congratulation to ranveer. Ranveer ask about gunjan. Ranveer called her but she didnt pick up the phone.
Ranveer reaches at home. Ranveer says, what happened? Gunjan says, stay away from me, just go near to your sister. Gunjan says, this is all my broken dreams. I spoiled my work. i want to make your birthday special but there is no importance for me. But you only see veera. Veera has spoiled everything from me. Ranveer says, what will veera catches from you. Gunjan scolded veera.
You didnt see me, i always tell about me. why i am here? I feel extrinsic in this home. Veera says, there is nothing like this. Gunjan says, you always go when ranveer outside from home. ranveer takes support of veera then gunjan says, look!!! you again take side of veera and i again lost. Veera, how could you forget that there is someone in ranveer’s life but there is someone else in his life. ranveer shouts on gunjan, shut up gunjan!!!!!! Dont speak single word against veera.

Precap:- Ranveer says to chaiji, i dont know why will gunjan says about her. Chaiji says, now you are married putar and now you should follow your duties.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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