Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Rajji comes in and says that kuki isnt at fault. Rajji tells buaji that she was the one who took the passports to check on whether the stamp on them was correct or not, and to expose vicky and his fraud, and hence went to anuradha. Buaji says that she shouldnt cross her limits. Buaji says that even her own husband had her passport with him, then whats the problem. Rajji asks her not to trust vicky blindly, and asks him not to compare him with her own husband. Rajji tries to clarify her point of view and tells her that she is doing wrong and kuki has to bear the brunt of it, while buaji takes it on her ego that she is being deemed. rajji tries to speak, but buaji says that they crossed all limits today, and now she wont stay for a single minute and noone can stop them. buaji is apalled, and storms to her room while kuki and rajji are tensed. Buaji begins to pack, while rajji apologises for having talked like that, and that she just tried to make her understand. Buaji continues to rant in frustration. Angas and simram come inside the house. Kuki is asked by rajji to go outside and get them in. Angad comes in buaji’s room and is shocked to find her packing getting ready to leave, along with kuki. He asks buaji what is she upto. Buaji says that rajji wont let kuki get married, and that she would try everything possible to ruin her marriage happening from this house. Rajji begs her to stay back, with folded hands and profuse apology. All are tensed as buaji doesnt faze from her descision. Angad supports rajji that she would never want kuki’s harm and maybe buaji is mistaken. Buaji is hurt, and taunts simran also to tell her something back, as she too can do so, like angad and rajji. Buaji begins to storm out of the room along with kuki. As Simran lets out a scream, all rush to her, and take her inside.

Later, while simran lies down, buaji asks about her health to simran, and she says that the pain is still there. Buaji asks her not to worry as angad would be back with meds soon. rajji stands outside the room tensed. Buaji starts reprimanding rajji outside for trying to destroy the peace of the family, and hell bent on spoiling kuki’s marriage, and getting her tied to the workless Guggi, and that shge has sworn to give ternsion to her. Buaji says that she isnt bothered about simran’s meds, but only worries to create tension for them. Buaji says that hence its better to leave along with kuki. Simran asks her not to talk like that, as they need her the most right now. rajji eyes her tearily. Buaji tells simran that she is staying back just for her, and asks her to tell rajji not to interfere in her and her daughter’s matters. Kuki is tensed, while rajji leaves from there, and kuki follows too. Buaji asks simran to lie down and rest. In their room, rajji wonders what to do now, as kuki is tensed that she hasnt been able to convince Buaji about it. rajji tries anu’s call, and is scared that if anu came here, then buaji would be very angry and nothing would stop her then, and hopes that simran’s condition doesnt worsen anymore. Rajji prays to the Lord to show her the light, and says that she wont be able to forgive herself if they get married, and kuki and guggi dont be together. Kuki decides to give in, but rajji asks her to continue with her hopes, and reminds her that guggi was lost when she consented for marriage, and now if she gets married, then guggi would be distraught. Kuki asks why doesnt her mother understand vicky’s trap. rajji says that buaji is just blinded by her love for kuki, and that when she gets to know the truth, she would herself call off the marriage, and they have to hang on till then. she tries anu’s call again but in vain.

Scene 2:
Location: NGO Site
The goons arrive and threaten the labourers that they wont let anyone work here, and that they can go home. parmeet and randip arrive in their car, and ask them to continue the work. the goons are angry. they confront each other. Randip tells them that noone can stop them from working here. parmeet says that the NGO shall open, at any cost. Randip discusses the layout and plans with Parmeet while the goons leave too, having called Baldev, giving him the bad news, which shocks him, as he was under the assumption that they would have been scared by now. he decides to try other means not to deter them.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s residence and NGO site
Bani gets the entire room decorated and herself dressed for the romantic evening ashead, oblivious of somneone’s presence inside the haveli, immersed in being ready for parmeet. bani gets parmeet’s call, and he asks her whats she doing. she says that she is just waiting for him. her says that he has almost finished his work,. and is waiting to meet him. She asks about his work. He says that the labourers have decided to work day and night, and that their opening shall be as scheduled. Bani is happy that this day is indeed very good for them today. parmeet tells her that they would make the night special too. While they are chatting, she hears a shattering noise, and parmeet hearing it gets concerned too. She cancels the call and goes to look after it. parmeet is tensed. randip asks whats the matter. parmeet tells what happened and is scared of Rana’s men being behind this. They instantly hasten and drive off.

Meanwhile, bani comes down and is surprised to find that the candles that she had lit have all been blown off. The lights go off, scaring bani, wondering why the lights went off at this time, and thinks that the fuse must have gone off. she lights a candle and finds her way to the electric room. She fumbles through the switch box, and manages to get the lights back on, she turns around and is shocked to see a male shadow in the darknwss, slowly progressing towrads her, who she finally identifies to be baldev’s right hand, who smiles leeringly at him. He shows her a knife in his hand, scaring bani. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Bani hits the goon and then runs off, while he composes himself and rushes after her. bani tries hard to run around but finally is unable to run anymorfe, as she finds herself pinned against the main gate, which is locked. Finally, bani is cornered. She is scared as tghe goon approaches her leeringly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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