Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara seeing Naman upset. She helps Naksh in his homework. She asks him to make sentences. She says about ego and tells him the answer. She makes Naman hear it. She says we should be good towards our friends, and solve the fight as every fight can be solved by love. Naman feels bad and calls Karishma. She cuts the call. He says its limit now, she is not taking my call, fine, I m adamant, now see. He keeps calling her. She says she won’t take the call. He tells Naksh to note a point, that we should always not become great, as its disadvantageous, people cut our calls. Akshara asks him not to note this. Vishwamber looks for his file and asks Rajshri while she is busy in reading the book.

She gives him the wrong file. He says not this. She says ok and gives another. He says what happened, whats in this novel that you are reading it so focused. She says nothing, she has to end this and asks him not to disturb her. She says its murder mystery. He says fine, now you will end it. Naksh makes two pearl necklaces for baby girl and boy. Muskaan says how cute. Naksh says he did not make for Yash. Akshara asks him to make. Bhabhimaa worries that Rukmani may love Yash less now, she was annoyed when they adopted Yash. Akshara says yes, Rukmani was happy as he held her hand with his little fingers. Bhabhimaa says Rukmani loves Yash a lot, she fights the world for him. Naman asks them to go to temple.

Rukmani and Yash do the arrangements for the puja. Rukmani hugs Mohit and Yash. She asks Mohit to come back soon. He says I know you will take care of Nandini. Rukmani says a woman needs a husband the most in this time. Nandini smiles. Mohit promises he will be back soon, lets go to temple now. Naman calls Karishma and she cuts the call. He comes to meet her. They have an argument again. She asks him to go from her office. He says he won’t go. Shaurya hears them fighting and asks whats happening. He says I hope you know this is our hotel. Karishma says sorry.

Naman says I can’t understand you, you are scolding as we are stranger, you don’t care about my problem. He says if we are fighting, whats te big deal, you should help us, you all are selfish, even Akshara and Naitik. Shaurya says stop it, they have suggested me to give the job to Karishma. Naman is shocked. Shaurya says whatever they do, you will always think they are wrong. Everyone come in the temple and says congrats to Rukmani. Everyone smile. The kids have a talk. Naksh gives his gifts. Akshara’s family too comes and joins in. She hugs Bhabhimaa and Rukmani.

Vishwamber and Rajshri come. She is annoyed as he took her book. They greet everyone. Mohit hugs Naitik. Naman comes there and looks at them. Shaurya looks angry and Akshara notices this. Akshara asks Shaurya is he worried. He says no, everything is fine. Naitik talks to Moht about havan arrangements. He says Maa did everything, we are much excited. Naitik asks will he go. He says yes, there are so many people here to take care of Nandini. They start the havan. Rukmani thanks the Lord. Nandini faints and everyone worry. They hold her. Rukmani says call the doctor. Rajshri says she will be fine. Bhabhimaa cries. They take Nandini to the hospital.

Mohit talks to Akshara and thanks her for always being supportive, as she helped him in his marriage and in Yash’s adoption, he asks her to do something. She says nothing will happen to her, it happens in pregnancy. Bhabhimaa is at home and is upset. Dadda ji asks what happened to Nandini, did she fall again. She cries. Bau ji says she will listen to you this time. The doctor tells everyone that Nandini and her baby is fine. We have done her tests and reports will come tomorrow.

She says nothing to worry, you can take her home, but its late pregnancy and Mohit has to give her extra care and try to be with her, as she will need you. Naitik and Akshara looks on. She asks him to meet her after some time. Rukmani says now you won’t go anywhere, Nandini needs you, if anything happens, where will I take her. Naitik thinks what to do. Akshara goes to him and before he says anything, She says yes, it will be good. He nods yes. She smiles. Everyone go to meet Nandini.

Nandini talks to Rukmani. Rukmani says you and baby are fine. Nandini says why is this fear with me and cries. Devyaani says don’t worry, be happy and take care. Nandini worries for the baby as her weakness can hurt the baby. Akshara says you are fine, so Lord gave you this chance. Akshara says a small baby will be with you soon. Nandini asks Mohit to go and she will be fine. Rukmani worries. Akshara signs Naitik. Nandini comes home and hugs Yash. Nandini says sorry to everyone for making them worry.

Naitik says everything is set and he has to go. Mohit says yes, I will go, don’t worry, Maa worries for me. Naitik says you should be with Nandini, I will go. Everyone is shocked. Akshara says yes, Naitik will go, he was talking about him, we decided this in hospital. Everyone look on.

Akshara and Naitik are upset. She packs his bag and cries. He works on the laptop and sees her. She comes to him and hugs him. They both cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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