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Phool is ashamed to call her her Dadisa. How can you do all this? Uma Devi tells her that she has done it for her. phool asks her not to blame her for anything that happens with her now as from this very moment I and you share nothing. Ajabde wants to focus on the main task first. We have to change that haldi bowl somehow. Uma Devi says it is of no use now. You can run or fly but the ritual would have started by now. You should wait for the news which will reach here anytime.

US stops JB when she was about to dip her hand in the bowl. DB is tensed as he talks about keeping extra precautions. They have to wait for a while as the rahukaal has begun. DB agrees.

A daasi tells Phool and Ajabde that the haldi ritual has been put on hold for a while because of rahukaal. Uma Devi is shocked while both the girls are happy. ajabde thanks the daasi. Phool turns to Uma Devi. I will tell the truth to everyone. Ajabde tells her against it as Uma Devi’s schemes cannot ascertain her life and death. You saw how God helped us. She had a chance but even God dint help her. everyone respects her so much and the atmosphere is of happiness here. Why to change it into hatred and tensions? It would be better if we do something to change the bowl. Phool warns her grandmother that if anything happens to Pratap then she will forget their relation. I will tell everything to everyone then and no one will be able to stop me, not even Ajabde. She walks away from there.

Pratap opens the red box and recalls the incident that had happened the other day. He had even caught a glimpse of Changezi. Chakrapani is confused as to why he is looking at the empty box. Pratap is thinking about the smell yet again. I wish I could find it in this empty box as I am very much disturbed because of it but he is gone. I only have the memory of that touch and smell with me. I will have to reach him based on that only. I don’t know why he had come so close to me and for what reason. Chakrapani finds it funny. Some people actually smell. Pratap wonders why anyone will gift him an empty box. Chakrapani doesn’t find it a reason enough to be worried on but Pratap’s gut instinct is telling him that there is something for sure. Chakrapani scares / teases him saying that once he gets married he will only get to hear Ajabde’s name from his heart, mind, soul and body. Pratap notices his sad face. Chakrapani is missing his wife as she is with Ajabde in Senthi palace. He wants to be from the girl’s side. pratap teases him and Chakrapani agrees to stay here only.

Phool and Saubhagyawati dress up as daasi’s. Phool is taking her on the pretext of meeting her husband. Saubhagyawati gets excited but they remind her that they are just using it as an excuse. Ajabde tells Saubhagyawati to make sure Phool remembers she is going there as a daasi. She gets in her princess mode when she notices trouble. You both must hurry up now as the rahukaal is about to get over. Both of them nod.

Priest tells JB that the rahukaal is over. DB gets excited. JB sends a daasi to bring Pratap here. DB is over excited which JB notices with confusion.

Phool and Saubhagyawati are walking towards the Chittor palace. Phool is tired. She thinks of getting her palki on the pretext that she is a special daasi. Saubhagyawati makes her realise that no daasi gets to travel in a palki. We are at the gates now. We will reach soon.

Pratap comes and DB brings him with her to the place where he has to sit. JB recalls what all has DB done till date to harm Pratap.

Saubhagyawati and Phool reach the palace but guards stop them.

Pratap looks adoringly at DB. You make my happiness your happiness so easily. She plays along and lies that she is values him more than her own son. she makes him sit and asks her jija to apply haldi on Pratap.

Phool scares the soldier that he will be scolded as they are Ajabde’s special daasi’s. She is about to become Mewar’s princess. This news will reach Pratap so he will enquire about it. The soldier allows them to go inside.

DB waits for the drama while JB is tensed. VB and Pratap ask her to start the ritual. Phool and Saubhagyawati are on their way to that room. JB recalls DB’s words and how she had insisted that JB puts haldi on the groom first. She looks at the bowl for the swastika symbol but cannot find it. the girls reach there. They decide to do something sooner. Phool notices something in Saubhagyawati’s ears. She runs in the hall and collides with a statue. It falls down and JB rushes to help her. she is about to drop the bowl when Phool catches it and exchanges it with the real bowl. She whispers that nothing has happened to the haldi. Pratap notices Phool and is about to call out to her but she signals him to be quiet. He obliges. JB is surprised to find the swastika symbol on the bowl and smiles in relief. She looks at Phool who turns to look at her too (her face is very much covered) but then rushes out. JB cannot help but smile.

Saubhagyawati comes to meet Chakrapani. He doesn’t recognize her at all and thinks of her to be the smelly person in his wife’s disguise. Phool is looking for Saubhagyawati. JB is relieved because of the swastika and puts haldi on Pratap. DB is shocked. She recalls her sister’s letter. JB asks DB to put haldi but she tells VB to do it. VB reminds her of the tradition. You are elder than me. JB too repeats her words and gives her the bowl. DB keeps looking at Pratap in bewilderment.

Phool hears Chakrapani’s voice. He is not ready to believe that it is actually his wife. Phool comes there and he is doubly shocked. I am imagining things. Phool takes Saubhagyawati with her. chakrapani is still confused.

Phool cannot believe that they accomplished the task successfully. Saubhagyawati laughs over what had happened with Chakrapani. She notices the haldi on Phool’s face. This means you are going to get married soon as well.

DB is in tears as she applies haldi on Pratap. He notices this. JB remarks that she is getting emotional as you are out of her grip now that you have got this haldi. Don’t worry DB, Pratap has to reach new heights after his marriage. DB goes to drink water. The ritual is complete. Next ritual is going to happen tomorrow morning. Pratap has to bathe in the river. You shouldn’t delay it. JB assures him that there wont be any delay now.

Ajabde hugs Phool for making the impossible possible. You have indebted me for life. Phool says I did it for you. Saubhagyawati tells Ajabde about the haldi on Phool’s face as her prize. Phool tells them to stop it. She cleans her face but the haldi isn’t gone. Ajabde and Saubhagyawati smile.

Pratap is thinking about what happened in the hall during haldi. He is somewhat disturbed because of it. JB comes to talk to him. he tells her that he had seen Phool and she had exchanged the haldi bowl. I saw it but I kept quiet. I know that you know it too. Something is going on for sure. JB cannot understand why he has to face so many problems every single time. Why have people become your enemies? You are doing good and following dharma always. You have even showed us the right path. Don’t know why destiny is playing such games with you. I cannot tolerate such injustice. I am scared that something wrong can happen to you. I end up becoming a helpless mother because of this. He calms her down. You have to do what you have always told me to do. We should think from a new perspective when everything around is looking bad. Don’t think about my enemies. Think about my friends who come to my help all the time. I knew that something was happening in the haldi ritual. Phool came there at the right time and you saw Choti ma’s pious love for me. when such people are around me then there is nothing to worry. No one can harm me till my loved ones are around me. JB smiles but she knows the reality very well.

Changezi has come to meet Pratap but the soldiers stop him. He asks for some tobacco and gives the extra back to the soldier. He too feels his weird touch. Changezi lies that this happens to him when he cannot find tobacco. He notices some preps and gets curious. The soldier tells Changezi that Pratap is going to take a dip in the river today because of some brahm mahurat. Changezi asks him if he isn’t scared to go out all alone. Soldier knows that there is no one who can kill Pratap. Changezi cannot kill Pratap on land so he decides to kill him in water.

DB is too shocked. She recalls all that she has done in the past to hurt Pratap but in vain. She drops the glass of water as she hears JB’s voice. She gives her another glass of water. I haven’t added anything in it. DB throws it away angrily. I have no interest in playing games. JB knows that she is too tired to lose. I know you had mixed something in haldi but Pratap’s well wishers exchanged the bowl before he could be harmed. DB calls it another of her story. Don’t blame me without proof or I will fill Pratap’s ears against you. JB is sure she will get the proofs and that sword as well. Once I get them you wont be forgiven as I too am tired of all your old games. Stop scheming against Pratap. This is your last chance. JB leaves from there and her warning echoes in DB’s head.

Uma Devi writes another letter to DB. We have to think something else this time. She is shocked to find daasi’s taking her stuff out. Phool comes to tell her that all her stuff has been packed. You are going back to Marwar right now. Uma Devi recalls Maldev’s warning and is scared. She acts all emotional. You are throwing me out because of that ordinary samant girl? Phool denies. I am doing it for my promise that I had made to myself that I will get Ajabde married to Pratap happily. You have been plotting so many things to break my promise every now and then. Uma Devi doesn’t mind her harsh words as she loves Phool a lot. If I stay back here then it will be good for me, you, Marwar and for the entire Rajputana. You want me to think about your kiddish promise in front of all this? Do whatever you want to but I am not going from here. Phool gets angry but Ajabde stops her. you cannot do it as Uma Devi is my parents’ guest. They wouldn’t like to embarrass their guest from here. Phool is sure they will react the same way when they will get to know the truth. Ajabde doesn’t want them to stoop down to her level. I have full faith in my feelings for Pratap and our friendship. Let her do what she wants to. We will see who wins – her misdeeds or my truth! Both the girls stare at Uma Devi determinedly.

Pratap comes to take bath in the river with a small group of soldiers. He tells them to wait for him while he himself goes in the water to do what he has come here for. he steps back in shock as soon as he touches water. Soldiers are concerned but he lies that the water is cold. He sends them away on the pretext of feeding the horses. They oblige.

Pratap is able to walk in the water normally this time. He is in the middle of the river and praying when there is some noise in the water. He keeps turning around to see the big bubbles forming in the water. Changezi is heading towards him and Pratap is all alert. Finally Changezi holds his feet and pulls him in the water. He holds him by the neck underwater.

Precap: Ajabde feels something and wakes up holding her neck. Phool is confused. Ajabde is sure something has happened to Pratap. I saw a really bad dream. I saw that I was trying to breathe underwater. I am feeling really uneasy. The soldiers look around for Pratap. The soldiers too retreat as they feel the current in water. They are sure Pratap is being attacked in water.

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