Uttaran 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meethi calls Vishnu. he is really happy to hear her voice and she is equally happy to know that he is alright now. He has seen the news and feels like saluting him. She gives the credit to Akash. How is Mukku and the baby? He replies that the baby has taken after his mom. She wants to meet Mukta and the baby. She is surprised to know that she is still out because of work. Meanwhile, Mukta thinks of going home as it is quite late but then some guys come and she thinks to take the last passengers for the day. I can take off tomorrow as I can go and meet Meethi. Meethi asks Vishnu about who takes care of the baby then. Vishnu is playing mother’s role as well right now. I am not completely fit right now so I am doing it. Meethi is happy with it. she is shocked to know that Mukta is a taxi driver. She too has never seen a lady driver. It is quite late. What if someone misbehaves with her?

Mukta brings her passengers to a red light area. She asks for money from the passengers.

Vishnu is sure Mukta can take care of herself. We have discussed this issue at length. She looks awesome in driver’s dress. Meethi smiles.

The passengers stare at Mukta from top to toe. They talk to her in a cheesy manner. She dials for the police station but one guy takes her phone.

Vishnu tells Meethi that they will come to meet her tomorrow. The baby starts crying and he ends the call.

The guys notice that the phone is quite expensive. Maybe she runs some other business as well. Tell us what your rate is. We are ready to give you anything. They throw her phone towards each other when she asks for it also warning them not to touch her.

Meethi thinks about Mukta when Akash hugs her. she tells him about Mukta’s job and even he is taken aback and clueless about it.

Mukta warns them about the police and they offer to take her there instead. Vishnu decides to call Mukta. The guy holding the phone disconnects the call. Vishnu thinks that maybe she is driving. Mukta wants her phone back.

Meethi is feeling uneasy. She decides to call Mukta and the guy throws the phone angrily. This worries Meethi. The guys try to misbehave with her. Akash tells meethi that Mukta might be driving. She will call you back once she is free.

The guys advance towards Mukta while she pleads for help. A woman comes there. They warn her to go away or she too will have to bear it. she hits him at his weak spot and the other guy runs away. She is Chameli. This is my area and you are trying to hit a woman? Should I show you what will happen if I shout once? He apologizes to her and she tells him to give the phone back to madam. Pay double taxi fare. He obliges and then runs away as he is scared of Chameli. Mukta thanks her for her timely help. Chameli tells her not to come in this area ever or call her in case she is in trouble. You look awesome in this uniform. Mukta looks at the missed calls. I wont tell anyone anything or they wont let me go to work. I wont talk to Meethi right now or she will sense it from my voice. She calls Vishnu. I will be reaching home very soon. he has made dinner. She tells him about Meethi’s call. Tell her that we will go to meet her tomorrow. he agrees.

Mukta, Vishnu and the baby come to meet Meethi and Akash. They all are really happy to see each other. Maiyya and Malvika come there too. Gomti is irked as she has to do everything all by herself. Malvika asks about the guests. She realises that Mukta is Rathore’s daughter. Gomti tells her that Meethi and Mukta are friends but more than sister. Malvika talks about Ambika which surprises Gomti. You are very fast. Malvika lies that her sister tells her everything. Gomti tells her to be careful. She is super sweet in the beginning but you never know when she can turn the tables against you. Don’t take Ambika’s name here as everyone is irked with her here.

Mukta had seen Meethi in the bus last time. Meethi tells her to forget the past. We all are happy now. Mukta asks about Malvika. Meethi takes Mukta’s baby. She plays with him. mukta has not kept any name till now. Akash praises them that they take toughest decisions so easily. Meethi praises Mukta for her work and bravery. Akash offers them both a job in his company. We are one family after all. Mukta tells them that they used to stay at Bade Papa’s house till the time Vishnu was not well. We have decided not to take anyone’s help and have gone back to live in our chowl. But yes, we will surely take your help in bad times. She repeats Damini’s words that your sleep peacefully when you really work hard in life. Meethi is proud of her. akash too comes to play with the baby but he is holding onto Meethi’s finger. She talks to Ishaan asking him if he will stay with Massi. Malvika tells them to think about their own baby now. Everyone goes quiet all of a sudden. Maiyya tells her to be quiet. My DIL cannot become a mother. Malvika remarks that her one son cannot give her her heir while the other son’s wife is not with him. It feels that this house is not blessed with kids. Everyone has a different expression on their faces. She apologizes for hurting them as Maiyya glares at her. she notices Akash and Meethi’s sad face.

Meethi talks to Akash about how a baby changes everything. I am sorry that I cannot give you that happiness. He holds her hand saying she is the most important thing in his world. I have accepted the truth long ago. If we will keep thinking about our pain then we will miss out on our happiness. I want to spend the rest of my life smiling. He finds Meethi lost in some thoughts. She says Sankrant can give that happiness to our family. why not get him married to Kajri didi? They both are alone and will be happy with each other.

Sankrant is sitting in a bar. He tells himself not to be weak. You have to stay away from Ambika’s memories as she will never change.

Akash is not sure if Maiyya will agree as she is quite orthodox. She is sure Maiyya will agree if he says something. He wants Sankrant to agree first. Plus legally Sankrant and Ambika aren’t divorced yet. She reasons that they are not together anyways. It doesn’t matter if she is in his life or not. Ambika is out of Sankrant’s life now.

Ambika comes before Sankrant.

Precap: Sankrant wakes up and finds himself sleeping next to Ambika. He is shocked and retreats thinking how he got here. He wears his clothes and runs out from there. Ambika opens her eyes and smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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