Sinhasan Battisi 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja bhoj kills jalasur n goes to meet rudrant, rudrant welcomes him, rajan says instead of loving ur son ur the first father who wants to kill his own son, rudrant says thats my problem tell me where is the kid n his mother n if u don’t tell u will be killed, rudrant attacks rajan n as soon as their fight begins rajans energy is transferred to rudrant n rajan falls down weak, raja bhoj tries convincing rudrant but rudrant says that kid is my enemy n every person associated with it is my enemy, rajan says a persons strength is his might n u are lack of it,a soldier informs rudrant that they have found the kid, rudrant says rajan ur already weak n now i will burry u live in the forest n then show ur might how long u wish to.
Rudrant asks soldiers to burry rajan n goes to his son n says see this she is ur queen nagvati n queem i love u a lot n so don’t bring this kid in between our love so give me this kid, nagvati says no i wont , rudrant says if u don’t u will die with this kid, the kid says father stop kill me but don’t harm my mother , rudrant says good son after all ur my son, the kid says i learnt this from raja bhoj n not bcoz of u, rudrant takes the kid away from nagvati,, nagvati prays to lord to save her son. Rudrant gives the kid to agnimala a monster with powers of fire n asks her to burn the kid to death, agnimala takes the kid away with her. Raja bhoj with great efforts n hardship gets himself out of the pit he was buried in, but is still weak as is strength is now of rudrants, raja bhoj prays to mahakaal to help him awake his might to defeat evil rudrant n save the kid n his mother, lord shiv appears n says raja bhoj u will have to help urself, rajan says i don’t have any strength in me now, lord says strength isn’t in body but soul n u will have to find ur strength in ur soul n u will achieve ur goal.
Agnimala with her power of fire starts harming the kid, but raja bhoj comes running n jumps into fire n saves the kid, due to this the fire starts harming agnimala n burns her into ashes, the kid says rajan how did she get killed bcoz of her own powers, rajan says when u don’t use ur powers properly they can backfire u.
Rudrant goes to nagvati n says i love u n i have no grudges against u it was just against ur kid n now he is dead n the kid comes running to his mother, nagvati gets happy n hugs him, rudrant gets angry n asks the kid son how brought u here, the kid says mahaparakrami raja bhoj brought me here n points towards rajan, rudrant says so ur alive, rajan says u haven’t realised ur true blessings yet n ur son isn’t ur enemy but u wont understand that so get ready for ur end.

Maya says to raja bhoj this was ur first step towards throne n now time for step 2.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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