Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik asking for hospital records. The man says the computer has records but virus ruined it, we will get register and fill it. Akshara scolds him. The lady asks them not to manipulate the facts. He says he will just come. Akshara asks where is he going. He leaves. Everyone at home talk about those women. Naksh comes and asks where is mum. Bhabhimaa says she went out. Nakish says who will make me ready for school. Muskaan says she will make him ready. He asks about the ladies. Bau ji says they are gone. Naksh says I like them a lot, they were loving me that day. Devyaani asks Muskaan to take him. Naksh says I know you don’t like them.

Ananya is upset. Rajshri asks is she annoyed. Dadi says Ananya’s birthday will be celebrated where she wants. Rajshri says but on one condition, you will have to keep another party for family. Ananya says yes, but it should be good. They smile. Ananya says everyone talks about Jia’s party. Dadi explains her about fake and true apples. Ananya saus fake looks good bur real is tasty. Dadi explains that fake ones looks good and real thing benefits us. Ananya says you explain my school friends too. Akshara talks to Bhabhimaa. She asks Naksh to talk.

Naksh asks where did she go in morning. Akshara says sorry, I had to go by imp work, don’t go school today. Naksh says why, I have to go, as its my football, what happened to you, you always send me to school. She says please. He says its activity day, I will not go tomorrow. She gets angry and asks him to be at home. Bhabhimaa says he got annoyed. Akshara says I m scared, he is safe at home. Akshara says Naitik went somewhere and did not tell me.

Naitik meets Mohit about the problem. Mohit asks what will you do now. Naitik says I will find out their truth, everyone is worried and broken from inside. Mohit says lets go and find out. Muskaan and Naman say Naksh is annoyed. Devyaani says children does not understand mum’s anger is love. Muskaan says we can’t tell him the problem. Dadda ji hears them and asks who are those ladies. Bhabhimaa says who. Muskaan says I was joking. Dadda ji says I m not a kid, tell me everything, who dared to take my Naksh.

Bhabhimaa says come, I will tell you. Naitik and Mohit check their home and ask in neighborhood. The old woman says she knows them. Naitik asks about their family. The lady says about Geeta, who is lucky, and says same thing. She says Geeta got saved by much difficulty. The lady asks why are they asking this. Mohit says just like this. Naitik says its about someone’s life and death, thanks. Naksh asks Dadda ji why is he upset today. Bhabhimaa says he forgets sometimes and told me he did not see you. Dadda ji asks Naksh will he leave him. Naksh says why are you saying. Bau ji says he won’t go, he is our son.

Dadda ji says tell me when they come, I will talk to them and request them, but won’t let Naksh go. Naksh asks who will take me. Dadda ji says he will keep Naksh. Bau ji says he has to take medicines. Muskaan takes Naksh. Akshara asks the man how can’t he get records, maybe he is with them, give me records or be ready to go to jail. The man says trust me. Akshara says Naksh is my son, I m doing this to shut your mouth. The file comes and Naitik comes to ask. They see the paper torn and are shocked. Akshara and Naitik scold them. The man says there is one more way, DNA test. They are shocked.

Everyone prepare for Ananya’s birthday. The man asks Naitik to fill the form and give money. Naitik asks the ladies to call their son, as their lie will go when report comes. Naitik says when reports come, it will be proved that Naksh is our son, then I will see you. Ananya asks for pic cake. Shaurya agrees. Ananya thanks him and asks what they all did. Jasmeet tells many things. Ananya compares again. Varsha gets angry. Dadi asks Varsha not to scold her. She says we are doing this for Ananya’s happiness.

Akshara says what will we tell Naksh, he is not small, he understands everything. Naitik says we will tell him about diabetics test. She says I know how he gets hurt by injections. Naitik sees the baby ward and stops. Naitik recalls how he went to see Naksh and the man said he took Gupta’s son. Rajshri says its you’re his sin, it’s a girl. Naitik says did I do this that day. Akshara says what are you saying. She cries. He says I just said as I was afraid. He hugs her and says Naksh is our son.

They come home. Naksh hugs Akshara and says no one loves me, everyone are saying they won’t let me play in park. I m angry on them. Muskaan says lets get ready, we will go. Akshara cries.

The DNA test result comes. The lady says daughter is yours and son is ours. Naitik and Akshara are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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