Qubool Hai 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence and outside
Sanam finds out about the conspiracy of tanveer behind making ahil think that he murdered his father, by deducing about her trap from the actual time of death mentioned in the old newspaper. She is horrified that some mother can do that to her own son. She thinks that she would have to tell ahil about this. Sanam walks out oblivious that dilshads is wheeling out after her, trying hard to get her attention but in vain. then she sits in the car and drives on, while not knowing that dilshad too has desperately latched onto the car, and is wheeling alongwith her car.

In the auto, razia thinks that the game tanver started 20 years back shall be put to end by her today as she gets back everything that tanveer snatched from her 20 years ago, and eyes seher who is all ready for the party, that she is going to help her do it. Seher meanwhile, thinks that she doesnt know what she is doing, and where she is going, but one thing is for sure that tonight her life is about to change and that she would never again revert back to feelings and emotions and do what she does best, Fraud and debautchery.

meanwhile, rehaan vows in front of the Lord, that after tonight’s party, she would leave everything and all relations and go away from all this.

Ahil in the car thinks that he and sanam and their relation deserves another chabce and he would stand by sanam’s side even if he has to fight the whole world for it. tanveer thinks that now noone shall be able to get her away from rehaan and her only dream has to be complete today, by sanam’s help, so that she can give rehaan the motherly love and the property that he rightfully deserves and she wanst able to deliver ever. She thinks that today sanam shall fulfill the ultimate mother son relation that she always craved for.

In her car, Sanam is very scared, as she is about to tell about Tanveer’s bad intentions, and that today is the true test of whether love prevails or traps. Dilshad, behind the car, hopes that seher and sanam are alright, and that 20 years back, tanveer and razia ruined their family, and she accepted it as God’s will, but this time she wont let god or Razia and tanveer ruin her daughter’s life again. Dilshad prays to the lord to keep them safe, and get seher to come to her senses and not fall for razia’s conniving acts. All the characters are tensed with their issues.

Scene 2:
Location: In the
Rahat stands bare torsoed, setting the room for a romantic setting, by lighting incense and scented candles, and is mesmerised as Haya walks out just wearing his shirt, embarassed and shy and nervous, while looking extremely sensual. While she tries to duck, rahat is unable to get his eyes off her. They engage in a romantic eyelock. As she walks stealthily, she slips, and inadvertently, as fate would have it, falls right in Rahat’s arms, engaging in a romantic embrace and eyelock. She lowers her eyes in shyness, as he sensually caresses her face and the hair. They are aware of their new found intimacy. being the gentleman that he is, he refrains himself, and moves away, but haya catches on his hand and looks on invitingly. Rahat turns around and gets close to her yet again, as she wraps her hands around her shoulders. He kisses her on the forehead, and then moving on to other spots, sensistising her, by caressing around the nape of her neck. Finally as she prepares herself, he leans in and brings his lips close to hers, but at the final moment, he remembers faiz’s proposal, and then eyes haya, who has her lips puckered and her eyes closed, tensedly and jerks himself away. haya gets tensed to see his reaction. The door is knocked, and rahat thinks that her clothes came back and goes to get them, while haya is nervous. as haya goes to gte the dress change, rahat reprimands himself for losing his control, as the more he gets closer to hger, the more painful it would be for him to detatch from her. He is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Party Venue
As ahil drops tanveer, and she gets out, she hears rehaan preparing and getting arrangements done, and calls from behind, saying that she feels good that he is prepping so nicely, and commends him for his beautiful work in this project and says that she knows he would handle this business very easily. meanwhile, ahil goes to park his car. Rehaan is tensed. Tanveer tells rehaan that finally that day has come that she wanted for so long, and whose dreams that she has been seeing, and now there wont be any problems in their life. Rehaan says that actually there wont be any problems, as she would get what she wants and he would do what he wants, as this is his last project and once the event ends, he would leave this place forever. Just then ahil comes in asking what. rehaan is tensed, while tanveer is shocked. He asks where would rehaan go, and he answers that he would go to a plce where noone can bother her. Tanveer stops an arguement from being ensued that first the event is important after that things can be planned and finalised.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Dilshad desperately latches on, while sanam is still tensed about ahil’s emotional outburst when he sees her evidence. Sanam’s car topples over as it hits a rock. Sanam’s car hits a tree and dilshad is shocked wondering how is sanam, as her own hands are wounded. she asks the driver to drive properly. Sanam finds that her saree is stuck. As sanam desperately tries to take out the corner of the saree stuck in the car, she is oblivious that at the same time, sehere who noticed their accident, walks towards them to find out whats the matter, stopping her own car and upseeting razia too. dilshad too is oblivious of seher’s increasing approach towards them. As dilshad turns around finally, she is shocked to find seher, the girl that she had thought that she lost forever, and gets emotionally overwhelmed and boggled too, as past memories of both the girls playing together flash before her. Razia rtoo sees that its sanam in the car and is shocked, that the girls shall confront each other now. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Meanwhile at the party, Sanam is determined that she would tell ahil about her mother’s actual reality, oblivious that tanveer has her death planned, as she hoilds out a dagger to stab her, from behind.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. once again!!
    no way! tanveer can’t stab her so easily this time! zoya was stabbed..the history can’t repeat!! >.<
    a lot of things going on in this show..really interesting :O makes me all curious 😉

  2. Is tanveer really blind or just acting one.? For a blind woman, she has a lot of spunk and strength. I have not watched this serial from its beginning ,only after KVB joined. But have been catching up online on the previous episodes.

  3. When will tanveers true colors get exposed

  4. 😛 😀 gr8 epi

  5. How can a blind woman stab someone!!!

  6. Nice the Story is really becoming interesting.
    cant wait for monday, hope Sanam is well. Beautiful story writers and very good acting too.

  7. Hmmm,what the f**k,are you guys 4getting that u said tanu is blind?

  8. she is blind with one eye and the other eye is not blind

  9. O god what is happening rahat u r very bad and tanvee u r such a witch !

  10. it is awesome would tanveer really stab sanam I am scared cant wait for monday

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