Hamari Sister Didi 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan comes down the scooty, and says he will drive. Amrita laughs that does he know how to drive. She comes down, and hands him her pink helmet. He denies wearing it, but she says it is necessary by rules. He puts it on, and struggles to start the scooty. She tells him to put in the key and press the button. He starts it, and Amrita sits back. Feeling imbalance, she holds him on shoulders and guides him with the way. She laughs as the scooty stops in the way, while Karan drives wih low balance. The scooty stops once again, Karan in unable to handle it the scooty and they fell in mud. She makes fun of him while he says that it is because of her worn scooty which she didnt get serviced.
He says he even drove formule one, but couldnt just handle the scooty. She asks him to pick it up, but it didnt start. He is frustrated.
Mehr tells Lalit ji that his BP is normal now. Veer comes to hospital and comes across Mehr in the room. He leaves way for her,and calls her but she leaves. Two men head to go inside, they say they want to get the BP checked as is feeling disturbed. THe receptionist allows him to go. Veer tells the security guard that Lalit is asleep, he can go to tea. The inspector takes the receptionist along her. Both men comes to Lalit’s room, with much care. Mehr comes from behind, and goes into Mr. Lalit’s room when she notices the suspected men. The inspector comes there, while the men leave. One of them says that they will kill this Lalit today and heads to go.
Karan and Amrita walks to village, Karan curses the scooty all the way. Amrita meets the children, Karan asks how they know her. She tells him that she comes here every year and introduces Karan ask their new doctor. They ask will she give them injection, she says they are so naughty that they deserve it. Karan takes his clothes off near the tube well to wash off mud. The women laughs watching him. Amrita asks why is he doing so, but he argues that do they bathe here wearing clothes. He dresses up again.
Vaijanti brings the supplies order. Dimple asks that they just bought supplies, and shouts at Vaijanti to go, she will sign it. She thinks what is happening to Muskan’s finances; Karan is also at the camp.
The head of the village announces that people must take advice from the camp, and calls Karan. He begins giving the presentation which people doesnt understand. Amrita stops him, and says how he is explaining; these people are getting bored. Karan sends Amrita to stage, in anger.
Amrita comes there and says that they will play a game and calls five kids to front. She says that she is patient, and they are the diseases who will run after her. She says that this tetunus is very dangerous, People gets involved. SHe says that she washes her hands, and he can’t touch her.
She shows the disease, the injection. She tells the people sitting that she can finish these five diseases in one go. All the children pose to fell down with injection. The people clap.
She calls the people one by one, and asks Karan to give them vaccination. The lady comes and says that sister didi is a great lady and is so sharp that she made everyone understand all the thing. Karan says that they must take the treatment from her too. Amrita goes behind him, he says this is waht she wanted, that she could prove him wrong. She says she had to intrvene as he didnt know how to tell that to him. She says that doctors never understand the patients, it is nurses. They argue. Amrita says that she know it well, that he has a problem with her and she always had. He says not again. She says he told Avi not to marry her. He says he told Avi not to marry her, because she wasnt worth him, even today. They notice the villager gather there. The lady asks is everything alright. Amrita laughs that it is fun taling aloud in the fields, Karan follows her. He asks her sometime to come in.

PRECAP: The villager tells each other taht they had to give the alcohol to Karan but Amrita drank it by mistake.

Update Credit to: Sona

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