Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi insults Gayu

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lav and kush asking Kartik to take their new camera and click pics. Naira dances. Kartik clicks her pics. He thinks despite her attitude, I have clicked her beautiful pics. He keeps the camera and sees her. He says she is dancing by an excuse, she maybe annoyed, but happy, I will convince her, she is brave to forget that this clot is dangerous, but I always stay scared. He goes. Naira stops and stumbles. Lav and Kush ask her is she fine, she should take rest. Dadi comes to Singhania house.

Kirti says you didn’t even call me up. Dadi asks where is everyone. Kirti says they went out to meet a relative. Dadi says I m here for some work. She gives protective thread and asks her to keep it under pillow to ward off bad sight. She says ask Gayu to come back

home, I don’t want to know about her. Kirti says but there has to be some reason, if you want me to listen to you, you have to tell me. Dadi says Gayu will ruin Kartik’s marriage. Kirti asks did Gayu do anything, did Naira say anything. Dadi says I can see what Naira is unable to see, Gayu is coming between them. Kirti says no, if she wanted this, she would have not moved away, she wanted to marry Kartik but she sacrificed her love for sake of Naira, when she knew that Kartik loves Naira, they are very close friends, there is nothing wrong, don’t worry, Gayu had a break up, she is upset, she is a nice girl, her intentions are clean. Dadi says I m leaving. She goes. Kirti thinks Dadi can go home and tell anything to Gayu. Naira says I will just come and goes. Kartik and Gayu see designs and laugh. Dadi comes home and sees them. She shouts Gayu… She asks don’t you feel ashamed.

Naira comes. Dadi says Naira is your sister and you are ruining her house, you are trying to break Kartik and Naira’s relation. They get shocked. Manish and Suwarna come. Dadi scolds Gayu. Kartik asks Dadi to stop it, what happened. Naira says Gayu is my sister, she is a guest here, you are smart, sorry to say you are wrong. Dadi says your sister’s intentions are wrong. Kartik says you are embarrassing me too, Gayu is my friend. Dadi says she has become your friend out of compulsion, I know what she wanted to become. Naira says so what’s wrong in it. Kartik and Naira argue with Dadi. Kartik says change yourself if you can. Dadi says yes, just I m wrong, you all are right. Manish says its not like that. Suwarna says don’t feel bad. Dadi says its my mistake to try to alert you, sorry. She goes. Suwarna says Dadi may not like it, but she has done wrong, who will explain her. Naira asks Gayu to stop. Gayu says I swear, I never had such thought. Naira says I know my sister, sorry, where are you going.

Gayu says I m leaving. Naira says Kartik has gone to explain dadi. Gayu asks what, stop him, its not easy to change someone’s thinking, its true that I m hurt, I will be fine, don’t make it an issue, so sorry. Naira hugs her and says I m so sorry, I can’t reduce your pain, but maybe this lessens my guilt. Kartik says you did wrong Dadi, you should have come to me and asked, why did you say this to Gayu, Gayu and I had a lovely great bond, everything will get strange between us. Manish says he is right. Suwarna says just think for Naira. Dadi gets angry and scolds him. Naira gets Gayu. Dadi says I won’t apologize to anyone, I m the elder person and its my duty to protect relations, nothing will happen if your relation faces troubles again.

Naira says Gayu is leaving, she came to say bye, you didn’t doubt on Aditya when even I shouted to you, and you doubted on my sister in two days, there was nothing between them, I love my in laws, but I can’t bear the insult of my Maayka, so I m letting Gayu go, I m not liking it, one can interfere in our relations only when we allow, coming to Kartik and my relation, none can come between us, whether we fight, get upset or love, its just of us. They go. Manish says mum maybe you were right, but the way was wrong. Dadi says they felt bad about it, they are not thankful that I prevented something bad from happening, some things never change.

Kartik says we will drop you. Gayu says I will manage, don’t get upset with Dadi, she cares for you two a lot, try to behave normal with her. She hugs Naira. She leaves. Naira cries. Kartik asks her to come. She refuses. He goes. She falls beside. Guard asks are you fine. She says yes, I just slipped. Naira sits murmuring that Gayu left. Kartik asks her to come and sleep. She refuses and argues with him. He says I know you are upset, stop taking stress, what’s the matter with you. She says I m going downstairs, don’t worry, you sleep. She goes out and sits on stairs, playing with the ball. She cries. She says why am I so irritated, am I going mad, Kartik didn’t come to convince me, is he irritated like me, did I say him something, why am I crying. Kartik looks at her and thinks why was she irritated with me, she looks happy here, what did I do.

Naira says am I also pregnant like Kirti, let me be sure and then I will tell Kartik. She checks the test results.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a selfish crep naira is.. pagal aurat.. and usse b bekar hai Shivangi! Why doesn’t this show just end..?

  2. Keerthi is looking gorgeous with dress, accessories and hair style,can’t tolerate naira dressing sense and hair style.why can’t she get some help from keerthi.


    1. same thought Neha Chandra… keerti look s so convenient

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