Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi decides to confront Pragya

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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking where did Kiara go and thinks if she went with Kiara. She calls Disha and wonders why is she not picking the call. She calls on landline number. Tanu asks her not to call again. Pragya asks her to give a call to Disha. Tanu says my designer called and he is more important than you. She is about to end the call when Disha comes and takes the receiver in her hand. Pragya asks if Kiara came there? Disha says yes and tells that she is helping kids to study. She tells that she forgot to message her. Pragya asks why you are doing this? Disha says if I had told you then you wouldn’t have let me bring Kiara. She is spending time with her Papa. She tells that she can’t tell Abhi without her consent and tells that she will go and bring Kiara. Pragya thinks if Disha

told him, and thinks Abhi is getting closer to Kiara. Abhi looks at Kiara as she is drawing the painting and talking. Akele hum Akele Tum…plays…He makes a moustache on her face.

Disha comes and tells that her Mamma called. Kiara says my mummy will scold me. Abhi says she will not scold you. Kiara says when she gets angry then she will not listen even to Superman. Disha asks her to tell Pragya not to scold her else they will make her stay here. Kiara goes. Disha asks abhi if he is okay. Abhi says Pragya has done wrong with me in these 7 years. Kiara takes the call and asks Pragya not to scold her. Pragya says she gets worried much. Kiara says if you scold me then Disha aunty will keep me in her house. Pragya asks if you will stay there? kiara says no, I will stay with you. Pragya tells that she has sent driver and asks her to come. Kiara tells Abhi that she has to go home as Mamma said. Abhi hugs her. Kiara says I am leaving. Abhi asks her to tell that she is going and will return. Kiara promises him. Abhi gets emotional. Disha gives her bag.

Tanu talks to the designer and asks her to make her pretty for the party. She thinks what to do with that Pragya, and thinks if I don’t stop her now then she will come here and take my place. She says she doesn’t know if Abhi knows the truth that Kiara is his daughter, and thinks he must not know else Pragya would have been here. He tells herself that she won’t let Pagya win and thinks to defeat her on sangeet day. She thinks she has a plan because of which abhi, Pragya and Kiara will never unite.

Kiara helps Pragya to get ready for the sangeet. She tells about Abhi and tells that he doesn’t know how to style her hairs. Pragya asks what did she talk to him? Kiara says he asked me if I like him. She tells that he is worried for her as she met with an accident. Pragya gets tensed. Kiara says he was crying and talking strange things. Pragya says if he came to know that she is his daughter. King comes and calls Pragya. Kiara asks King to take Pragya and tells that Sunny will come here. Chachi asks if they are not going then inform her. King and pragya leave. Kiara thinks everyone is behaving weirdly.

Abhi is getting ready and thinks of his moment with Pragya. A fb is shown, Pragya asks him to stop and asks him not to wear a black scarf. Abhi says he likes black. Pragya says it is not matching and makes him wear a red scarf and tells that it is a color of passion and love. Abhi romances with her. fb ends. He takes off the red scarf and thinks Pragya has snatched his happiness and wears a black scarf as she hates it, and thinks I have nothing in my life, my daughter. Purab comes to Abhi. Abhi asks him not to come near him and says you did like Pragya. He asks why didn’t you tell me that Kiara is my daughter. Purab says what to tell you and tells that I am helpless, it was Pragya di’s right to tell you that she has a daughter with you, it is her right. Abhi asks what about my rights and says I will not let this happen, she didn’t want to tell me. Raj comes there.

Pragya and King come to the party with Tarun and Chachi. King and Tarun like the decoration. Abhi hugs Raj. Raj tells that he is coming as a guest in his daughter’s marriage and tells that Mitali told me about her alliance, but I didn’t know that today is her sangeet. Abhi says at least you know that you have a daughter. Raj is surprised. Purab takes Raj from there. Abhi thinks I have to meet just one person and that is Pragya.

Pragya falls on Abhi while pulling the rope. Tanu insults Pragya and says you don’t have sindoor and mangalsutra, I have a feeling that your and King’s relation is fake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I swear abhi is really irritating. U blo*dy hell threw pragya and ur life accuse her of gettin dadi killed told her shes inauspicious for u since she came into ur life and never wanted to see her face again now talking bout she cheated u. You dumbass was d one who cheated her and belittle ur union. Ur sis and her cohorts assisted in her sister killing herself, hurt her mother and left her paralyze and speechless and tried again and again to hurt pragya and end ur marriage and tet not once did she blame u or turn u out of her life yet d only time u suffererd a loss (and not because of pragya but tanu,) u threw her away and now wondering y she never told u bout her daughter. Abhi has no right to feel dis way and I dont know y purab and disha ain’t tell him dat. As for pragya shez acting as if she doesnt know d reason she didnt tell him and instead allowing his feelings to take precedence over hers…stupid characters stupid serial stupid writers stupid just stupid everyting

  2. Really irritated what happened to abhi u m getting itrited day by day I hate you abhi what type of husband you are even

  3. I think pragya should tell king n abhi the truth in front of everyone

  4. So Disha has become an abuser. She has kidnapped Kiara because she thinks that she has authority to make decisions for Pragya and Kiara without their knowledge. Disha has become a perpetrator of criminal actions. Don’t you just love interfering relatives? They always cost in pain, money and loss of relationships. What total and complete arrogance to believe that she has the right to make decisions for Pragya. Sometimes your loving relative is no such thing. They are a simple criminal. Disha doesn’t seem to understand that she has no right to have authority over Kiara. A minor child has been kidnapped and is being groomed. Is the “I love you Daddy” song supposed to be sweet? This is a criminal act!!
    Dumb Abhi is stuck thinking about what Pragya has hidden from him. What a “swearword”, that man/character is. When Tuna fish stares into the mirror deciding what Pragya’s life is going to be… she looks absolutely ridiculous. Her acting skills are so clearly wanting. At this point it is beyond laughter. It is simply sickening. This actress is doing no service to herself by clearly displaying her bad acting. If you really want to see bad acting in top form, this scene occurs at the 10 to 11 minute mark. She looks like an unconvincing witch from a children’s fairytale where the witch stares into a mirror asking, “Who is the fairest of all ?” It wasn’t the witch and it sure as heck isn’t Tuna fish. A pretty face is not enough to call someone beautiful. Especially when their face is covered up by a plastic mask of too much makeup. You have to wonder what is left, when the makeup is washed off. The flashback device has been way overused and is not being correctly used according to definition of flashbacks. I find them tiresome rather than cute. They are not informative. They try to create emotion in a script which is lacking.
    Could someone please point out to the “swearword” that he is the one who created the whole problem? And that he has 3 criminal murderers living in his house!! Pragya has snatched his happiness he complains. Right. And he snatched what from Pragya? Including the murder of Pragya’s sister and the destruction of the lives of pragya herself as well as her relatives. h
    He has no rights whatsoever. He gave them all to the three murderers. Abhi deserves nothing. No sympathy. Pragya needs to grow a set of balls and deal with the criminal Mehra family now… by simply telling the truth and reminding Abhi how stupid he really is. Purab and Disha are nobody’s friends. They have become part of the problem.

  5. Akituster:am loving your comment regarding the song,i mean what was that.Regarding abhi dont even know where to replace him,cus you know very well how kiara loves her mom and won’t leave her for anything.And that doll tanu should keep on with her yucky teeth always saying you dumb things.i think someone should make pragya angry so she can just shout the truth infront of all. Your Comment

    1. Thank-you Comfort! That little sortie into musical manipulation felt more appropriate for a 30 second commercial for some kind of ‘product’. With all the PC nonsense going on in the world I don’t feel comfortable saying what I am really thinking. But I think the message is clear from yesterday’s comments where I speak about ‘grooming’.
      Perhaps they should add the rest of the lyrics, to make the song more honest.
      “I love Daddy. Daddy always gives ma a lollipop after Mommy gets hurt.
      Daddy always gives me a lollipop after Daddy’s wife cuts my Mom’s neck!
      Daddy always gives me a hug and a lollipop after his sister kills my aunty.
      I love Daddy… but I have to learn how to survive in his murder house!
      His wife hates me you know! But I love my Daddy even though he brings his destruction (wife, sister-in-law and sister) with him, wherever he goes.
      I love my Daddy the Destroyer. he used be a Rock Star!
      Now he’s just stupid but he gives me lollipops
      Oh! Oh! Daddy, what are you letting them do to me?!!
      You are going to give me 10 lollipops?
      No! No! Daddy! That’s wrong!
      Daddy, I don’t want your lollipops!
      You are a bad, bad man!”

      As Pragya would say, “You get my meaning!”

  6. You would hope that the actors who do Pragya and Abhi would begin to feel some sense of shame over the roles they are playing. The advertised love story is Ekta’s message to the world that love doesn’t exist. In her mind and heart, which quite possibly has never ever tasted the honest experience of ‘love’, no one is allowed to love. Maybe the actors could be expressing some anger that their faces and their work are being used to sell and stereotype ‘love’ as being non-existent, or the refuge of the stupid. Only stupidity is possible in real life. So Ekta is teaching all viewers. Like the RSS she wants women to remember that they are useless cattle. Criminal women (Tuna, Aliyah, Mithali and Ekta) do experience ‘joy’ through money, clothes, jewellry, illicit s*x, and crime… but no love. Ekta’s sick personal story should be dealt with in her private life and not on the backs of viewers being offered this sick putrid story of criminal victimization which is meant to trick viewers into thinking just like herself… a woman who should be receiving psychological care and rehabilitation, if that is even possible for her.
    INTERESTING FACT. Ekta was born a Gemini.
    Just ask the internet,’ Which astrological sign produces the most psychopaths?’ I liked the answer of one particular commentator on the Quora forum. Miguel Eldorado said,” There seem to be a few comments here with a novel in them and no answer to the question.
    So here is what i learned from infographics on youtube they cover a lot of serial killers, who in turn are usualy psycho/sociopaths. According to their stats the most psychopath and sociopath serial killers were in fact gemini,by far.
    The guy asked a simple question,dudes and it wasnt on your opinion of the zodiacs”

    Does make you think, doesn’t it?

  7. I read the updates for this crap show from time to time. Who the hell is this Disha person? I find her so annoying. The old Bulbul and Purab we so much better…. Just kill Abhigya already…. We know EK is going to go the Kasam route.

  8. What i hate about this show is whenever that tramp tanu is angry,i always feel like banging my head on a wall,cus she always shout,that i have to forward it till shes gone and with gross teeth of hers. Your Comment

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