Mere Sai 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Second Task For Renuka and Tapi

Mere Sai 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Renuka and Tapi to cook food from the vegetables they bought and whoever’s food is more t tasty, he will give them gift. They both start cooking. Renuka gets jealous seeing Tapi finishing her cooking almost and throws dry chillies in fire. They all start coughing with chilli fumes and run away. Tapi mixes salt in Tapi’s dishes. Tapi returns. Renuka says her vegetables are shattered all around and chillies are in stove. Tapi stands confused.

After sometime, they both serve food. Tapi asks Renuka why she prepared very small quantity with no side dishes, good I prepared extra dishes and asks everyone to taste her food. Everyone taste Renuka’s food and praise taste, then taste Tapi’s food and complain it full of salt. Renuka yells it is better to have small

quantity than having salty food. Aaji says Renuka is a winner. Baizamaa says Tapi won vegetable competition and Renuka won cooking competition. Renuka asks who should be the winner, according to her, it should be her. Sai says still competition is on; since Tapi lost in cooking, she will cook for everyone and indoor chores, and since Renuka lost vegetable shopping competition, she will do shopping and other outdoor chores. Tapi says why is it so. Sai says with cooking practice, she can correct her mistakes and excel in cooking and with outdoor chores, Renuka can improve her outdoor kills and learn to finish task within given timeframe. Baizamaa thinks if Sai has planned this, he must be thinking something unique.

Tapi and Renuka tell their husbands about Sai’s leela/magic and him giving gold coins to Ganpat Rao and others and say Sai will give gold coins to even them. Next morning, Aaji tells Baiza maa that Renuka and Tapi are greedy.
She calls Tapi and Renuka still asleep even after sunrise, calls them and scolds that they did not start their chores. Tapi asks Baizamaa not to inform Sai about their laziness. Sudama says his sons were hiding to escape from working. Aaji asks them to start their work soon and serve them breakfast soon. They both start their work. Renuka cries if she wastes time in fetching water, when will she roam Shirdi. Dattatrey consoles her that he will help her. Tapi thinks fetching water is not a task at all, Sai gave easy task to Tapi. Her husband consoels her that he will help her.

Renuka tells Dattatrey that they should be around Sai, who knows Sai may get impressed from them and gift them gold coins. They help people fetch water to impress Sai.

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