Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Meets Radha/Siddhanth Meets Krishnamurthy

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK Reddy calls his goons and orders to move out girl Radha/Krishnamurty’s daughter to some other place. Anushka reaches Radha’s flat and knocks door. Radha opens door and asks who is she. Anushka says Rao sent her. Girl comes out and asks where is Rao ji when will he come. Anushka shows Sweety’s photo and asks if she knows him. Girl says this Sardarji came to her and took her and father Demelo with him, but Rao came and saved them saying this sardarji wants to kill her. She reminisces the incident where Rao hits Sweety with gun and asks girl to go with his men and stay in a flat until he comes and shift her to other place. Sweety pleads not to go with Rao. Out of flasback back, Radha asks when will Rao come and who is she. Anushka says she is Anushka Reddy, Sweety wanted to save her, and Rao is arrested and will never come. Radha says she knows her father KK Reddy who sends big charity to Bethalm orphanage via Rao ji and never came in front himself. Anushka says she is not safe here and takes her away. KK’s goons walk in next and does not find Radha. They inform KK that someone else took girl away.

Siddhanth stands tensely wanders in his when his friend calls and informs that Anushka gave him task to find out details about Krishnamurthy’s daughter and took girl somewhere. Siddhanth asks if she informed where she took girl. He says she did not. Siddhanth asks to complete her task and not inform anything. Siddhanth meets Anushka and informs that Rao took all blame on himself and never took KK’s name and did not even mention about Krishnamurthy’s daughter, if Anushka knows any details about girl, she should inform him. She says why should she, he considers her father as wrong. He asks her to go to Agrapalli police station and find out what happened to Krishnamurthy and her daughter, where are they now. Anushka says she will find out if she wants do and will not obey him. Sidhanth leaves. Anushka thinks what is the hidden mystery.

Karthik meets Purva who says her father is proved innocent. Karthik says his father is not involved in it and Rao is culprit. Purva says it is not proved his father is innocent. Karthik angrily says he should not have come here and leaves.

Anushka takes Radha to her room. Her aide calls her and informs he is coming from Agraalli police station, Krishnamurthy and her daughter got missing 30 yeaars ago and girl is not found since then. Riddhi walks in and with food and asks what is this girl doing here. Anushka says this girl will solve a big mystery for them and asks Radha if she knows where she is from. Radha says Agrapalli and she remembers only that and not parents name. Anushka thinks what is connection between Radha, Rao, and appa/KK, why appa did not come in front till now.

KK’s aide informs that Anushka came out of her room just once to meet Siddhanth, he does not think she is hiding girl, else she would have gone out of house to meet that girl. KK says that means Siddhanth is hiding that girl and asks to spy on Siddhanth.

Siddhanth informs Purva that he is going to Agrapalli and leaves. He meets Krishnamurthy and takes her to a safe place. She asks where is her daughter. Siddhanth he will bring her daughter, but she has to tell relationship between coal mine, KK, and her husband. She panics and says she willl not until she sees her daughter. He thinks he has to bring girl then.

Precap: Krishnamurthy informs Siddhanth and Anushka that her husband had a coal mine and KK was union leader and threatened her husband to transfer mine in his name, and when her husband did not agree, KK killed her husband.

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    So finally tomorrow mystery will be revealed, anushka is really smart, she hide Radha in her own room, poor kk thinking , Radha is with Sid.

  2. Anushka will know the truth tomorrow..
    So radha will meet her mom .
    Show coming to end think dis is last week

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