Ishq Subhan Allah 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara requests for divorce

Ishq Subhan Allah 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says to family that we got Nilofar’s reports and she died because of poison given to her at hospital. All are stunned. Kabir says who can do it? Inspector says we are doubting your wife. Kabir says what proof do you have? are you seeing social media? Inspector laughs and says we focus on proofs, just before Nilofar died, a woman in burqa came in hospital and went to her wardroom, can I ask when Nilofar died, where was your wife? Kabir says she was with me in my room. Inspector says you have to give us proof otherwise we will bring proof against your wife and arrest her next time, he leaves. Zara is tensed. Kabir hugs her and consoles her.

Some people are angry and come to Kabir’s house. They start breaking things. Shahbaz tries to stop them. Kabir asks what is all this? Man says dont try to defend a killer, we took you as an ideal but you are taking killar’s side, divorce Zara. Kabir says you all are my student in my institution, what is wrong with you all? I am telling you all that Zara is innocent. Man says your wife is killer, she should be punished. Kabir says law is in this country, they can decide for her, when they call her criminal then I will stand with you all, now leave from here. Man says taking side of sinner is also a sinner, they leave. Kabir says to Shahbaz that I fought for education of these people and they are against me today? Shahbaz says have you gone blind? these people came and destroyed everything, look at your mother, sister, sister in law, what if something happen to them? Kabir says I know but Zara is innocent, inspector will tell us that, trust me. Zara looks on.

Hashmi says to Khalid that we have trapped Kabir, now he will have to divorce Zara. His man comes there, Hashmi says your men should be taken care of, take care of them, give them everythin want, when they are with us, they will be useful for us, man nods and leaves. Hashmi asks how you took Zara’s finger prints? Khalid recalls flashback, how he saw Zara drinking juice in party, he took that glass which had her finger print, then he went to a woman sent by Hashmi, he gave glass to her. Khalid asks who was the woman? she was in veil? Hashmi glares at him and says keep an eye, now Kabir will have to divorce Zara, nobody will be able to stop them from separating.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you keep taking Zara’s side when she keeps doing mistakes. Kabir says she didnt do anything. Shahbaz shouts that enough, you are insulting me, Ayesha asks Shahbaz to calm down. Shahbaz says I need to bring this guy on track, you cant see how wrong he is? Zara needs to be punished for tarnishing this house’s image. He says to Kabir that you have to take decision that either you live in this house as our son or live as her husband. Ayesha says what? Shahbaz shouts to divorce Zara. Kabir says I dont want to take this there. Shahbaz shouts to divorce her, Ayesha asks her to calm down. Shahbaz says he has made fun of me, I kept telling him to walk on my path, he keeps doing what he wants to, now either I will live in this house or that girl.. I am not that shameful that I will live in a house where I am not respected, I made this house with my hardwork, I will not leave alone, all will leave with me then you and your wife can stay here. Kabir tries to calm him but Zara comes forward and says to Shahbaz that you dont have to go anywhere, I will leave this house. Shahbaz says you have to leave Kabir’s life forever too. Kabir says please dont do it father, Shahbaz says I have given my decision, Kabir says I am saying sorry but Shahbaz leaves.

Scene 2
Zara offers prayers and says to God that show me a path, I know I am responsible for fights in this house, seems like my happy family is under evil eye, one side is my husband’s love and otherside is father’s hatred, show me a path to come out of this trouble without destroying my life. Zeenat comes there and says I have a way, its difficult but only you can walk on it. Zara says what way? Zeenat says you will not back out after I tell you? Zara says I never back away from my tongue. Zeenat says good, its better if you leave Kabir’s life forever, I know this must hurt you, Kabir will never divorce you but wife have right to separate from her husband, you can take khula and separate from him. Zara says breaking relations doesnt save home. Zeenat says everything is wrong with this house, once you leave from this house after divorce then everything will be fine, you are young, intelligent and beautiful too, you will get many marriage proposals.. you will be happy and we will be happy too, as far as I know, Zara seeks her happiness in others happiness, right? Zara is tensed. Zeenat makes her sit and says we can give examples but setting example is difficult, not everyone has guts to sacrifice for others happiness, cowards cant leave their happiness for others but the Zara I know is not a coward. Zara says I didnt know my prayer will be a curse for me. Zeenat smirks and leaves.

Kabir calls a lawyer and says I want to discuss with you, okay I will come tomorrow, he ends call. Zara comes there and says you didnt sleep? Kabir says we have difficult situation and we have to find solution. Zara says I have a solution. Zara says to Kabir that whatever is happening in this house, destruction and all.. I am responsible for that, I think you should follow Shahbaz’s instructions. Kabir says you want me to divorce you? have you gone mad? why will I divorce you? you dont think about end but just emotions, its a trap against you. Zara says I am responsible for all this in house. Kabir says you are my responsibility, you are my wife, my duty, you are my power and now you have become my weakness, I love you, I will be destroyed without you, I cant live without you. Zara gets emotional and says Kabir! he says no I wont leave you, he hugs her tightly. Kabir asks Zara if she can leave him? she shakes her head. Zara says to Kabir that I dont want to be selfish, I dont want to think about myself only. Kabir says I wont be selfish too and wont divorce you. Zara gets sad and says fine, then I will take divorce (khula) from you, he is stunned. Kabir asks her to go and sleep. Zara murmurs that I will give your mahar money back, yes I have to.. she looks away and cries. Kabir is sad and says okay, I will give you khula but I just have to ask if our relation ended? you think that our love cant save our relationship that you are talking about khula? Zara says I dont have other choice. Kabir cups her face and says trust me, I will not let anything happen to you, trust me, just stay infront of me, he hugs her and says dont talk about divorce, just smile and give me tea and I will be happy, she smacks his chest and cries. Kabir whispers I love you, I love you a lot, Zara tightly hugs him.

PRECAP- Shahbaz says to Ayesha that pack your bags, we are leaving this house. Kabir says you dont have to go, I will divorce Zara but at one condition. All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. We need to move on with another Topic now. Enough of the Divorce.
    I suggest marriage between two different religions. Kabir’s home is too dark and gloomy. Its creepy to live in an unhappy dark atmosphere. Put some light and happiness in that house.

  2. What a shame this Shahbhaz is….he knows nothing but to blackmail his son and force him to divorce his wife….what if this murder allegation had come on his own wife or daughter …..would he have reacted in the same manner ? I think Kabir and Zara should get seperated and live a life of their own away from the influence of his father…Anyways ,I am very happy that Kabir loves Zara and he is standing by her side in her hour of need much against the wishes of his father and Hashmi..I am really surprised at the way everyone was treating Zara as guilty and pronouncing their own judgements….they seem to have forgotten that there is a law of the land…

    1. Shahbaz is an evil s.o.b only thinking of fulfilling his selfish appetite. He will sleep with the devil to get what he wants. He wants to put his son in Irfan’s position and will do it by hurting Irfan and his family. Zeenat is another shameless witch whose selfish desires is causing pain to Kabir and Zara. Kabir need to stand up for his wife and himself.

  3. Nina

    No one can outrun the truth forever. Eventually, the truth always catches up. It comes out. They love each other and will be fighting for their happiness.

  4. Now that Kabir is facing the real prospect of divorce in his face, he’s trying to hold on to Zara desperately and his fear is getting to him because he’s realized that he can’t live without her by his side… GOOD!!! I’ve enjoyed today’s episode. What can I say about Shabaaz??? He’s very bad minded and if his daughter has to go through what Zara is going through in the Ahamad’s house, he won’t like it much less tolerate it but his devious mind doesn’t care who he hurts, as long as Kabir can become Head Qazi in the community, to hell with whoever lives are destroyed….honestly, Zara is bearing a lot, too much I say… Let’s see if this divorce takes place before jumping to Miraj because we know he’s waiting smacking his lips and savouring the thought that Zara and Kabir would get their divorce and he could pounce on her… I hope he doesn’t succeed because if he does, Kabir wouldn’t tolerate it and the rest we can imagine..

  5. As for Zeenat… Writers. PLEASE give her some love in her marriage, the wretched woman can’t bear to see Zara happy with Kabir, she tries her best to create obstacles, if you all can give Kashan some time to romance her, I’m sure she won’t be that meddlesome… The nerve of her to preach to Zara and beg her to divorce Kabir!!! Stupid witch…

  6. It’ll be a few days before this episode is aired in Canada, but i have to say it is heartening to read Kabir confessing love to Zara…Kabir needs to pack up Zara and go live peacefully at his Inlaws house.

  7. Shahbaz is not a horrible man and father!!! Firstly they all practice religion and are the worse crooks out there. Kabir and Zara should have left the house together and not get separated. The divorce track is getting boring and I cannot wait until Zeenat get in trouble. She is the most evil person.

  8. Finally, finally. I finally get to see Kibir expressing his ?ve for Zara. I swear I was at the point of want to reach into the TV and slap him every time e said the word duty. So happy that he is finally getting a taste of what Zara has been going through. What I cant figure through is he can see there is somekind of conspiracy afoot against Zara but cant figure out that his father and the Imam is part and parcel of it ?

  9. Hopefully he will figure out his father is an evil person. Zara was telling Kabir if they divorce that she won’t be able to speak to him they will become strangers. If that happens the serial will be no good to watch and boring. I guess that’s in the Muslim religion. I hope they don’t get divorce but let Kabir fight for his marriage same way Zara has been doing after his first talaq.

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