Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Goel Reveals To Siddhant About Karthik Responsible For Aircraft Sabotage

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant asks goons to tell who are they? KK shows Nupur’s pic to Gayatri and says if you likes her then I will finalize her. Gayatri says how can I? KK says if Prabhakar would have been alive, then I would have asked him. Gayatri likes the girl. Neeta says they have a condition, they asked to get the marriage done in a week, else there is no mahurat for next 6 months. Gayatri says she will make a call and will make some sweets. KK asks her to make besan ka halwa. He misses Prabhakar.

Gayatri calls her Mama ji and asks him to tell some good mahurat. He agrees and says he will call her. Anushka comes to kitchen. Gayatri says she talked to mama ji and he thought she is talking about Siddhant’s marriage. Anushka says he has a marriageable age and tells that may be he likes someone. Gayatri asks her to talk to him. Anushka asks where is Siddhant? Purva says she doesn’t know. Karthik gets a call from Private number, but he doesn’t pick the call. Kk looks at Prabhakar’s pic. Purva calls Siddhant, and then Sweety. Sweety asks where is Siddhant? Purva says he didn’t come home. Goons take Siddhant to meet Goel. Goel comes out of his car. Siddhant asks what is all this? Goel’s assistant comes and says we want to protect you from the person who did the plane crash. Siddhant asks what they are saying? Goel tells that you want to know what your father came to know and if he met Dinesh Swami. He tells that Dinesh executed the plane crash on someone’s orders.

Siddhant says who? Goel says you will not trust, but you have to know and takes Karthik Reddy’s name. Siddhant laughs. Goel says either you believe it or not and tells that his eyes were on the airlines deal and tried to shake hands with me. He tells about their conversation and Karthik telling that Prabhakar will move from the way. He tells him you will understand soon and listen to your heart. He says my men will drop you home safely and asks him not to meet him again as their calls are tapped. Siddhant says I know who can be trusted and who can’t. and says I can’t believe you. Gayatri serves halwa to everyone. KK says it is tasty. Karthik says it is yummy. Anushka tries to call Siddhant.

Mama ji calls Gayatri and tells that Pandit ji told that there is no mahurat for next 6 months, if marriage is not done this week. Neeta says so marriage will be done this week. KK asks them to wait. Gayatri convinces KK. KK says I agree on your insistence, but you have to agree to my saying. Gayatri asks what? KK says they want to marry in bihari tradition, but they don’t know the rituals. He asks her to be with them and supervise the rituals. Gayatri says I can’t do this and asks him not to force her. KK says you don’t think of my family as yours. Siddhant comes there and says KK is right. Anushka gets happy and excitedly says you have come Siddhant. Karthik, Neeta and KK are surprised to see her reaction on seeing him. Siddhant says KK’s family is our family and we will get a chance to know each other.

Purva asks Gayatri to agree. Anushka also convinces her. Gayatri says she will take care of all rituals. Siddhant thinks of Goel’s words that Dinesh Swamy sabotaged the plane on Karthik’s orders. He congratulates Karthik. Karthik thanks him. They tell that they will leave. Anushka asks Siddhant why did you want to know us? Siddhant says I am doing this for my marriage and looks at Karthik. Anushka says you are from girl’s side now and asks him to remember that she is from groom’s side. Karthik asks Anushka to come. They say good bye to each other. Anushka sits in car and leaves. Siddhant thinks did Karthik sabotage the plane?

Girl’s family come to KK’s house for the rasam. Gayatri tells about the rituals. Kk says I am happy that you have come with girl’s family. Anushka tells siddhant that she didn’t know that handsome people will come. Siddhant says now you have known. Anushka says she is talking about Vedant. KK hears and smiles.

Nupur’s dad tells KK about Goel giving statement against him. KK says he is doing this before setting off. Karthik gets a call. Siddhant looks at him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Hmmmmm, can Siddhant really believe Goel, he has to go through his Dad’s things to find his answers. Well Anu, your joy in seeing your man is making you eat your halwa. LoL…Now you have put the cat among the pigeons by announcing that you find Vedant handsome, so your wedding to him is next…Did I see a bit of jealousy on Siddhant’s face after you dropped your handsome bomb!! Enjoyed the episode.

  2. Nice episode. Siddant please don’t believe goel. If u believe goel words u definitely loss anu& ur ambition. Kartik didn’t involved in plane crash& ur father’s death. This only goel’s plan.

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