Mayavi Maling 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali refuses for marriage

Mayavi Maling 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj declaring Chegu and Eshwarya’s punishment. Everyone cries. Chegu tells Maharaj that everything will be ruined, listen to him else he will regret later. Chegu and Eshwarya are taken away. Angad makes a drink. Madhumali says I didn’t know you will do this, I m glad you are not like your dad, you are like me. Adhivan says I know Angad is Daanav king’s son, born to you, he will make his Rajya, I m happy to be with you, I don’t want anything from you, except my share. She asks what share. He says I feel your plan is to blame Maharaj for Trishanku’s death, then Angad will take Maling’s throne to kill all the Dev vanshis, am I right.

Angad gets a message from Haran. He says Maharaj has imprisoned Chegu. Madhumali asks is he the one who has melted the ice shell made by me, is Antara alive, if she is alive then she has to meet me, I have to kill her. She smiles. Chegu asks Eshwarya not to worry, he is close in another cell. She says I m not crying, what about your mum. He says I m thinking what will the tribals do, I m always raised in troubles, you got yourself trapped in the mess, your place isn’t here, your dad has made good cell. She thanks him for praising her dad. He asks why did Garima call me your best friend that day. She worries. Pranali cries seeing Eshwarya’s mum crying. She hugs her. Vaidehi asks Pranali to get ready and leave. Pranali and everyone hear the shank. Vaidehi says Pranali will get married and go away in some time. Dharani says she will be called queen of Mahapuram. Eshwarya’s mum blesses Pranali. Vaidehi says I will talk to Maharaj. They are called in the Sabha. Maharaj waits to welcome Angad. The men ask Maharaj to enjoy the moment, which will not return, do a dad’s duty. Maharaj nods.

Chegu asks Eshwarya to answer him. Eshwarya says I don’t know. He says I can hear your heartbeat, you mean Garima is lying. She says no, don’t call Garima stupid. He says you are stupid, tell me, do you like me. Eshwarya gets shy. He asks why are you shy now. She asks can you see me when there is wall in between. He says I have seen everything. He laughs. He says I have just seen your shadow, don’t get restless. Pranali runs to the ghat. She falls in Maharaj’s feet. He looks at her. She refuses for marriage. Madhumali looks at them and says something is wrong, Pranali told him something that he doesn’t want anyone else to hear. Maharaj asks Pranali did she decide to insult him. Vaidehi asks Pranali what did she say. Madhumali asks Angad to try to hear them. Angad asks how will I hear. She asks him to concentrate and hear. Angad tries.

Pranali says I don’t want to do this marriage, my sister is in jail. Maharaj says enough, time has passed. Pranali says my heart isn’t agreeing. Maharaj says guests have come, think about Maling’s respect. Madhumali asks Angad what is he thinking. Angad says I didn’t expect this from Pranali, she has refused to marry me.

He says if Maharaj agrees, we will lose, its time to shed blood. Madhumali stops him. Maharaj asks Vaidehi to take Pranali inside, he has to welcome baraat. Pranali asks how will I marry Angad and accept a new relation when my heart has many dilemmas. Madhumali says I told you Maharaj will lower his head in front of you, Pranali made him emotional, we have to do something. Angad uses his powers and creates a storm.


Maharaj and everyone gets shocked seeing the storm. Harak rushes to save Pranali. She gets caught in the storm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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