Krishna Chali London 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe misunderstands Krishna’s rejection

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Krishna Chali London 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe thinking of Krishna and getting sad. Shukla comes to him and beats him for ruining his name by visiting Krishna. He scolds Radhe a lot. He asks Radhe to listen to him carefully. He tells Radhe that he will find the most educated girl for him, but he won’t let him marry Krishna. He goes. Radhe drinks wine and cries. Aye kaash….plays…..He imagines Krishna. He goes out on the roads. He loses out his senses. He falls drunk. Saajan sees him and rushes to him. He takes Radhe home. He says iof Shukla sees him, it will be a mess.

He makes Radhe his dirty socks and wakes him up. He makes Radhe have the lemonade. Radhe says dad asked me to leave love, Krishna asked me to not marry, I asked my heart to stop beating, I have become Devdas. Saajan looks on. Radhe does shayari. He says it aches at my heart, I m heartbroken. Saajan asks him to stop it and say what happened. Radhe says Krishna has refused to marry me. Saajan says matter is serious. His wife cracks a joke. She says Krishna is testing Radhe’s love by saying so, she wants to see what Radhe does if she rejects him, send a proposal to her, she wants to see her value, her denial has her approval.

Radhe says dad is refusing for marriage now, Dubey has fallen the rates. Saajan asks what, did you get this fate, look at me, I swear on my mum, you have to challenge your dad’s decision. Radhe agrees. Bua says Shukla isn’t answering. Dubey says don’t know why Shukla left yesterday. Bua says there is no use to try. Krishna smiles. Bua says maybe Krishna has disappointed them. Krishna gets grateful to Radhe for agreeing to her. Radhe’s mum does aid to his wounds. She asks him to plead to his dad and ask for Krishna’s hand. She says he is very angry on you, apologize and see. Shukla asks his son to reply to Dubey, they won’t keep the marriage.

Radhe looks for Shukla. Lali says Shukla has gone out, have breakfast. Radhe says I can’t lose Krishna. Krishna tells Prashant that Shukla isn’t answering, how will they say no to me. Prashant says yes, its tough. Krishna says Radhe is a nice guy. He says once this settles, I will meet Radhe and thank him. Krishna goes to pray for Radhe’s wedding, that he gets a nice match, he should get married soon with the girl of his choice. Prashant smiles. Radhe comes to meet Shukla. Shukla meets some officer for railway contract. Radhe’s brother stops him.

Radhe says I want to tell dad to fix my marriage with Krishna, else I will die. His brother Gajanan scolds him and asks him not to do the drama. He asks Radhe to go home. Verma says there are paper formalities also, everything isn’t easy. Shukla says we will manage everything I will do whatever you say. Verma says its a big difference in laying railway tracks and selling grocery. Shukla says you can tell me your cut off margin. Verma calls him illiterate. He insults Shukla. He asks Shukla to understand if he is explaining politely, no one will give his educated girl to your son, money isn’t everything, every work has a way. Shukla throws the file and says you have hurt my ego. He asks Radhe to come. He says this is my youngest son, Radhe, he is 9th fail, I will get him married to the topper of district, Krishna Dubey, I will get the wedding done in one week, come in marriage function with respect. He asks Gajanan to call Dubey and fix the marriage. He beats Radhe. He says you two have ruined my respect. He goes. Radhe says Krishna now you may test me, its time to show my love for you. He smiles.

Bua says Shukla has called, he has agreed for alliance. She feeds sweets to Krishna. Krishna asks Radhe to answer, will he help her or not. Radhe agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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