Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rao saves KK by taking all blame on him

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid asks Rao that mark is from rock that he threw, right? He wants to teach him a lesson so bad. He will make him helpless so that he speaks out the truth. He beats him up. Rao asks him for more saying he’s enjoying massage. Sid beats him more. Rao is still making his fun saying his hands are soft as Prabhakar. Sid beats him up harder. In end, Rao says he will tell everything. Sid calls Bansal and says he has found proof against KK in murder cases. He asks him whether he can send a honest police officer who does his work with full honesty.

KK’s employee informs him that Rao’s car is found. Anu is worried. KK tells her that he’s going to him, would she go with him? She needs to go with him to know Sid’s truth. He also reminds her of her promise to leave Sid if he’s proven wrong.

Sid is waiting anxiously for KK, so he can expose him to the world.

Kartik meets Purva and asks her to control Sid, else next time he won’t be able to control himself. Purva says until now she used to think Sid had misunderstanding, but now she’s sure he is not wrong. She informs him that KK threatened her mother. He asks whether she got any proof. She says she doesn’t need any proof. Her mother’s tears were enough. KK is not what he shows. Kartik says he can’t hear anything against his father. She says he’s blinded right now and they should not meet until truth comes out.

KK and Anu come where Sid has kept Rao. Sid asks Anu why did she come? KK says he brought her so she can know the truth. Anu sees Rao and asks Sid why he beat him up? Sid says it’s good that she came, today one of them will be proven right. Police officers come. Sid tells KK that Rao has accepted all crimes that he made him do, so it will be better if he confesses himself. KK confesses everything and then says to Sid, that’s what you think, right? KK says it’s all lie, KK did nothing like that. He doesn’t know what Rao told him and asks officers to remove cloth from his mouth. Sid tells him to say the truth that he told him. Rao takes all crime on him that he committed all murders, KK had no idea about it. Sid gets furious. Officers tell him to control himself. KK asks to take Rao away. Sid asks officer why would Rao kill everyone? Rao says because they all wanted to destroy KK and he couldn’t see it. Prabhakar wanted to trap KK in airplane crash case. Heera knew about that so he had to kill him too. Lastly, he didn’t want to kill Sweety. He wanted to kill Sid, but unfortunately Sweety died. KK is his God and whoever raises finger at him, he will get rid off that person. He further says he didn’t do anything wrong. He just did his duty. KK slaps him saying he became a monster. How he will face to everyone now? He asks officers to take Rao away.

Later, it’s shown that KK was telling Rao that since Sid entered his house with a gun, his family members are nervous and questioning him. Anything can happen. Rao tells him he’s ready to face anything for KK. He will take all blame on himself.

Precap: Sid tells Anu that KK proved himself right that he didn’t do anything, Rao did everything. Now what will she do? Go to KK’s home or his (Sid’s) home?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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