Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharad’s true intentions revealed!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna gets frustrated and walks away. He sees Sunaina and shares his frustrations with her by telling her everything. Sunaina gets upset knowing about Naina’s breakup.

Sameer asks everyone what they want to eat today. Munna comes in, but sits on a different table. Swati and Preeti join everyone. Preeti tries to tell Naina that everyone is having misunderstanding, but she gets interrupted. Pandit goes to Munna and asks why he is not happy with Sameer and Naina coming together again. Naina took such a big decision. Munna says that’s the problem, Naina takes decision every time. Preeti manages to tell Naina that everyone thinks her and Sameer’s love story will start again. Naina says it doesn’t matter what others think. Sameer doesn’t think like that. He knows they are just friends. She just told him about the break up. Preeti says that is why he’s so happy. Naina says he’s happy because she showed courage and that’s why the party. He has promised that they are just friends that too in temple, he will never break his promise. Pandit manages to get Munna to their table. Sunaina comes there with cake. Sameer asks what for? She says because he’s happy. Naina had break up. Naina tells her it’s not like what she thinks. Sunaina says she’s not a child and sits on a different table. Kartik brings sweets for everyone saying there is election for general secretary and they are sure only Sunaina will win. Sunaina leaves from there in anger. Kartik goes behind her. Sameer suggests Naina that she should compete in the election. Preeti asks why he would want Sunaina to lose, she is his “girlfriend”. Sameer says that was all just drama, but he told her the truth and she understood it very well.

Outside, Sunaina asks Kartik he filled form for her? She doesn’t want to take part in election. He says why she’s doing all sacrifices for Sameer. She’s such a pretty and smart girl. Whole college loves her and she will win easily. This will be revenge with Sameer and Naina too. She says she knows he’s doing all this to cheer her up, but she doesn’t want to take part. She apologizes him for leaving a good friend like him for Sameer.

Sameer and all others try to convince Naina for the election. She doesn’t feel right to take part against Sunaina, but in end she agrees. All friends cheer up.

Sharad and his mother meet Taiji outside. They gift her and try to get her to convince Naina for marriage. They say they will keep her very happy. Taiji says she will talk to Chachaji. Once he agrees, Naina won’t be able to refuse. Sharad and his mother has relieved smile at each other. After Taiji leaves, Sharad says they will take revenge once marriage is done. His mother says, right now they are not taking any dowry, but after marriage, they will take dowry for life time.

Chachiji asks Chachaji whether everything is okay. Naina asks him for some money. He asks she wants to buy stuff for college only, right? These days children say something and do something else. Naina gives him tea. He puts it down saying he didn’t like it. Chachiji says but he likes tea made by Naina. Chachaji says it doesn’t take long for things to change. Naina says she will make again. Chachaji says no and tells Chachiji that from today, she will make tea for him. Chachiji tells Naina to go inside.. Chachaji seems upset because of office work.

Naina comes to her room and tells Preeti she thinks Chachaji is upset with her. Preeti says that’s impossible. It must be some work tension. Naina opens her cupboard and finds her bag open that has Samer’s letters. She asks Preeti whether she opened it. Preeti says she must have opened it, she doesn’t remember half of the things. Naina asks maybe Chachaji. Preeti says if he saw all that letters, then they wouldn’t have been in the house. She asks Naina to not think too much.

In Sameer’s house, Munna is still upset and doesn’t want to go out with his friends. He tells Sameer there is still time, else he will regret later. Sameer says he understands his concern, but he should think about his happiness too. Munna says he’s saying this for his happiness only. Sameer tells him about surprise planned for Naina and ask him to be in college tomorrow. Munna asks him to promise that he will never see Naina again, if she breaks his heart tomorrow. Even if her family comes with proposal to him, then he will refuse it. Sameer promises him.

Precap: Sameer proposes Naina in college in front of their friends.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Fan of YUDKBH

    Nothing much happenew today. WaI ting eagerly to know Chachaji’so step

    1. I think Chachaji should not doubt Naina as Sharad had misbehaved in front of him which he should know that it cannot be Naina’s plan. He cannot scold her for planning break of her engagement. If he does then Naina should make him realise this and should also agree for her love for Samir too. In front of Chachaji, she should own up. Chachaji can get angry for her hiding the relationship with Samir and saying yes for Sharad. He cannot get angry on her for planning a break up with Sharad. I hope they don’t show this. It will be contradictory with Chachaji ‘s nature.

  2. Hi guys!!
    Episode has nothing special just the game plan of cheap Sharad and his mother is made clear…They bribed taiji so that she convinces Naina to marry Sharad.. as they found taiji as a soft target…as she is both greedy and hungry??
    They want to harass Naina for dowry after marriage…??
    Sharad’s mom said”Hum Naina ko Rani bna k rkhenge”but from inside she was thinking “Rani nhi Naukrani bna k rkhenge”??
    Naina should tell the whole reason for breaking marriage to Sameer…Why can’t she understand that Sameer is not as intelligent as her? and then she will put whole blame on Sameer for misunderstanding and again break his heart?
    So Sameer will propose Naina in today’s episode…
    Either she will say No and blame Sameer for disrespecting their friendship
    Or When she was about to say No but then Sharad will come to her college to create drama and then the fighting sequence…
    But I think they will show the fighting sequence next week??
    Hey Devi… missing your comments…

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