Bepannah Aashqui FF 21st epi

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So from this episode the main crux of this episode will start which will be followed by series of twists n turns
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So here we go
Recap-zoya n adi are arrested by rajVeer on pretext of suspicion for murder of their spouses . Harshvardan is shocked to know that rajVeer has issued a non bailable warrant.Adiya are having difficult time in prison but both support each other

Everybody is in state of shock at malhotra mansion
Sanveer look at each other
Dr Malhotra -Veer I had warned u So many companies were ready to take contract of ur marriage I Dnt understand y u had to handover to near bankruptcy company. Since first day ur marriage has been surrounded by controversies due to ur friend. Veer there are other ways to help ur friend y risk ur own marriage

Veer-Enough dad I know neither adi nor zoya can do any such thing
Somebody is trapping them

Sanchi gets up from Mandap
Savitri-The time for muharaat is getting passed where are u going sanchi beta
Already 4 hrs we have waited
Now I think we should proceed with rituals

Sanchi (teareyed )-ma am sorry but adi n zoya are in such a big problem my heart doesn’t permit me to run after my happiness

Veer keeps his hand on hers
He looks deep into his eyes
Veer (softly)-sanchi we can get married on other day too if u wish so Because ur wish n desire matter the most to me.but Dnt wry about adi Zoya U know when they are together nothing absolutely nothing can harm them
U know just like nothing could separate us n we could face every storm adi Zoya will also face n come out stronger
They worked so hard for this moment
For us to get married
Dnt u think if we postpone  marriage  they will feel more hurt

They have done all arrangements

If we get married  their event will get successful  n complete

Sanchi hugs Veer

Tears fall from her eyes

Veer’s eyes are watery

Savitri jaya Dr malhotra  look on

Veer (lump in throat )-The strength of love will work wonders for them Dnt wry just like it worked for us

He holds sanchi’s  hands

Veer -Love can face all enemies

He looks in full tashan at Dr malhotra  n gayatri

They make faces

Sanveer hold hands N enter Mandap

Savitri  smiles

They take pheras

Zoya is thinking  something

She is engrossed  in deep thoughts

Zoya’s pov-This all will lead to lots of problem I just hope some secrets  which are in my heart since five years Dnt come out I will not be able to handle  all this.

Adi from opposite  prison notices zoya in thoughts

Adi-zoya whats bothering  u so much like me are u also thinking  of sanchi n veer’s marriage  I just hope they might have completed  rituals  on auspicious  time

Zoya-hmmm adi when love  is strong all negative  turns to positive n everything  becomes auspicious

Adi look at each other

Intense  eye contact

Their eyes  are moist n in pain also very tired


Dark night sky is shown

Sun is shown rising

Adi n zoya are in prison  sitting  with their back against  wall

Adi is lost in thoughts  n looking  at zoya

Zoya gently  opens her eyes

Adi tries to smile at zoya

He gives  her reassuring  look

Zoya too smiles back

Anjana  is doing  something  in kitchen

Harshvardan  is talking  on phone in tension  n about to leave  house

Anjana  comes with tiffin in hand

Anjana  -Harsh wait wait Pls take this for adi n zoya God alone knows if kids might have eaten something

Harshvardan -Anjana  am meeting  them as their lawyer  not as a parent I am not permitted  to take food

Anjana  (teareyed )-Harsh zoya cannot eat dRy food n she has acidity  problem I. …

Harshvardan  hugs her-Anjana  u care so much for zoya

Anjana -She is the only person  who has always  taken care of my adi who understands  him more than he understands himself

In Arora House

Madhu n mahi are seated on table

Mahi is not eating  anything

She seems worried

Madhu-u should  be happy  u always hated zoya

Mahi (teareyed)-Mom Pls am extremely  guilty  for whatever  I did but I cannot see zoya in trouble I know she can never  harm bhai all this is rubbish

Madhu (teareyed)-but all I know is we cannot do anything  for zoya n we cannot bring  back our yash too.

Harshvardan  n Arjun enter police station

Rajveer  collides with them

Rajveer(sarcastic tone)-ohhoo good morning  Mr Hooda U know ur son had an amazing  night whole night he was awake n what amazing dinner he had

Harshvardan  n Arjun feel bad

Rajveer-so know daddy dearest  will save his sonny hahaa

But let me tell u i have lots of evidence  justice  Hooda This will be the first u are going  to loose

Harshvardan  fumes

He is are boutique to react

Arjun  signals him noo


Adi n zoya are brought in a room

Adi hugs Harshvardan  n Arjun

Harshvardan -Zoya beta  are u fine

Zoya nods Harshvardan  blesses her

By keeping  his hand on her head

Arjun  hugs her

They are shown  talking

Harshvardan -Am fighting  this case for both of u.Now adi listen carefully  ur anger can spoil  everything  so u need to control it

N rajVeer was ur classmate he knows alot about u both so Pls tell me everything  because  he can use any info against u both n I need to be prepared  Pls Dnt hide anything  Pls

Adi n zoya  are shown narrating  something  to Harshvardan

Arjun  is noting down

Harshvardan -Anything  more Pls Dnt hide anything

Adi nods no

Zoya too nods no

Zoya’s pov -Sorry uncle but certain secrets should  remain forever in heart sorry

Precap –

Court room drama is shown

Rajveer presents a letter in court

Adi is dumbstruck

Everyone is shocked

Its dark everywhere

Adi-zoyaa what was this letter about how could  u hide from me Zoya U could  have told  me once y zoya y zoya y??

Adi is yelling  at zoya

Zoya  breaksdown-how could I have told us when I wanted  to tell u

u said……………….

What was zoya hiding

Any guesses


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