Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant is determined to expose KK

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes home and says KK got saved today because of Anushka. He asks his mother why she didn’t tell him before. She says she was scared and asks him to stay away from KK. Siddhant asks whether she believes in God. His mother says that’s her only hope. He tells her not to worry, they have God’s blessings. They will have to fight for justice for 2 people now. He asks her not to stop him.

Shree’s mother tells him that he should have told her all this happened. She can’t believe KK can do all this. Shree tells her that she shouldn’t believe it. This is all lie. Sooner or later, it will prove wrong and that is why he didn’t want to bother her. Shree says he can’t believe Siddhant came with gun. It’s good that KK stopped Anushka from going there. It’s not safe for her. Riddhi comes back and is upset Shree didn’t pick up her call to send her car. Shree says situation became such. She asks what situation?

Siddhant is trying to fix his phone. He tells Purva that address was in that phone. He thinks of giving his phone for repair and buy new phone. Purva suggests him to use Prabhakar’s phone.

Anushka is tensed thinking about recent events. Riddhi comes to her and asks how did all this happen? What’s going on? Anushka says she doesn’t know herself. Siddhant is behind KK and they both have challenged each other. They only have 24 hours. She is scared thinking what will happen tomorrow because one of them is definitely saying the truth. It’s her loss regardless what the outcome is tomorrow.

Siddhant looks for Anushka. He asks Purva. Purva says she went behind him only.. after that she hasn’t returned. Siddhant calls her and asks what happened. She reminds him that he said not to come home until he proves KK guilty. He says he said that in anger. His house is hers as well. He is no one to stop her. She says she thought he was serious. He says sorry and asks her to not to listen to him next time and just sit on his bike. He feels lonely without her. She says it’s about 24 hours only. She requests him to end this topic fast. After call ends, Siddhant says to himself that tomorrow he will prove KK guilty and send him to jail and bring Anushka to his home. He then notices some goon standing outside his home. He goes outside to check.

Rao is instructing someone on phone that he wants that lady. Search every corner. He gets a call from the goon who says he has caught Siddhant. What to do with him? Rao says to wait. He is coming. Rao comes and finds the goon unconscious. Siddhant comes from behind with a gun. He asks Rao what he thought that he is the only smart one? He ties up Rao in his home. Rao says he is messing with wrong person. Siddhant says tomorrow truth will be out. Rao asks who will say it? Siddhant tells Rao himself. Rao laughs and says he will never do that.

KK is not able to contact Rao. One of the employee informs him that Rao is not in his room. Guards said he went out in car, but they don’t know where. KK asks him to find out and inform him.

Precap: KK accepts all his crimes in front of police, Siddhant. Anushka was listening and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Anushka point is true.. both are important in her life Kk , siddhant .so who ever win or loose she will feel the pain..
    Siddhant traps Rao ..wait to see the next step of KK

  2. Today is the first time I see a slide in quality of show! Guess, they are moving towards the end …conviction and reality are slipping a bit!

    Siddanth seems relaxed given that he has just 24 hours to come up with evidence … Purva, Karthik interaction went missing too!

    Trapping rao seems sloppy!

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