Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra dev hides underwater.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev and all gods in the court, indra dev says how could Chandra dev insult ganesh ji? Vayu dev says yes devraj, even I don’t understand what could have made Chandra dev laugh at ganesh ji? He would never do this! Suryadev says even I am confused. Chandra dev comes and says yes devraj, even I don’t know what had happened to me that I made fun of ganesh ji. All gods look away and indra dev says gods remember ganesh ji’s curse, don’t look at Chandra dev. Indra dev says Chandra dev, we cannot do anything but we cannot look at you. Chandra dev says I understand devraj. Indra dev says Chandra dev, we gods will do something to lift the curse from you but ganesh ji is angry and to find the solution to this problem we will have to go to brahma dev. Chandra dev says now my situation has become so worse that I cannot sit amongst the gods, I cannot do anything. Chandra dev goes away sad and depressed. The gods say we feel bad for Chandra dev but he also shouldn’t have said those things to ganesh ji.
Chandra dev goes to his palace and he looks at his wife, devi rohini sleeping. Devi rohini opens her eyes but Chandra dev turns his back. rohini says what happened swami? Why don’t you look at me? Chandra dev has tears and says devi I cannot look at you from now because of the curse ganesh ji gave me, I cannot even stay near you, if you look at me your life will become hell and I cannot do that to you or to anyone else. Chandra dev goes and rohini is sad and says what do I do now? my swami is in so much pain. Rohini goes to indra dev and other gods.
There Chandra dev comes out of his palace and he says I cannot look at anyone as their life will be unlucky because of me and they will suffer always, what do I do? Where do I go? Chandra dev is annoyed and says wherever I will see, a living being will see my face and their life will be destroyed, it is better that I run away from here and hide somewhere. Chandra dev runs and runs and he comes to a lake, he says it is good that I hide underwater, no one will ever see me. Chandra dev goes underwater.
There bhom is praying and meditating so deeply that his anger is turning more dangerous, as his anger emits from his body in small light sparks and it goes and affects the rest of the world. The sky turns red. Devi prithvi says bhom is meditating so deeply and in so much anger that now it is having effects on the world.
Ganehs is in Kailash at mansarovar lake and he thinks about parvati. Kartikeya comes. Ganesh says brother would you ever forgive a person who would hurt our mother? How do you expect me to do that? mother suffered so much pain then how can I forgive Chandra dev?
Suddenly the moon’s light is taken away from the world and the universe, everything turns dark, including Kailash, swarg lok, vaikunth dham and brahma lok. Mahadev opens his eyes as the moon on his head turns black. Mahadev screams in anger no! Ganesh, parvati and kartikeya come running. everyone is worried. Mahadev says look what has happened, Chandra dev has gone and hidden, the light of the moon and its power has been taken away from the universe which means it will have destructive effects over the world as well as the universe, everything will be destroyed. Ganesh you took your decision in anger and because of you now Chandra dev is hiding somewhere because of the curse. Ganesh says father what are you saying? You want me to forgive Chandra dev? I cannot do that! he hurt my mother and you think, would you forgive a person who would hurt mother parvati? I saw how mothr suffered because of Chandra dev, I cannot forgive him.
There bhom meditates and the light of his anger affects ganesh.
Kartikeya thinks what has happened to ganesh? Why isn’t he listening to father? What is making ganesh not even think about his curse even after mahadev’s told him! even mahadev’s words aren’t putting any thought over ganesh? Ganesh goes back in the palace. Mahadev says there will be destruction over the world if Chandra dev isn’t brought back.
Devi rohini goes to brahma dev with all gods. Rohini cries and says prabhu, see what has happened to the world, my swami has gone and hidden somewhere because of ganesh ji’s curse. Rohini says brahma dev, please tell me what to do? Chandra dev did a mistake but because of the curse even I cannot look at the face of my swami. Brahma dev says the universe is having destructive effects after the absence of Chandra dev, devi rohini you can do only one thing, pray to pratham pujya ganesh ji and impress him, he wont be angry for long, if he is impressed then only he can bring Chandra dev back. rohini says okay brahma dev, I will do anything and pray to ganesh ji to bring my swami back.
Ganesh is in the palace. In the universe, disasters are happening as planets get destroyed. On earth, the ground dries up and all water on the ground dries up, a warming effect is happening all over the world and volcanoes start erupting. Everything is getting destroyed due to the absence of Chandra dev. Ganesh says what had happened to me? Actually I would never have been so angry that before thinking I cursed Chandra dev! I have taken a decision in anger but what caused me to do that? I still don’t understand! Ganesh says mahadev you are my father and also the father of this entire universe, please help me, I don’t know what to do, you guide everyone and guide me too otherwise the world will end because of me. Mahadev listens to this and says to kartikeya, ganesh is suffering an inner turmoil, kartikeya go to him and talk to him, make him understand the effects of the absence of Chandra dev in this universe! Bring him to me. Kartikeya goes.

Precap: Ganesh says to kartikeya, brother I will help in finding Chandra dev. Kartikeya brings ganesh to mahadev. ganesh gets affected by bhom’s anger and says I will not forgive Chandra dev at any cost, he hurt my mother and now I wont take my curse back. ganesh goes. Kartikeya says what happened to ganesh?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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