Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudhama reaches kashi.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudhama with his siblings reaching the city of kashi. Sudhama and his siblings are happy and sudhama says look brother and sister, this city kashi is so beautiful, we finally reached here. sudhama says lets go to river ganga and drink its holy water. As sudhama bends down to take the water from the river, 2 brahmins come and push him behind. Sudhama falls down and says what happened? The Brahmin says who are you? what caste is yours? You cannot drink water from river ganga until you tell us your caste. Sudhama says but what is caste got with it? everything in the world is for humans equally. Brahmins say now you will teach us? Sudhama says I have come here to meet rishi brahmanand, I am shudra caste! The brahmins say we will take you to rishi brahmanand, he will punish you well. The brahmins takes sudhama and his siblings to the ashram of rishi brahmanand!
Rishi brahmanand says you are a shudra caste and you dared to touch the holy water of ganga with your filthy hands! Sudhama says but rishi who said a shudra cannot drink water from ganga river? Rishi brahmanand says without my permission no shudra can touch the water of ganga river. Sudhama says but rishi why does anyone need your permission? Did mata ganga say that a shudra cannot drink water from her river? Did gods say shudra’s are not allowed equal rights as the other people? Everything is made equally for all humans rishi and every animal and human has right to it. rishi brahmanand gets angry and says how dare you say that to me! Sudhama says I did not mean to insult you rishi, it is just that all humans can share what mother nature has provided to us. Rishi says why have you come here sudhama?
Kanha radha and balram come to all people in the village. The people are asking for things from pondrik as pondrik fulfills it without any hesitation. Pondrik says I am your bhagwan so mu disciples you can ask for anything you want. A man asks for new clothes and pondrik gives it to him, another woman asks for food and pondrik provides it to her. The people praise pondrik and say bhagwan pondrik ki jai! Kanha says to radha and balram, I have a plan, we can convince the people of pondrik’s lies and his fake teachings. Kanha goes to some men with radha and balram.
Damodar and some men are eating food and drinking milk. Kanha says people, who gave this food? Damodar says bhagwan pondrik gave it to us that without doing any karma! Kanha says how is that possible? You all are doing karma. A man says how kanha? Kanha says damu kaka, just see, is the food and milk coming into your mouths itself? the men say no. kanha says you all are using your hands to pick it and eat it and also to drink milk, then you all are doing the karma of using your hands to take the food and drink milk. The men agree. Kanha says the real fun is when the milk flows into your mouth when asked and food comes into your mouth itself, pondrik may have taught you wrong things, you should go and ask him about this. Damodar says kanha is right, lets go people.
Sudhama tells the rishi, I have come here to become a Brahmin. Brahmanand says but you cannot because you are a shudra. Sudhama is sad and says my parents died for me, they sacrificed themselves so that I could become a Brahmin, it was their last dying wish that I become a Brahmin and if I don’t fulfill it then I will have failed as a son. Rishi brahmanand says sudhama I cannot do anything, you have to go from here. sudhama cries and says rishi there must be one way at least, please help me I beg before you. rishi says okay sudhama, there is one way, you have to go and punish at least 2 people of shudra caste if they do any sin of making a place of holy water impure by touching it or using it. this way you will become holy. Sudhama says for my parents last wish, I will do that.
Kanha radha and balram go with the people. The people say to pondrik, bhagwan you told us we are not doing any karma and you will do everything for us but we are doing the karma of picking the food and taking milk by our hands are we are doing karma of chewing and eating. You should do that for us as well, only then we may not be doing any karma. Pondrik is confused and says but how can I do that for you all? You have to do it yourself. Nand comes and says the people are right, you are teaching us lies then. Kanha says yes pondrik bhagwan, please tell everyone what to do? Because if they are picking food by their hands then they are doing karma and what you told everyone was a lie. All people ask pondrik. Pondrik gets angry on kanha and thinks what kansa told him about kanha, that he is Vishnu and is very smart and you cannot outsmart him so be careful. Pondrik removes his flute and starts playing it, all people fall into the trap of sweet music and say so beautiful this music is! Kanha gets angry.

Precap: sudhama tells 2 men that his govinda is his prabhu and he will say anything for him. the men say is it this statue? Show us as well if you govinda can speak. Sudhama prays to kanha to speak from the statue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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