Dev (Colors) 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev finds Mahek

Dev (Colors) 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kinjal comes to a house. She thinks if she is doing something wrong? She rings bell and recalls her prostitution days, she recalls Dev worried about Mahek. Kinjal thinks I have to help Dev. She recalls criminal asking her to come to his flat. She rings bell, he asks her to come inside. She goes in.

Dwani says to Apa that you called me and told me about pendrive, Apa says I dont remember anything. Dwani says dont take stress, try to remember if something happened that day? Apa says why are you asking that? Dwani says we have to find that pendrive. Apa says I remember mirror pieces.. some scented candles.

Dev comes to police station and sees Prakash’s photo on Narvekar’s table. Dev sees him as police informer, he thinks that Prakash might tell me about Mahek.

Kinjal comes out of criminal’s house and cries. She feels filthy.

Dev follows Prakash. Prakash is walking on road after drinking tea. Dev stops his car and says Prakash? He grabs him and beats him. She puts Prakash in his car and leaves.

Kinjal is silent. Narvekar asks if she is fine? Kinjal says yes, you came home late? Narvekar says an old case is still open, I have to finish it.

Dwani comes to Mahek’s house. She says I know till Dev doesnt see Mahek’s truth, he wont believe anything against her. She says to officer that I have to take clothes for Apa. She goes in house.

Dev makes Prakash wake up, he says you are police informer but you work for Munim. Prakash says I dont know which Munim. Dev asks where is Mahek? Prakash says I dont know any Mahek. Dev beats him and asks him to tell about Mahek. Prakash runs from there. He comes on road and a truck hits him, he dies. Dev takes his phone.

Scene 2
Kinjal gets Mahek’s abduction address. She goes to that house and sees goons planted there. She hides and looks from window, she sees Mahek lying in a room. she takes her picture and sends it to Dev. Dev gets Kinjal’s message with Mahek’s picture, he gets address of location too.

Dev comes to location where Mahek is. He silently beat some goons. Kinjal is hiding there too. Dev goes in house. Kinjal says thank God, Dev will find his Mahek now. Flashback shows criminal trying to force himself on her but Kinjal pushes him away, He says you want help and showing attitude? you will not leave from here till I enjoy with you. Kinjal breaks a bottle and points at him, she says I will kill you, where is Mahek? Criminal says I searched for her, I got to know about the address but I dont know anything else, he tells her address, she pushes him away and leaves from there.

Dwani is searching for pendrive in Mahek’s room. She comes to store room and sees some scented candles in a box. She finds pendrive there.

Dev comes in a room, he sees Mahek lying there. Dev says Mahek wake up, I am here, nothing will happen to you. Narvekar comes there with his men, he says whats the hurry? his men point gun at him. Narvekar says yes I did all this, law will not punish Mahek but I will. Dev recalls this was all your plan? putting Munim’s message on wall and making me busy with Koten’s case, Narvekar says you think all are fool and I took advantage of that. Dev says well played, I never thought you would be such a jerk, he tries to attack him but Narvekar makes him faint.

Dev is tied to a chair and Narvekar’s man points gun at him. Dev wakes up and says I have seen many wolves but no one like you, you didnt even spare Apa. Narvekar says I can never hurt Apa, it was an accident, I am just interested in Mahek, whoever was involved in Meera’s case, I will finish that person, I didnt finish my investigation, I wanted one proof against Mahek and I found it Jayant’s phone. Flashback shows Narvekar found some call recording in his phone in which Mahek asked Jayant to handle Meera. Narvekar says I asked mahek a lot but she always lied but today I will finish this story. Mahek is lying unconscious there. Narvekar points gun at her. Dev says Mahek is pregnant, you are not doing right. Narvekar says I will finish this case file today, I am doing the right thing, Meera will get justice when Mahek is finished. Dev beats his men and tries to stop Narvekar. Some shot is fired.

PRECAP- Narvekar is in hospital, he says to commissioner that Dev was present there, I tried to stop but he shot me without any warning.
Mahek says to officer that I can never believe that Dev shot Narvekar without any reason and left from there. Officer says Dev shot him and ranaway, Dwani is missing with him, we have warrant against them. Mahek says Dwani?
A man is shown kidnapping a girl, he leans in to her and then takes out knife to cut her throat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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