je suis toujours là pour toi – Part 2 – ‘I am pregnant’


soon rikara reached their new home. slowly om made gauri walk in their new house.

om: i know that this is not perfect but just give me a few months and i will buy a new house for us.

gauri: omkaraji, don’t worry. as long as i have you, i don’t care about anything else.

om smiles at this gift god gave him and kissed her forehead then om carefully took her to one room where they would be sleeping in.

rikara’s room:

om carefully took gauri’s nosering off, then her headlet, soon gauri had no jewelry on her and om started to leave trail of kisses on her neck. slowly he took her veil off and was about to take off her sari when just then gauri felt giddy once again. she all of a sudden fell into om’s strong arms.

om: gauri! gauri, wake up!

she didn’t wake. om quickly went in the kitchen and got a glass of water. he sprinkled some on gauri and she slowly fluttered her eyelids.

gauri: omk….omkaraji?

om: shh gauri, no talking.

he lifts her up in bridal style and places her on the bed. he quickly called a doctor and soon she came.

om was told to get out of the room so he was waiting impatiently and five minutes later, the doctor came out with a smile on her face.

om: doctor, what happened to my wife?

doctor: ask her yourself.

om was confused as he escorted the doctor to the door. then he quickly went to gauri and found her smiling as well. as soon as she saw om coming, she sat up but om stopped her.

om: no need gauri.

gauri: you know?

om: know what?

gauri in mind: this is going to be fun! (talking) omkaraji, i want juice.

om: what?

gauri: yes. mujhe ko juice chaya. at least get me some, it won’t kill you.

om to himself: kamal hai! she fainted, both she and doctor are smiling and now she wants me to give her juice.

he was about to go for the juice but gauri stopped him.

gauri: i was pulling your leg na.

om: seriously?

gauri: yeah so?

om smacked his forehead and gauri giggles.

om: accha no joke now. tell me why you fainted and what did doctor say?

gauri: you see….. you and i…… i……you……voh………(she took a deep breath) i’m pregnant.

‘i’m pregnant’ echoed in the room. om was speechless. he was also shocked.

om’s pov:

am i deaf or did i actually hear it properly? gauri…….. gauri is…….. gauri is pregnant? this is the best news i have ever heard in my life.

no one’s pov:

gauri: omkaraji, what happened?

om: will i be a good father?

tears rolled down his cheek. gauri cupped his face and wiped his tears.

gauri: omkaraji, who said you won’t be a good father?

om: meri past.

gauri kisses his forehead and says: meri jataderi, i know that your past was scary but you are not your father. you are you, meri jataderi aur meri nandi bel. i know that you will be such a good papa.

om kept his hand on her stomach and said: baby, i know that my past with my so called father was not a good one but baby, i promise that unlike that devil, i will always be there for you, every step you take i will support you, every worry just share it with me. but princess, come quick na.

gauri: princess? no no it will be a prince.

om: very funny! it will be a princess, long hair like yours, beautiful moon eyes like yours, fair pearly skin like yours.

gauri: and i want a prince. black orbs like yours, broad shoulders like you, strong like you.

both laugh and om kissed gauri’s not yet visible baby bump and then her lips.

so how was this?

decided not to give a precap as not always necessary to give precap 🙂

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