je suis toujours là pour toi – Part 3 – New characters

The next day:

Om woke up seeing gauri sleeping like a little puppy. He tightened his grip around her small baby bump as he lovingly adored his sleeping beauty. She sleepily said: omkaraji…..

Om: shhh gauri. Don’t say anything. Sleep all you want.

He kisses her forehead and with one hand, caressed her long curls.

Om: do you need anything? Water? Milk? Chocolate?

Gauri still asleep: milk…..

Om: ok, I will go and get it.

He was about to get up when gauri opened her eyes and said: don’t leave me na.

Om: arre I am just getting milk.

Gauri: I don’t need it right now.

Om: you don’t but my child does.

Gauri smiles at his caring nature and she allows him to leave just so he could get milk.

A minute later:

Om came back in the room with a glass of milk when gauri said sweetly: no milk. I want juice.

Om: arre lekin….

Gauri politely interrupting: not juice. I want ice cream.

Om: arre gauri, I got to get a job today and that is not going to happen with you wanting something very two seconds!

Gauri: omkaraji, sorry. Accha give me milk.

Om smiles at her cuteness and makes her drink milk. Once done, he went to put the glass away and comes back to the room so that he could change and go.

Once he was changed in a simple full sleeved white shirt and his blue jeans, he saw gauri pouting sadly. He goes to his wife and hugs her tight.

Om: gauri, what’s wrong?

Gauri: don’t go.

Om: but I have to. At least not for us, think of the little life you are carrying.

Gauri looks up at her tall husband and says: fine go but whilst you are out, get me ice cream.

Om kisses the top of her head and says: accha fine baba. Which flavour?

Gauri: chocolate.

Om: fine, I’ll get you chocolate.

Om breaks the hug and goes out of the flat leaving gauri alone.

Gauri: now he left me alone. What should I do?


Om was waiting for someone to ask him to come in the interview room. Yes interview. He was hoping to work at this office for the time being so he could support his wife and child especially his child’s education.

Person 1: Mr omkara Kumar (he changed his surname), do come in.

Om: ji.

He goes in the room where he saw the boss of the office and a few more important people of the office.

Boss: sit down please.

Om nods and sits on the seat provided.

Boss: so we will ask you a few questions. Hope you don’t mind answering them?

Om: I don’t mind. Do ask.

Boss: first question tell me about yourself.

Om: I am omkara Kumar and I am 20 years old. I come from Mumbai but thought to settle down in Chandigarh with my wife and hone wala baccha. Earlier I was an artist but decided to try business.

Boss: ok. Next question why do you need this job?

Om: you see I had a few problems with my father and I left my house with my wife so I need this job to support my wife along with my child.

A few questions later:

Boss: last question, are you passionate about this job?

Om was silent. Of course he wasn’t passionate about business, his only passion was art. Just art. Since he was little, art was his only solace of happiness and once Gauri entered his life, his solace of happiness shone brighter.

Boss: I can tell that you mr Omkara Kumar is not at all passionate about business. You don’t have to say anything, your silence says everything. I don’t think that you are suitable for this job. I am very sorry.

Om: but……

Boss interrupting: but what? You were an artist, just looking at you I can tell that your only passion is art, just art. I suggest that if you want a job, get a job which suits your passion. You can go!!

Om sadly goes out of the room, out of the building and was on the roads thinking of what to do now. He couldn’t think properly and decided to go back to his wife. Maybe all he needed was another beautiful night with her.

Unfortunately it came back to his mind that he couldn’t fulfill his desires on Gauri as she was pregnant. He went back to his flat, opened the door and was shocked seeing what was in front of his eyes.

He could see colourful clothes on the floor and a sewing machine.

Om: Gauri??

Gauri: ji?

Gauri came back with another woman. Both were holding a glass of water in their hands each and they were happily chatting.

Gauri: and this is my husband, omkaraji.

Girl: hi Omkara, I’m Sonakshi. But please call me Sona.

Om:hi. Gauri?

Gauri: ji?

Om: what is going on? Why are all these clothes on the floor? This sewing machine and how did you meet sona?? Can you kindly explain???

Gauri: you see sona heard that we are her new neighbours so she came to give a welcoming gift and it was a sewing machine. I know how to use a sewing machine so I thought to make a few clothes to sell and sona kindly helped.

Om: but you are pregnant, why did you work? Sona, couldn’t you stop her??

Sona: you’re pregnant Gauri?

Om: she didn’t tell you?

Sona shook her head and Gauri gives a very innocent face.

Sona: why did you not tell me Gauri?

Gauri: if I said then you wouldn’t let me work.

Om and Sona smacks their forehead and Gauri gives her cutest face that no one couldn’t stay mad at her long.

Om: fine Gauri, I will let you off just this once.

Gauri smiles.

Om: but why did you decide to make these clothes to sell?

Sona: I think I should go. Bye Gauri, bye Omkara see you soon.

Rikara: bye.

Sona goes.

Gauri: I made some clothes to sell to support us. You know that I don’t care about money but I want our child to have the best education and I want our child to enjoy life the way I couldn’t. I never had an education when I urged for one and I want my child to have one.

Om gets emotional and hugs Gauri tight.

Gauri: that job interview?

Om: didn’t get it.

Gauri: how come?

Om tells Gauri everything and Gauri hugs her husband tight saying: everything will be fine.

Precap: a little ray of hope for rikara.




new characters:

Why not? ??

Why not? ??

Devrath a.k.a dev dixit, age: 27: husband of sona and father of two. He is a businessman and is a sweet man.

Shubh, age: 7 months: the youngest child of devakshi. He is so cute and a little cheeky.

Sonakshi ya Sona, age: 26: she is a nutritionist but designing is a hobby, wife of dev and is very sweet

Sonakshi ya Sona, age: 26: she is a nutritionist but designing is a hobby, wife of dev and is very sweet.

Suhana, age: 6: eldest daughter of devakshi, very cute and cheeky. Loves her family.

Note shivika have a son who is 2 months old called Sanjay

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