Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: KK’s Lies and Mind Game Against Siddhanth

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri reminisces KK’s warning to kill Siddhanth if he does not back off and addresses her husband Prabhakar’s photo that she does not want to risk Siddhanth’s life and does not want any revenge from KK Reddy. Sweety’s friend calls Siddhanth and informs that Sweety had given him task to find out about Krishnamurthy and gather evidence against KK, he found enough evidence against KK, but does not want his name to be involved as KK is very dangerous and killed even Sweety. He sends Kirshnamurthy’s address. Siddhanth walks out ready and informs Gayatri that he got evidence against KK and is going to meet Krishnamurthy whose daughter KK kidnapped and has kept hostage to hide his crime. Gayatri asks to show that address. He gives his mobile. She reminisces KK’s warning and breaks mobile. Siddhanth asks why did she break his phone, how will he prove KK a culprit, he killed Prabhakar and Sweety. Gayatri says she does not want to lose him, he will not talk about revenge in this house. Siddhanth insists to tell what happened. She informs that KK threatened to kill Siddhanth like Prabahth and Sweety if he does not back off. Siddhanth angrily walks away closing door saying how dare KK is to threaten his mother. Anushka, Gayatri, and Purva try to stop him in vain.

Siddhanth reaches KK’s house. Guards stop him and say Rao ordered not to let Siddhanth in. Siddhanth warns them to dare stop him. They try to catch him. He thrashes them, takes their gun and warns to back off. He then walks into home and points gun at KK. Shrikanth and Karthik cover KK and ask why he is misbehaving with appa. Siddhanth says KK killed his father and crossed his limits by threathing his mother. Nita asks why will KK kill Prabhakar and threaten Gayatri, he will not spare KK today. KK asks his sons to move back, let him see what Siddhanth does. Rao tries to catch Siddhanth, but Siddhanth punches and throws him away and warns to back off, else dog will die before its boss. Anushya rushes in and stands in front of KK and warns Siddhanth to kill her before killing KK and asks if he is the same Siddhanth who followed his father’s principles and took oath to fight lawfully. Siddhanth throws gun and cries what did Sweety do, why did KK killed him. Guards head to catch Siddhanth, but Anushka warns to dare not touch him. KK says Siddhanth is mistaken, why would he threaten his mother or kill Sweety, he should be in peace and let him be in peace or get evidence first and then speak. Siddhanth challenges him to proof within 24 hours and leaves. Anushka runs behind him.

Anushka asks Siddhanth what happened to him. Siddhanth asks how dare KK is to threaten his mother. Anushka says KK is her father and he cannot misbehave with KK. Siddhanth challenges he will get proof within 24 hours, till then she should stay at KK’s house supporting him. Anushka walks back to KK and asks if he really threatened Gayatri. KK lies why would he, if she thinks so. She says she does not but, what about Gayatri’s tears. KK says Siddhanth made a big mistake by alleging him, now he will prove himself innocent and Siddhanth wrong, if Siddanth is wrong, Anushka will not go back to Siddhanth’s house.

Precap: Anushka her sister-in-law if appa is proved wrong or Siddhanth, she will be at loss both ways. Siddhanth warns Roa to expose KK’s crime himself or be ready to die.

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  1. oh wow!! amazing epi…… ab toh age ke epi me bohot maza ayega……..
    but its really sad ki y show ab bas 2 weeks ka hi mehman hai…. uske baad off air ho ra h show…..
    kyuki 3rd sept se KBC start ho ra hai @ 9 pm

    1. Not good this show should stay longer very interesting and amazing show i have ever watched brilliant acting and great story why can’t go more than 500 episode like Ekta ballji ?

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