Rise of the Dark Shade… (Kumkum Bhagya) Chapter 8

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When you moved towards rage you find some unexpected things happening behind you…. you forget every relation practically and move towards the only motive you want to get completed so did I… I never thought that compelling my plan will lead to an unexpected twist in a tale…. that I can’t reveal but something is  there which you people will get to know, it is so hard to see King dying looking me in such situation and specially when you saw a man practically dying for you beside your man who is just busy to blame you for nothing…. He was with me and he is with me beside him I can’t see anything not even Abhishek Prem Mehra… where he could be, Only thinking that How can I do this to myself…. let him remain in the trauma and let me move to the peace and let drama move without me but not without me…. from now on wards you will meet me but will not meet me….”

Scene was still the same Pragya was being taken to hospital with full silence and only sound which can be heard are heartbeats of various person being in trauma… King who was getting mad with passing each second witnessing those red  blood stains on her dress which were getting larger just because the blood oozing wasn’t stopping, Kiara who witnessed all the scenario and Abhi who was still trying to figure out why Pragya smirked over before getting hit… did she done all this intentionally if yes then why!!!


Everyone was waiting outside the operation Theater still lost in thoughts that within couple of seconds how and what does this happened…. There King was waiting and worshiping all the time for the well being of Pragya…. he was still facing the situation in which he was seven years back…. where Pragya tried to commit sueside and he rescued her it took about a year to come out of that major injury specially when Kiara was in her womb it was hard to survive but still she saved her child….” the doctor came out and King too from his chain of thoughts…. He asked about Pragya and it was a shock for him and other what he heard from doctor as he said that Pragya went in coma… King came out of his shock when Kiara shook him she was asking “Dada what did they mean… what is coma?? what happened to Mumma?”, King wiping her tears trails replied “It means Mumma is taking a long nap so that she can recover, she will hear you she will be able to feel you but she will not be able to respond…”, Kiara started crying when she heard that her mumma is not going to reply her anymore for the long time thats when she remembered something and then she went back to Abhi and pointing her finger on him said “its because of him…. he is the bad omen for us dada he is the one…..”, Abhi was hell shocked to hear that and King pacifying her said “what are you saying Kiara please dont say like this, it sounds so rude” Kiara not listening to him continued… “Belive me dada he is the one from the day he entered our lives everything is getting worse first he claimed himself to be my father and tried to take me away from you then again he was the one who was with mumma when this accident happened he was the one dada after meeting him mummy faced this accident he is the one who turned out to be unlucky for our family just go from here leave this place and leave this place just leave….” Abhi was hell shocked to hear that King somehow managed to control Kiara and left the place for a while.

Here in case of ABhi!! a tear dropped from his eye listening such harsh words from Kiara and then the past started taking rewind mode…. He remembered what he said to Pragya and how she must have felt, he held his face in his palms and then a flashback started where he badmouthed Pragya about her presence and her luck, he was broken by now and all the words roaming around in his mind were “what the hell I did” he was cursing himself looking at Pragya and then remembered the accident scene where she said to him last time “sometimes Past only make you realize your mistakes and shows what you have lost and how,” and actually it was happening…. he wiped off his tears and left the place being lost in guilt that what he did with her…. it was obvious for her to choose someone who care for her….

King leaving Kiara at home came back to Pragya and looking her in that state he called her name and just left seated there looking at her face remember her smiling and happy faces few hours ago… there marriage which happened secretly in court yesterday and thinking all those moments he held her hand and rested his head over her hand….


King rushed inside his house and rushed towards his room holding the telephone he dialed a number and yelled at the person “I knew it will be you what the hell was necessary to do this…. your evil plan took my wife to the coma damn it… your plan was just to pretend an accident so how this all happened why you didnt took any precaution for the same why the hell you didnt performed any safety measures…. now all this hell crap of yours took my life to coma…” Another side a person was shown in hood fully dark and replied “it was her plan only and I just implemented it nothing else and more over…. stop your emotions because we have to play our last card” saying so the person hanged up the call and here King threw the telephone in rash holding his head and screamed “Why….. Pragyaaaa….. Why….” here another side the person called someone and said “its time to show your face to everyone dear come back and start rocking everyone’s life” there on another side a girl is shown saying “ofcourse”

After Two days

At King’s Residence

A girl shown entering into the house just when King was doing breakfast with Kiara…. She looked at her and Ran towards her shouting “Mummaaa….. you are fine” The girl turned out to be Pragya and King is shown with no expression on his face just an expression of disgust and said “Not you again…..” and the girl was shown smirking over him.

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