Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishab comes to police station to save Karan

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Sameer tells Rishab that Karan has been accused of molestation. Rishab leaves in the car while Sameer apologetically follows. Prithvi and Sherlin mock them from behind and celebrate the destruction of Karan.
At the police station the inspector throws water over Karan’s face. He wakes up and looks around out of shock, media and police crowed them. Manisha witness to the police that she was Karan’s fan and met him for the first time in the party. He got comfortable with her for a while and insisted her to take a drink. She had forbidden him but he himself got drunk. He then asked her to help him to his bedroom, forced her in the room and touched her illicitly. Karan resisted the accusations and blamed her being a liar. The police inspector warns him to keep his mouth shut. Karan begins shouting to clarify himself. Manisha blames Karan for attempt to rape. Karan was taken inside by the police.
In the car, Prithvi and Sherlin enjoys footages from hotel when Karan was being taken. Sherlin was excited and wished to go inside and see Karan’s condition with their own eyes. Prithvi reminds Sherlin she is Karan’s sister in law and must at least pose being sad. He himself wished to go inside the jail, Sherlin doesn’t let him go in. They play a live talk show where Karan was the topic of argument.
The hotel management come to find the board of ‘work in progress’ and wonders who placed it there. He finds the washroom door locked and opens it for Preeta. Preeta hurries outside and finds asks the doctor if he has checked Karan. The doctor inquires Preeta if she is unaware of what happened here. Preeta doesn’t listen to him and cluelessly moves towards the room where police was sealing the room. They tell Preeta that Karan has been kidnapped on charges of molestation. Preeta was tensed.
Rishab reaches the police station. Prithvi and Sherlin bend their heads down to hide themselves as his car passes by. Rishab hurries into the police station and goes straight to meet Karan in jail.
In the car, Prithvi mocks a media reporter and questions Sherlin what she thinks will happen to Karan now and what will Rishab be capable of.
In the lockup, Karan was tensed and explains to Rishab that he didn’t do anything wrong. He isn’t even lying. Rishab assures Karan he believes him and is sure Karan can’t go so cheap. In front of media outside, Rishab clarifies to the media personnel and the police that Karan is clean and always holds a distance with girls. He was sure he is being trapped and this girl is a part of this filthy plan against his reputation. The media and police were insistent that Rishab can’t bring any proof of Karan’s innocence. He asks Manisha to tell the police this is all a trap. He assures he will save Manisha’s life as well and joins his hands in front of her. The police forbids Rishab to deter the girl. Manisha begins crying. Rishab convince Manisha that his brother didn’t do anything wrong and is innocent, he requests her to witness in favor of his brother and get him freed. The police inspector orders an arrest for Rishab. Rishab shouts at everyone to put off the camera, this police have turned the law as a joke. They are protecting the false accuser and has trapped the one who is innocent. He charges over the police inspector egregiously and was sent to lock up with Karan. Karan calms Rishab down. Rishab says he couldn’t take Karan out of the jail so he himself came inside and hugs Karan.

PRECAP: The family was shocked to know Rishab and Karan were both in lock up. Preeta and Shrishti hear some men discuss that Karan had a number of girlfriends, he must have attempted this molestation. Preeta comes to Karan’s defense at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This shit will never end…i hv stopped watching for long time and now i think i should stop reading updates too. Really frustrating to see boring streching drama….wen will such shit end

    1. Agree with you 100% this is unadulterated shit of the highest level but then one cannot expect nothing from writers of a country where evil is made to look good. But then everything that Ekta Kapoor and zee produces is usually a ball of shit arse nonsense that they try to pass off as relationship. It makes me wonder how these actors can act these parts are they so desperate for work that they cant do better. Dumb morons.

    2. Same goes on with Kumkum Bhagya. Getting so foolish

  2. It takes forever for the bad guys to get caught, but so easy for the good guys to get trapped. I hope they would get cctv evidence of Prithvi , Sheringham and Manish in the hotel and arrest them for good including for their past crimes. Like the serial but Sick of the slow pace. Especially how the bad guy always win.
    I mean each Time Karen tries to call the cops for Prithvi , number busy etc but Prithvi can reach the cops fast

  3. Smita Kothari

    This show is going down so badly. What is writer thinking. All the hotel room should have phone. Why Preeta left karen alone and went down stairs. bakwas story. need to bring new show.

  4. Question what amazes me us that the writers and producers do not take into consideration the views expressed by viewers. These serials are all the same as far as the plots are concerned. Its beneath the dignity of intelligent folk to have to put up with this shit day in day out for years and nothing changes except that they become more shitty with every episode. Come on wake up and produce serials of taste and good entertainment.

  5. These shows only show innocent people going to jail and criminals broaming scott free. When will these shows change.

  6. Linthoi Thongam

    I agree with you all guys . In fact I already stop watching this show except reading for updates. But I think it’s right time for me to stop reading updates too cos it’s rlly irritating n totally rubbish.

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