Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -15)

Here is the last chapter:

The pleasing breeze hit me and I closed my eyes inhaling it. Besides the fragrance of the beautiful flowers it had her fragrance. The sound of the water made me smile and my heart relaxed back in it’s cage like a long fought soldier.

There are very few things in our life which make our heart relax just by their presence and Ragini’s presence was one such. I always felt that heavenly feeling while I see her beautiful smile seeing me at the door and that twinkling eyes flashing her happiness to find me right there in front of her.

“This is so beautiful” I heard Ragini’s voice and it just calmed my mind more. I don’t know how was she named Ragini but her voice was melodious so much that it always soothed me whenever it fell on my ear diaphragms and my heart created it’s own music matching with it.

I opened my eyes and turned my gaze towards her. She had that huge grin on her face and innocence of a child who gets excited seeing everything around it. My contracted lips stretched again and flashed the happiness my heart felt.

We walked further towards the lake to find a suitable spot to settle down for a picnic. In the age of shopping freak women I have found one who likes to spend her time just with me, sitting beside me and watching just the time to pass.

She spread the cloth and arranged all the items over it and I helped her to do so. We had our breakfast and moved towards the lake to enjoy the view before it turns sunny.

Other than being my wife’s favorite pillow my new favorite thing nowadays is when she entangles her finger with mine and makes me feel how we complete each other and are incomplete without each other.

Tightening my grip over her hand I moved with her. We sat looking at the lake which reflected the blue colour of the sky. She placed her head over my shoulder and as usual my heart started thumping. She placed her hand over my chest and I flung my hand across her shoulder.

She adjusted her head on my chest and I looked towards the lake. It was really amazing feeling. Neither of us wanted the time to pass nor did we wanted to speak and disturb that weirdly pleasing silence which had only the sound of our heart beats.

In between I pecked her forehead and she snuggled smiling to my touch. I loved that fruity fragrance of her hair. As the days were passing I don’t know how am I becoming so addicted to her.

My days start with her beautiful smile and end with her warm hugs. Life looks so complete now. It looks like I was searching answer to all my prayers and she is in my life just as that.

I never knew I will find someone with whom being silent will also please me to this extent.

Slowly we felt the heat of the growing day. After collecting all the picnic items we walked towards our car. I stopped the car outside the hotel. We moved inside and settled on a table.

Ragini was looking at the menu and while deciding she placed her thumb near her lips biting them. Damn she looked so cute I wanted to kiss her right then.

Looking around I caressed my neck and controlled my feelings right now. She ordered a North Indian thali and I ordered a kulcha and paneer gravy.

After the food I ordered her favorite ice cream which she ate like a small kid. I really get amazed how this girl changes her behavior in fraction of seconds  and makes me fall in love even deeply.

After paying the bill we walked out of the restaurant and drove to the movie hall. I had already booked a ticket.

Guess what in my late twenties I am watching ‘Frozen’. I was the victim of few grannies  glares who had come to the movie theater with their grand children.

I told you my wife behaves cute and mature at the same time zone. Last when I was given such glares in a movie theater was when I had been with Laksh to watch Minions.

Ragini clapped happily looking at the screen and grabbed some pop corns. Her eyes had the happiness and I did not mind those amusing glares in return to this beautiful lady’s breathtakingly charming smile.

She wiped her tears just at the climax. I made her head rest on my shoulder and consoled her. I literally do this very often now. Specially when she watches Kal Ho Na Ho or any emotional movies. As much I hate those movies which make her cry I cannot deny the fact she looks adorable with those pink nose and cute lips.

We moved out of the theater and she did not stop talking about the movie. I was all smiles remembering how she will react for the next surprise which is actually the one because I haven’t told her.

“Where are you driving in this direction. We are on the opposite direction” she said and I just smiled at her while she looked puzzled.

Finally I halted the car where I really was waiting to go. I have been doing arrangements for this from quite a few days now.

The cushion on the sand of the beach was the only thing on that deserted beach. I texted Laksh a thank you and looked at Ragini.

She had not removed those hands away from her mouth still amazed at the view. There were rose petals across it.

I forwarded my hand and she placed her palm over it and I felt electricity running through my veins transferring all the excitement she felt right now.

I made her sit and sat beside her. The waves were hitting the sand and playing a symphonic music and we were lost in that charming moment.

“Happy Anniversary Biwi” I whispered kissing the side of her head. She smiled blushing. “I thought  you forgot” she looked into my eyes.

“Do you think I will forget the day you entered my life and became mine for forever” I looked into her deep eyes.

Her eye lashes dropped with shyness and I stared at her pink lips while she bit the lower petal.

I couldn’t help but crash my lips on hers.

I couldn’t define how it felt. Every single time our lips met I felt new. I wish I had no lungs so that I could kiss her for forever. But I gave up to the craving of my lungs for oxygen and departed taking a deep breath only to meet her lips again.

She blushed placing her head on my chest. We looked at the starlit sky. It was beautiful really beautiful. Anything I do her being beside me was beautiful.

“Thank you” she whispered in my ears driving me crazy. Gosh what is she. She doesn’t leave a chance to amaze me and crave for more.

It’s been a year of togetherness. And I can say one thing this was the best year of my life. When I had her all for myself beside me may be just silent but she was there.

Though we did not wanted to leave that place but the increasing tides made us to walk away. I halted the car reaching the apartment.

I saw Ragini she was sleeping peacefully wearing my jacket. I kept staring her for a good amount of time.

Without disturbing her sleep I picked her up in my arms and walked to our apartment. She laid her head aligning to my chest dangling her hands across my neck.

I placed her slowly on the bed and she turned to face my side waiting for her favorite pillow. As I lied down on the bed sensing my presence she moved to me to cuddle in my embrace.

I kissed her forehead lovingly. Thank you Ragini for coming in my life and making it a worth living.

I looked at her peaceful face.

Caressing her hair strands I remembered those lyrics.

Maine chode hai Baaki Saare Raste Bass Aaya hu tere pass re
Merei Ankho me tera naam hai pehchan le
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baatho ki ek baath hai Mai na javunga tujhe kabhi chodke yeh jaan le

Oh karam Khudaya hai tera pyar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi tho mujhe jeena aaya hai
Oh tere sang yaara kush rang bahara
Tu raath diwani mai zard sitara…..

Sleep finally covered me in her warm embrace I just wanted to melt like the wax melts to the heat.

I woke up to the pricking sunlight and looked around. Ragini was still in my embrace. She had her mouth opened a bit and I couldn’t help but admire her cute morning face. Just like a small kid she slept without any worries.

Something suddenly pricked my hand and I found her purse. Good time to check your wife’s purse. Exactly when the lioness was in deep slumber. I looked inside it. Some touch up things and a few papers.

My eyes caught an envelop. I looked at it furrowing my eye brows. I was about to take it from my other hand but Ragini woke up.

Damn I’m so gone today. She opened her eyes not pleased. She hated when I disturbed her sleep. “What are you doing?” she looked at me with her half open eyes. I immediately hid the purse behind me and gave a boyish grin to her.

“Nothing” she moved her head back on my chest and this time her hands moved to my back. I squeezed my eyes when I realized she touched her poky purse. Damn.

Mr Sanskar Maheshwari be ready for Mrs. Maheshwari’s wrath now. “Why is my purse near your back?” she looked up at me.

Sealing her lips to avoid the topic I thought of a response but my bad. I did not get any idea how to respond. “Sanskar” she whined getting up and held her purse. She looked inside it searching for something.

“Where is that?” she looked at me with her wide eyes. “What?” I feigned innocence and failed miserably. “Where is the envelop?” she looked around.

She bent behind me and tried grabbing the envelop. But I was also smart okay. So I raised my hand making it difficult for her to reach. She pounced but I moved my hand in other directions.

“What is this tell me first?” I demanded. “You did not read it?” she asked. “I was about to” I shrugged my shoulders. “Phew” she took a deep breath. “Bad manners Sanskar. First checking your wife’s purse and second reading her personal letters”she said trying to grab the letter.

I held her by her wrist and twirled making her sit on my lap. Tightly holding her I locked her not allowing to make any movements.

“Sanskar please” she whined while I nuzzled my face in her hair inhaling her fruity fragrance.

“First tell me what it is” I hugged her tight. “Fine” she gave up collapsing back.

“You gonna hate me for it” she said and I looked at her confused. “Oh common what can be in it. Divorce papers?” I mocked her.

She released herself and hopped out of the bed and stood facing me. “Actually Mr. Maheshwari. That’s what is there inside it” she looked at me.

I don’t know how deep my heart fell inside my stomach. I just stared her. “You got me there. It was really scary” I tried laughing but her face was serious.

“You don’t believe me right? Why don’t you open that by yourself” she shrugged her shoulders.

I looked at her for a moment and then at the envelop. I gulped in scared. Was she serious? My mind did not had the capacity to behave sanely then. My world felt collapsing.

She signed at the envelop when I again looked at her face. Gosh.

My fingers shivered while I slowly opened it and took out the letter. My eyes were blur due to the tears which had formed in my eyes.

My eyes went more wide while I went down the letter.

“What the hell?” I literally screamed out of mixed emotions. Oh My God Oh my my god.

“Pregnancy test positive” I looked up at Ragini and that held tear escaped my eye. “Awww” she moved to me covering me in her lovely embrace. Gosh I needed it so so much.

I hugged her tightly not wanting to let her go. “You will be the death of me some day woman” I could only whisper soaking her with the tears.

She moved her head away looking at my pink face. She moved her soft palms over my cheeks wiping those burning tears. I can’t define what I felt then.

It felt.. It felt like I just woke up from dead and realized it was dream. Gosh.., Gosh

I hugged her again so tightly I might have suffocated her right then. “Dare you play something like this with me. I assure you my heart will stop beating the very moment” I spoke with a choked up voice in between my sobs.

“I’m so sorry Pati Dev. I just wanted to surprise on our anniversary. But looking at your surprises I felt my surprise is so tiny” she said pouting.

I pecked her lips taking a sharp breath to control my emotions. “You know this is just the best thing anyone has ever given me. It’s.. It’s just priceless. I can’t tell you how happy I am coz” I chuckled wiping that tear at the edge.

“You gave me a heart attack almost so I’m still recovering” I looked at her.

She sat on my lap completely covering herself inside it and placed her head over my chest. Dangling her hands around my neck she heard the loud thumping of my heart.

What am I supposed to do now. A minute ago my world was about to collapse and now it looks like I’m in heaven which will never break.

This girl.

I covered her in my embrace and drooled like I was consoling a baby. I felt her tears on my chest.

“Hey Biwi are you crying?” I whispered kissing her hair.

“I’m so happy” she said in shaky voice. I tightened my grip over her. “I’m here. And I will always beside you” I patted her shoulder while she cuddled more crumpled in my lap.

A baby with a baby. OMG I’m going to be a Papa. OMG OMG OMG

I know I take a hell lot of time to update this but it takes more brain to write those cute moments than mystery.

As Im not well versed in this genre. So Hoping I’m not wasting your time.

Happy Bakrid

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