Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Threatens Gayatri To Kill Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK comes home. Anushka gives him clothes sent by Siddhant. KK goes to get ready. They come to Siddhant’s house. Srikant congratulates him on Riddhi’s behalf and tells that she went with Sudhanshu. Siddhant says he hopes he gets fine. Neeta asks where is Gayatri? Purva says she went to temple. Siddhant says we shall begin the ritual. Neeta says we shall wait. KK says she will come. Purva gives compliment to Karthik. He smiles and thanks her. Pandit ji says bride and groom are already booked. He asks Anushka if she wants to marry Siddhant. Siddhant says she agreed with much difficulty, and might refuse. Anushka says she wants to marry him. Pandit ji says bride’s father shall wash Siddhant’s feet, but as Kk can’t do, he asks someone from her family to wash his feet. Siddhant says I don’t want anyone to touch my feet. Pandit ji says then why did you call me if you want to decide all the rituals.

Srikant tells Pandit ji that he will do this rasam. KK says no and tells that he will do the rasam. He says he can do anything for Anushka. He washes Siddhant’s feet. Siddhant thinks I would have never made my sasur wash my feet, but as you are my father’s killer, I get peace. He says I will not forget this day. Anushka thanks KK and says you are world’s best Appa. Siddhant says even my Dad was not less than anyone. He says I am missing him. Anushka says even I am missing him. Kk asks Pandit to continue the vidhi and asks him to excuse him. Neeta says you can go. KK sits in the car and asks driver to take him somewhere. Gayatri is in the temple. KK comes there and greets Gayatri. He says I understood that you are not happy with this marriage, as you was not in the house. He says it is good that you know everything, Siddhant told you. He says even he don’t want this marriage to happen and tells that Anushka will come to the mandap, but if Siddhant comes to the mandap then he will kill him like he killed Prabhakar. Gayatri says it is good that Siddhant is not here, else he would have pulled your skin. KK asks her to go and tell Siddhant that if he marries Anushka then he will be dead. Gayatri rushes home in an auto.

Purva asks Anushka how the love happened, as Siddhant is egoistic and unromantic etc. Anushka says even I wonder the same. Siddhant asks what are you saying? Anushka says she told right. Siddhant asks Anushka to go and sends Purva to room. Gayatri reaches home. Anushka and Siddhant hold each other hand. Anushka says if you hold my hand like this then I will be ready to go with you anywhere. Gayatri comes there and looks scared. Anushka says I know you are upset with me and says situation was such that day. She is about to touch her feet , but Gayatri backs off. Anushka asks why are you angry? Gayatri asks her to ask…and then stops. She goes to house scared. Anushka leaves. Siddhant asks Gayatri why did she made Anushka cry and says she loves you and respect you. Gayatri asks him not to marry her. Siddhant says I have taken this decision with much difficulty. Gayatri says Kk can do anything and says she don’t want to lose him. Siddhant asks did someone tell you anything. Gayatri says no. Siddhant asks her not to stop him. Gayatri asks him not to go to marriage. Siddhant says your fear is unnecessary.

Neeta calls Gayatri, but she rejects her call. She finds her behavior strange. Srikant says even Siddhant is behaving strange and has resigned from Reddy Corporation. KK is surprised. Anushka comes there. Srikant and Karthik ask her if she knows. Anushka says she knows and tells that she is very proud of him. Karthik asks who will give him salary more than us and asks how she will manage with less money. Anushka says she will manage and will work for Reddy Corp. She says I am there to support Siddhant, and tells that she is sure he will manage. Neeta blesses her and asks her to support Siddhant and be like partners. Gayatri dreams of KK shooting Siddhant and panics.

Prabhakar’s soul asks Siddhant to tell truth to Anushka and says she will feel bad if you tell after marriage. Anushka asks Siddhant why Gayatri is upset and asks if he is hiding something.

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  1. Wonderful episode

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Yes, Siddhant, you need to tell Anushka the truth, do as the saying says “Speak the truth and shame the devil” Let her choose.

  3. Fenil

    Superb Episode !!

    1. Love the serial. Wait to c for other day

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