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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Shivay stops his car with a harsh creak. His face turned pale and eyes being red. All the words Anika and her family members spoke were ringing in his ears. He got inside Oberoi Mansion and looked at everyone sitting in the hall. Looking at him like this everyone stood up. “What happened to you Shivay?” Shakthi came forward and asked. He looked and scanned everyone’s face without bothering to answer the question being asked and moved forward. He without wasting a single moment rushed to his mother’s room, Pinky’s room. He got inside very slowly and looked at the sleeping small figure, an innocent smile adorned his lips as tears left the barrier of his eyes. He went close to his daughter and pulled her up very carefully in his arms without disturbing her sleep. Tianshi comfortably placed her head over his heart , he snuggled her like a gal snuggles her favourite teddy, pampered her as if the day was the last day of the mankind , cried silently as if a cyclone was about to stir up post the downpour of tears…he tried to live his future in those few moments left, when

“Why are you touching Tianshi, put her back over the bed” Pinky said but Shivay tightened his grip on Tianshi from one hand and used the other one to wipe his tears. “What is this new drama now Shivay?” Tej asked howling stepping ahead. Shivay did not bother to answer any question and  went out of the room gripping Tianshi more close to his heart. “Shivay… Shivay stop I said” Pinky called him from back but it seemed that no words got registered in his brain and he kept walking. OmRu came forward to take Tianshi from his hand but he pushed them and made his way towards the big door. While reaching the big door, he turned back and kissed over Tianshi’s head. He got up in his car and left to somewhere without letting anyone know. Everyone stood expressionless as they didn’t know what happened and what was happening. But one thing they were sure of that Shivaay will do no harm to Tianshi.

Om’s phone rang and he picked up the call instantly. He did not bother to check the caller id so he just said hello and recognised it to be Ishana from her voice. “Yes Ishana …” he moved aside while Oberoi Family members were discussing about the recent meaningless movements of Shivay few moments back. “Om…” Ishana replied and explained what all happened at their house when Shivay went to ask for Ishana’s and Soumya’s hand for OmRu.


“Okay Anika, but before everything I want to verify by myself whether they are worth of my daughter’s or not” Anika’s father replied. “Thank You so much uncle…”  Shivay uttered these words in happiness, but his happiness was short lived as  Anika spoke “but I have a condition before everything else.” Anika said and stopped. “What? What condition?” Shivay asked with a broken voice. “I want…” Anika started to say, “I want Tianshi’s custody instead” Anika said looking directly into Shivay’s eyes. This look of her pierced his heart and the tears tore apart and started to make their way down his eyes. He composed himself, gulped his grief and mumbled up “okay Anika, I will do everything as you say, but please let my brothers get their love, please I request” he requested. “I promise you Mr. Oberoi, if you allow me to take Tianshi’s custody I will allow my sister’s to become your sister-in-law” she completed and went back to her room, closing the doors behind


“Ishana, we all have hurt Shivay a lot through our plan, now we can’t let him do any other stupidity. I know Bhabhi isn’t so curt and she may be having some other plans behind all this. we are also coming to your house, don’t worry we won’t let anything go wrong again” Om hurriedly disconnected the call and went back to the hall where everyone were sitting with worries over their head. He explained everything and asked everyone to rush towards Anika’s house. All the members got on the car and Rudra drove the car towards Anika’s house.

“Anika… Anika” Shivay called aloud without ringing the door bell. Ishana opened the door and Shivay barged in while his eyes searched for Anika all over the hall. “I am here” came Anika’s voice from a corner and Shivay stopped and gazed at her. Tianshi woke up and looked around. She squealed and put her one hand over Shivay’s cheek and looked at her mother and said “maa…” Anika’s eyes filled with tears and she ran to Tianshi and took her up in her hold. Shivay looked at his daughter and then at Anika. “What… what did you say? Please say, please say again” Anika said and dropped kisses all over Tianshi’s face while completing the sentence. “Maa…” Tianshi repeated as if she understood Anika’s complicated sentence. “She called me maa… Ishana, Soumya… she called me maa” Anika said in happiness hugging Tianshi tightly and holding Tianshi close to her heart. Everyone else’s eyes too teared up looking at Anika being so happy after so many days.

“Anika… now please grant permission for Om-Ishana’s and Rudra-Soumya’s marriage” Shivay said but his eyes were stuck at Tianshi who as if got her life back after getting the touch of her mother. “Shivay…” came OmRu’s pained and guilt full voice from the door step. Shivay looked at them shocked while the entire Oberoi Family gradually went in. “Shivay, you love us so much that… that you are even ready to give away your daughter for us?” Om asked as tears betrayed his eyes. “Bhaiyaa… I have accused you, and said so many harsh words to you, please forgive me… we were just…” Rudra was to blurt out the secret plan of Shivika milan mission of Om-Ishana-Rudra-Soumya when Om cut him in middle “we just misunderstood you, please Shivay forgive us” Om folded his hands and lowered his gaze, seeing him Rudra too folded his hands and looked down. Shivay engulfed both of them in his arms and allowed his tears to flow down.

“I can sacrifice all my happiness for my brothers but if my brother sacrifices an inch of their happiness for me then I feel that my world has turned black.” he spoke and turned towards Anika and spoke ”Please for my brother’s sake, for yours OmRu’s sake, agree for the marriage” Shivay requested again folding his hands while OmRu held his hand and nodded a no. He looked back at them and faintly smiled. “I agree, your brothers will marry my sisters” she said and gave back her attention to Tianshi and started to pamper Tianshi again. “But…” Rudra said in middle grabbing everyone’s attention “but I and Soumya need time before we get married” he said blushing and she too blushed. Everyone smiled and agreed to his demand. “So shall we start Om and Ishana’s marriage preparations?” Daadi asked. Anika’s father and mother nodded happily and assured Oberoi family that Ishana’s parents would be happy to know about the alliance.

“Anika…” Pinky now went near Anika and brushed her hairs while calling her name. “Yes aunty ji” Anika said looking at Pinky. “You are looking so dull, you have not taken any care of yourself after you came here na?” Pinky scolded her caressing Anika’s face while tears streamed down both their eyes. “Aunty ji… I am fine” Anika said. Daadi and Jhanvi too went near them and started to pamper Anika and said sweet words to her. “Anika… please now return back along with us, without you the mansion is dead” Daadi said while Anika looked down as she cannot fulfil this wish of daadi. “No daadi” Anika said in a low tone. “With what rights will she go back maa ji?” Anika’s father asked. “Why? With the rights of Shivay’s wife, with the rights of Oberoi family’s daughter-in-law” Daadi said holding Anika’s hand. “Then maa ji let me tell you that… that she isn’t your granddaughter-in-law anymore” Anika’s father said eyeing Shivay and then back to daadi. “What… what do you mean?” Jhanvi asked. “Shivay has appealed for divorce and they are getting divorced soon” Anika’s father completed leaving everyone in shock.


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