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A small letter from PKJ for U
Dear VHM

We remember the first time we saw your name. It was three letters of (See more) the alphabets stringed together to create a magical and beautiful one. The story behind the name made it much more lovely and we knew it, you own a beautiful soul.

It was just a name in the beginning but then you became our favorite writer, we found happiness and inspiration in your stories and it was exceptionally written. We never thought we will share a relationship more than a writer and a reader and we will always admire from afar. But today, you are our best friend, our soul sister, our partner in crime and our mumma.

There are no words enough to explain how much we love you and how thankful we are to have you in our life. To an extent where we cannot imagine living without you, you are an amazing part of our life. We will be eternally grateful for this day because today isn't just any day but the day you came into this world like an angel and breathed for the first time.

Happy birthday.

We love all of you. It isn't only your beautiful look, awe-inspiring and amazing personality. But the little things about you too. Like the way your lips curl into a breathtakingly beautiful smile when you are happy, how you always find the best in the people, how you keep the child in your heart alive, how you always tell us what is wrong and right without any sugarcoating, how sweet and kind you are and everything about you. And maybe a little more because you gifted a princess like Akshara to the world as our little sister but not any less, because you, yourself is the best gift we could ever ask for.

Who are you to us? You are everything.

You are the Nutella to our bread, the cheese to our pizza, the chutney to our samosa, the chilli to our paneer and the sprinkles to our sundaes. You see, words cannot expresso how much you bean to us but know that we love you like how we love food and you are waffie-y cute.

Happy birthday to our momma, we wish you all the happiness in the universe and that a smile adorns your face always.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take but you are winning at it. You are the ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel, the sunrise after a long lonely night and someone who we can lean and trust at any time. You show us the right path, you frown when we do something wrong but it turns into a smile when we do it in the right way. You can change our tears into smiles with your love. You have a heart of gold and the way you care for us,  we are forever blessed to have you.

Happy birthday to our sister, miles apart but we will be always connected by heart.

Who do we share our sadness and happiness with? Who do we annoy to the moon and back? Who do we seek when life is falling apart? Who do we share our crazy and ridiculous stories with? Who do we take with us to fangirl over fictional characters? Who do we rant and whine about everything and anything?

It is you, Harika di.

You are one of the best things that happened to us. Your endless love, support, and encouragement is the reason why we are here today. You are the heart of PKJ, pagalon ki jund and we are the heartbeats. You make our soul happy and the time spends with you are always happy hours and amazing memories.

Happy birthday to our best friend, our human diary who is the sweetest and kindest.

Here is to another year of being together, lame jokes, silly fights, sleepless nights, crazy moments, keeping each other sane and many more years of friendship. We hope you know we am never going to let you go and don't ever think of getting rid of us, you are stuck with us on this journey of life forever.

We know there are no thank yous and sorrys between us but today we will make an exception, thank you so much for being there always, thank you for everything. You are imperfectly perfect and we love you.

On this day, the stars shined a little brighter to welcome you to this world. You will never be faded from our memory, you are always imprinted in our heart and soul. You deserve the world, the best, all the love and happiness and we wish you get everything, keep shining and spreading love. Stay happy, sprinkle kindness everywhere you go.

we may not be there with you to celebrate this precious day but we are always with you, in your heart and soul.

Happy birthday ❤️

 - pkj hearts you, Harika di.
This is d link for ur 3rd SUPRISE... We cant post link at insta so here is d link for ur 3rd SUPRISE...
Okkk NO CHEATING plzzzz... Ek ke baad ek hi jana...
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Prettypreeti Such a sweet bday wish!
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Nati Wow !! Such a sweet gesture
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AIHA19 Hi welcome
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IshqbaaazPagals Hello 🙂
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IshqbaaazPagals Hola Prabha darling, this is Nilanjana here, will post ISHRH on TU as well so created this account. (See ek baar me saare doubts clear kar diya 😛 )
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ItsmePrabha Darling i guessed it.. Wattpad mein issi naam pe hai na tum log..
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