Muskaan 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum reveals a truth

Muskaan 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying I have no friends here. A man says your mum used to dance so well. She says yes, she danced good like I dance in my school competition. He says everyone knows she is a bad woman. She scolds him. He says your mum will always be bad. She beats him. Tabassum comes and drags Muskaan away. Rakhi smiles. Muskaan says tell me Aarti is good, why didn’t you tell them. Tabassum says they are saying right, your mum is a bad woman. Muskaan gets shocked. She says if Aarti is bad, you all are also bad. Tabassum says we all are bad, we are not your relatives. Muskaan says you are lying, Aarti told me that you are my Nani and they all are my Maasi. Tabassum says we are just related by money, you have no relation with anyone, this is not your house, we are not your family. Muskaan cries.

Lumi worries. Tabassum says you swear on her and say you are her Maasi. Lumi cries and doesn’t swear. She goes. Muskaan asks Jaya and Suzaine to tell Tabassum that they are her aunts. Jaya goes. Suzaine hugs Muskaan. Rakhi says Suzaine isn’t Aarti’s real sister. She taunts Suzaine. Suzaine says I didn’t give birth to Muskaan, but I can give my life for her. Muskaan says swear on me. Suzaine cries and goes. Tabassum says did you see how they left, this will be your future. She scolds Muskaan. Tabassym says you will need time to digest this truth.

Muskaan cries. Chann se jo tuta…..plays….. Muskaan thinks of Aarti’s words. Sujoy gets worried for Muskaan and doesn’t get sleep. Muskaan sits crying. Muskaan thinks I will stay here, if Tabassum comes and doesn’t get me, she will get angry, I will do anything to get mumma back. Its morning, Muskaan does the work in kitchen. She hears a man telling about Aarti and gets shocked. She asks do you know my mum, take me to her. Rakhi takes her away.

Tabassum asks the matter. Rakhi locks Muskaan. Tabassum says get quiet, I will tell you, I will give this toy to you. Muskaan says I will do whatever you say. Tabassum asks her to answer her questions. Rakhi records Tabassum and Muskaan’s conversation. Muskaan says I have to tell many things to mumma. She asks Aarti to come back, she misses her a lot, no one is her relative her, she always smiles as she asked her, come back. She gets the other toy. Jaya asks the man not to complaint about Aarti, else Aarti and Muskaan won’t be able to meet. They request him. Tabassum comes and says I will come along to solve your problem. The man says you have pampered them a lot, they do much drama. Tabassum says their drama is their jewel. Muskaan says make me meet mumma, you promised me. Rakhi says I didn’t promise you, Tabassum kept the condition, ask her. Muskaan says tell me where is mumma. Rakhi says she is away from you. Aarti sits and cries seeing Muskaan’s pic.

Tabassum threatens Aarti about Muskaan’s life. Aarti tells Muskaan that she is really bad, she is a dancer. Muskaan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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