Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karthik Confesses His Love for Purva; Siddhanth Trashes Him Brutally

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karthik returns to his room and seeing room shattered asks Nupur what happened here, if there was storm. Nupur says not yet, where was he, why did not he pick her calls. He says he was busy with work. She asks if that work is Purva, he was Purva in a coffee shop. He shouts if she is spying on her. She asks what is in Purva that she does not have. He says Poorva gives him happiness which Nupur cannot. Their argument ensues. She slaps him and he slaps her in return. In living, KK enjoys liquor in sofa. Rao comes asks if he should serve dinner. KK says not yet, he has poured oil in fire and is waiting for fire to erupt. Nita and Shrikanth walk in and ask KK to join them for dinner. KK says let Karthik and Nupur come. Nupur walks out with her bags. Nitaa asks what happened. She asks to ask Karthik. Karthik walks out. Nita tries to stop Nupur, but she leaves. Karthik says let her go, he cannot stay with her and there is no love between them. Nita asks KK why did not he stop Nupur. KK asks Rao to get Karthik and Nupur’s divorce papers ready as Karthik said he does not want to stay with Nupur.

Siddhanth is in office when Sweety gives him office’s advance payment receipt. Karthik asks who paid it. Sweety says he paid and took money from his father asking for business and father suggested to start transport business. Karthik says his father is also hilarious like him and thanks. Sweety says Agripally’s news has came, Srinivasan went missing just 1 day before signing coal contract and even Krishnamurthy is dead, Krishnamurthy is actually Srinivasan’s wife. Siddhanth says that means Srinivasan’s wife transferred coal mine contract in KK’s name, they should find out Krishnamurthy, looks like they are very near to their destiny.

Siddhanth walks to his room and sees Anushka sleeping. Anushka with closed eyes says a man should not stare at woman. He asks is it. She says her husband is a lawyer and will not spare him. He asks how was her day in office. She says boring without him. He says she cannot work without him. He says he used to stare at her always. He says yes, he could not take off his eyes from her. He asks if she had food. She says yes, she had pizza and kept some for him. He reminisces his mother ordering Anushka that she will prepare food for her family only and Anushka should prepare her own food. He thanks Anushka for handling situation bravely and asks her to sleep while he studies cases.

Karthika comes outside Siddhanth’s house, calls Purva, and asks if she is sleeping. Purva says at this time yes. He says he will go back then. She asks if he is outside. He says yes. She walks out. Siddhanth hears door sound. Purva meets Karthik and asks what is he doing at night. He says he wanted to meet her and asks if she does not like meeting him. She says yes, but he is married and it will be injustice to Nupur, what will her brother and mother think. Karthik says Nupur has gone back to Singapore. Siddhanth with his mother walks out and asks what is Karthik doing here at this time. Karthik says he loves Purva and she also loves him. Anushka also walks out and asks what is he doing here at this time. Siddhanth trashes Karthik brutally. Purva pleads Anushka to stop bhai. Gayatri slaps Purav and asks Siddhanth to throw out Karthik. Siddhanth throws Karthik away.

Karthik returns home injured. Nita asks what happened to him, who trashed him. Karthik says Siddhanth as he had gone to meet Purva. Shrikanth asks why did he go there at this time. KK says Karthik loves Purva and even she loves him, he accepts their relationship and will get them married. Karthik thanks him. KK thinks Karthik gave his control to him unknowingly, once Purva comes to this house, Siddhanth’s control will also be in his hands. On the other side, Gayatri slaps and curses Purva for falling in a married man’s love.

Shrikanth tells Nita that he spoke to Nupur, but she does not want to speak, Karthik should have given time to Nupur. Nita says Karthik will do what he thinks. Shirkanth says Anushka will be in dilemma as Siddhanth considers appa/KK… Nita asks how is KK related in all this. Shrikanth reminisces Karthik telling that Siddhanth considers KK as his father’s murderer, but says Karthik is married and Siddhath and his mother will not accept Karthik. Nita says this decision will be not take so easily. On the other side, Siddhanth tells Nupur that Karthik is not a right man and it is just a game for him. Purva says Karthik loves her truly and ass Anushka if she is wrong, she told people who love should unite.

Precap: KK tells Siddhanth he accepts Purva and Karthik’s love, een Siddhanth should. Siddhanth angrily asks him to get out. Anushka warns he is insulting her father. He asks to tell her father not to come back here.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Ooooh what a tangled web!!!!

  2. V gripping storyline! Loving this show best!

    I think Karthik is laying a bigger trap for Siddhanth as he was first shown as probable character looking to bump off Prabhakar Sinha. It could be that he did fall in love with Purva but he was earlier seen as being an aggressive risk taker who does not play by any rules.

    KK’s wife is a mystery too.

    Love every aspect of this show!

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