Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mansi’s haldi ceremony

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish crying and saying our pain is bigger, we will also drink, we lost a son Suwarna and our other son is ruining his life, we will also die such one day, what will we do. He asks Kartik do you realize, Shubham went away from us by his addiction, did you ever realize your responsibility, did you think what if something happens to you, how can you be so selfish, you are not bothered for our love and sorrow, you should have at least thought of my age, how long will I fight with this and manage your responsibilities, you were a child when Soumya passed away, I didn’t see more happy days, you were angry with me, I suffered, I didn’t take drinks, I could have sunken in alcohol when you had hatred for me, but no, I didn’t drink, I wanted to see happy days in my life, the day my son calls me father again, hugs me and smiles, that day…. I should be able to stand strong, I don’t know why you couldn’t think this, why do you want to ruin yourself, why did you give up. Suwarna says love made him weak.

Manish says no, love doesn’t make someone weak, it gives strength and power, when he wanted to marry Naira, he was ready to fight with us for his love, have you thought of anyone else Kartik, do you know how to maintain relations, ask mum, how she has done so much and maintained relations, have you listened to anyone, never, you didn’t listen to us ever, but you want unconditional love from us, but we can’t expect anything from you, we just have a right to watch you getting ruined and not say a word, have you ever realized what parents go through when they see children’s sorrow, it hurts a lot, Shubham is gone, he must have suffered once, but we are dying every day, we are much hurt, when we think of him, we can’t control ourselves, no father has the strength to carry his son’s funeral on shoulders, I have done it once, I can’t do it again.

Kartik says sorry Papa. Manish says don’t call me Papa, don’t talk to me, I won’t be able to bear it, let me get habitual to this. Kartik says I will fix everything. Manish asks what will you do, sort out your own life first, if you can’t do this, I will request the court to get you a divorce as soon as possible. They all get shocked. Manish says we can live happily or die, this should happen now. Kartik sees Naira at the door. Everyone sees Naira and her family.

Manish says sorry Naira, I think you both should get separated now. He apologizes to Naitik and says I never knew I would say this, but I m forced to say this today. Naitik gets water for him. He says when I was coming here, I was asking you if I should come, maybe I had to hear this. Manish says sorry, I was forced to say this. Naitik says come, we shall talk over there, you all start the rasam, we will just come. Naira sees Kartik….Rukmani says its mahurat time, we shall start the rasam.

Suwarna thinks Kartik will suffer as long as Naira is in his life, when will she leave him and let him live in peace. Manish and Naitik talk outside. Naitik says children make us helpless to say such things sometimes. Manish says thanks, I thought they can take a wrong decision. Naitik says they have already taken the decision, don’t feel guilty, they will do what they want. Manish asks what will they do, I had some hope. Naitik says don’t let that hope break. Manish says I spoke to the lawyer. Naitik says time is less, we won’t have much hope, whatever has to happen will happen today.

Rukmani, Nandini and others apply haldi to Mansi. Rukmani asks Naksh and Kirti to apply haldi to Mansi. Surekha says its auspicious if a couple applies haldi. Naksh asks Mansi why is she sad, the bride should be happy and smiling. Naksh and Kirti apply her haldi, followed by kids. Lav asks are you sure about the marriage, you can run away if you want, we will handle everything. Rukmani gets a call from Susheel. He asks her when is she sending money for the jewelry. She says I will send it, I didn’t get time to come. He says I will come there. She says no, I will give it to you, haldi rasam is going on here. She sees some cash kept there. Haldi rasam goes on. Kartik and Naira see each other. Mansi says if you want to apply, then apply it together. Kartik and Naira apply her haldi together. Chukar gai…..plays….. They think of their haldi moments.

Naira says I will leave, I will come with the baraat, why do you look so worried. Mansi says nothing. Rukmani says we must leave now, we have to come with baraat, its better if all rasams happen with mahurat. Dadi says mahurat is in daytime, Kirti you go along and come with them. Naira leaves. Kirti gets ready and asks Naira to get ready fast. Naira says my dress isn’t here. Devyaani asks them to hurry. Kirti says wear this, I have made this dress for my client. Naira says its like a bridal dress, I can’t wear this. Kirti says try it once, it will suit you, we will get late, get ready fast. She goes and says I hope this dress changes your decision, I won’t end hope till the last moment. Kartik asks kids what did they do. They apologize for spoiling his coat. They ask him to wear something else and give a packet. Kartik gets a call and rushes off. Lav says we shall call Kirti and tell her that her plan worked. Naira gets ready. Kartik sees the mandap and recalls Naira.

Lav and Kush say Mansi has left, we are saying the truth. Rukmani says what, the bride has run away. Everyone gets shocked. Naira says there are many people at home, how did anyone not see her leaving.

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  1. Thank God someone from the goenka family talk some sense into his head he his father after all not swarana who is ruining everyone happiness for her selfish need

  2. This serial now became a worst serial,lots of drama already happened and lots of remainig.

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