Bepannah 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s another attempt to escape

Bepannah 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is feeding noodles to Zoya when Arshad walks in. He looks at them thus. I am sorry for coming like that but Zoya forgot her phone in the car. She thanks him. He takes their leave. Zoya calls out after him but Aditya stops her. How does it matter what he saw? Let him go. You aren’t going to marry him. She says he is from a nice family. He keeps blabbering the same things at her. Tell your Abbu everything. Tell him you don’t have any time to love anyone and you don’t like him. Don’t leave Arshad hanging like that. She tells him it isn’t easy to talk to Abbu. He says I know it too but not everything is easy. We also have to do some tough things. I am hungry. I fed you. Who will feed me now? Zoya looks tensed.

Wasim asks his wife what she thinks about Arshad. She calls him nice but he says he is one in a million. He lists down all the good points about Arshad. He isn’t like Aditya who comes anytime at any point of the time. She asks him how he came in between all this. Do you plan to make him your SIL too? He tells her not to joke. Since he has been around, I have become sure as to what kind of a guy I don’t want for Zoya!

Sakshi gains conscious and drops the medicine on the floor. She replaces it with water. Nurse is headed towards her ward. Sakshi wears her drip just in the nick of time. Nurse senses something and comes inside to check on her. She finds Sakshi still unconscious. She twists the pressure on the drip but misses seeing that it is falling on the sheet instead. Sakshi thinks it is enough Anjana but now this poison wont go inside me. I will get you punished! Aditya dint find that letter written from blood but not now!

Aditya calls Zoya and talks to her on random stuff. Did you speak to your Abbu? She denies. I dint get a chance. I will talk to him as soon as I get a chance. He tells her to talk whenever she gets a time. There is no rush. Event is also due tomorrow. they end the call. He thinks how to tell zoya what he feels till Arshad is out of the story. Talk to your parents asap Zoya.

Noor gives water to Zoya. She goes to talk to her parents but finds them sleeping peacefully. I will talk to them tomorrow. Hopefully they will understand.

Wasim and his wife are having dinner. Zoya and Noor join them. Wasim blesses them happily. Noor is happy to see him happy. Zoya asks her mother what it the reason behind Abbu’s happiness. She tells her not to ruin it. He seems happy after so long. Zoya decides to talk later to her Abbu about herself and Arshad. Help me Lord.

Zoya checks the photos. Good job everyone! I have asked Aditya to bring more photos. Everyone gets abck to their work. Aditya comes with the stuff that Zoya had called for. She tells him that she is waiting to hear his speech. Aditya shares that he hasn’t thought of anything. There are so many memories related to Ma and Pa. I don’t know where to start from. She says talk from your heart. They are your parents. He asks her if she spoke to her parents. She tells him everything honestly. He reasons that if she will delay it then it will only hurt them more. He asks her if she wont listen to her best friend. She says I dint say no. I will talk to them. Peon comes to clean the room. Zoya agrees to talk to her parents before the event starts.

Anjana tells Doc to tackle Sakshi for today. I cannot take any risk. Give her complete dose. Doc assures her he will go there himself to check on Sakshi. Anjana tells him not to create any problem. I reached there on time last time but I cannot be there every time. She goes quiet seeing Harsh.

Peon picks the letter written by Sakshi (for help) and looks at Aditya and Zoya.

Doc asks nurse to inject the medicine in Sakshi’s drip. We cannot take the risk of letting her gain conscious. Nurse does as told.

Peon crumbles the paper and throws it away.

Harsh says what’s happening. Anjana fears that he heard everything. I can explain it to you. He walks up to her and seems to be talking on his bluetooth. He apologizes to Anjana. I was talking on phone with someone. She suggests him to find a replacement then. He wishes her Happy Anniversary. She hugs him as she wishes him too.

Zoya reads what Aditya has written for his parents. Only this much? It’s so confusing. She gives him tips. Look at them like a lovely couple who have spent 35 years together. They must have gone through lots of ups and downs but they have overcome it all. This celebration is a celebration of love. Write it on their togetherness. It is enough when you find someone in life who does not leave your side throughout thick or thin. He says it sounds so beautiful. Write it down for me please. She tells him to write it himself.

Noor and Zoya complement each other. Noor takes her leave as she has to look after a consignment. Zoya teases her if she means Arjun. Noor hugs her. She bids adieu to her Abbu on her way out. Wasim walks up to Zoya. The event is already in news. I am proud of you. May you progress like this. She thanks him. He guesses it in her tone that she is lost / tensed. She tells him that she took decision from her heart when she fell for Yash. You dint like him and maybe it wasn’t the right decision too. It brought me on a different path in life but I dint feel strange as I knew you were always on my side. He nods. it is my duty to make sure you are happy and safe. She asks him why he invited Arshad like that without asking her. He reminds her that she promised to meet Arshad. She nods. You dint let me go to office yesterday and Arshad and his Ammi were already outside when I came out of my room. You even sent Noor away. Wasim denies. It is my love and concern for you. I don’t want to lose such a nice guy. She tells him it is ok. I promised to meet him but you seem to be in a rush. I have established my business after so much difficulty. Waism is positive that Arshad will instead support her. She tells him that he is pushing her in a relation after what she went through last year. He asks her about the words she is using. Her mother also tries to say something but Zoya requests her to let her talk Arshad must be really nice if he has chosen him for him and he indeed seems to be. The problem is not in him but in me. I have no place for love. I can only be friends. It will be better if I tell this to him asap. Her mother tells her to stop talking. Zoya turns towards her when Arshad enters. Siddiqui family is shocked to see him.

Precap: Aditya pulls Zoya. What did Abbu say? She tells him that she told Abbu she does not wish to marry and then Arshad came. Aditya asks her if he came there. Arshad taps at Aditya’s shoulder. Can I have my dance partner please? Aditya steps back. Arshad and Zoya dance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Adi is worried and restless for Zoya-Arshad alliance…. So curious what Waseem said…..??? Precap is interesting…. Adi gets jealous seeing Arshad-Zoya’s dance in the party…?? I just can’t bear Arshad as he’s the one which worried Adi so much… Love AdiYa…???

  2. Aaye hue char din nahi hue hai ise aur chubhne laga yeh dil mein???. Never thought a new entrant will irritate me so much. He is more irritating than Rajveer. Specially I hate his innocent poker face.
    Hate u Arshad. How dare u dance with Zoya.? Stupid. Don’t u think Arshad looks a bit like Yash, specially when seen from a distance. But Yash looked smart atleast, Arshad doesn’t. Proof, just the way Zosh jodi broke Arshad-Zoya jodi will also break. Destiny?
    Besides Arshad looks a bit manupulative. I mean when he told Wasim that Adi had hit him, he didn’t tell the complete truth that it was a misunderstanting.
    Waiting for Adiya. Bitter wait results in sweet fruit. Eager?
    Waiting for replies 😛

    1. No Arshad did say it was a misunderstanding..yes Arshad is coming between Adiya but I am damn sure in the end he will help Zoya unite with Adi…:)

  3. Yeh arshad toh kabba mai haddi baan gaya hai?? chewinggum ki chipkraha hai zoya ka saath xodne ka naam hi nahi leraha hai…. Washim why u hate Aditya so much why?? he comes in zoya to bring brightness not darkness…. Due to Aditya zoya has changed so much Now she is independent, self-confidence ,all thanks to Aditya

    1. Wasim is a conservative father..that’s why he hates both Yash n Aditya..Yash cheated Zoya so his hatred justified but Adi has always helped Zoya so his hatred for Adi unjustified…

  4. Arshad was in films like Fan and Naam Shabana in small roles.
    Great episode

    1. Dare

      He acted as Viraj in NAUC serial

  5. Dint Noor get the letter sakshi wrote? How come it ended up in the album’s box? ?


  7. This Arshad I want to kill him. My Adi is best. Why can’t Zoya not understand Adi’s feelings. I know she will be blackmailed and would like Arshad’s sweet face(nautanki?) and would agree to marry him. Our Adi would again once be heartbroken. Adi please kill that Arshad and soon confess your love to Zoya.

  8. This Arshad I want to kill him. My Adi is best. Why can’t Zoya not understand Adi’s feelings. I know she will be blackmailed and would like Arshad’s sweet face(nautanki?) and would agree to marry him. Our Adi would again once be heartbroken. Adi please kill that Arshad and soon confess your love to Zoya.

  9. Neha1

    Happy 72nd INDEPENDENCE Day 2 all….??

  10. This arshad is way too irritating and annoying. Aaya bada, may I have my dance partner bolne wala. Isko na ek khinck ke dene ka maan karta hai….
    Ye arshad kabab mein haddi na bane n kahi ae dil mein hai mushkil jaise scene na create hojaye.. waseem siddiqui n arshad ghodi pe sawaar hai kya .Hate those two????

  11. I don’t think such a hot tempered guy like Aditya is perfect for Zoya. Instead Arshad is much more gentle to everybody. After all children can be wrong but parents can’t be.

    1. This story is about Aditya-zoya..Adi is hot tempered but Zoya is calm…Adi is passionate n Zoya is lovable…they are opposite in some things but similar in some things especially likes and dislikes…Arshad is a nice character but still I don’t see any chemistry between Arshad-Zoya..n Adi’s intensity, passion, possessiveness and temper is what makes him the irresistable ‘Aditya Hooda’ ..n Zoya too is perfect for Adi only bcos she is calm but not so smart..she has improved after leap but still is a bit naive as she is unable to understand Adi’s love vibes ..any other girl will understand easily when a guy falls for her even if he doesn’t express his love…
      So both are immature n have their own flaws but Adiya make the perfect pair!!!

    2. But then Arshad is mysterious , you can Zoya wants to know about him in later episodes trust me if he was the lead I wouldn’t stop shipping those too

    1. Wow… lovely comparison.
      siva ek cheez ki, mujhe Salman acha lagta hai , par Arshad acha nhi lagta…donno why…

  12. Just because Arshad is looking nice and calm does not mean he is nice and calm. To compare two peoples behaviour you have to put them in the same situation. If Arshad would have been in Adi’s place, after betrayal , loosing his wife, having a family with it’s own probems and issues, would he be so nice, calm and comprehensive with everyone ??????
    I really doubt that.
    And why the hell is he unmarried at this age (he must be 35 or something like that )being such a wonderful human being ???
    I found him boring no one can be so perfect.

  13. Who the HELL even invite that Arshad guy to the party.

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