Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode: Anushka Asks Siddhant To Prove KK Guilty Or Accept His Innocence

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka tells Siddhant that whenever he tries to harm Appa or Reddy Corporation, then he will find her between them. Siddhant says we have decided that this will not come in our relationship. He asks her to go home. She brings globe for his new office and says you forgot it in cabin. Siddhant says now you know with whom I want to see the world. Anushka says yes. He says shall we go home on bike. Anushka says ok and says she will ask Mohan not to come. KK comes to Nupur and asks how is her father? Nupur says fine. KK asks her to focus on her husband and says do you know where is karthik? Nupur says he must be in office. KK says he is having coffee with purva in the coffee shop. He asks her to question him and concentrate on her marital life else she will lose her husband. Nupur looks on.

Anushka tells Siddhant that he should have asked her before buying helmet for her and says I hate this color. Siddhant says helmet is worn for safety and not for fashion. She says whatever girls buy is for fashion. Siddhant helps her wear helmet. She sits on the bike and says she is sitting for the first time. Siddhant asks if she was not among the girls who sat with him. Anushka pats on him for trying to be Casanova and tells that she knows that his heart and bike was vacant for her. He asks her to sit closely and says he shall feel that his wife is sitting behind him. Anushka holds him tightly. Siddhant rides the bike.

Gayatri talks to Prabhakar’s pic and says we had planned for Siddhant’s marriage. He says humans makes plans and God changes it. She says your son married your murderer’s daughter. KK is happy. Rao ji asks what happened? KK tells him that Siddhant’s sister Purva will ruin him. Purva asks why nobody told me that Papa’s death is a murder. Gayatri says we couldn’t come out of that trauma. Purva says she wants to know, Siddhant is telling this on what basis. Gayatri asks her to ask Siddhant and also ask why did he marry murderer’s daughter. Purva says she will ask Siddhant and today he has to answer. Siddhant and Anushka come home. Anushka asks him to take off her helmet. Siddhant says so American return girl can’t take off her helmet. She removes his helmet and says American return girl can do this.

Siddhant asks why she is doing drama. He says you wanted me to take it out. She asks him to say and says she enjoyed their first ride. They go to their room. Anushka tells Siddhant that she doesn’t know how to fold saree and asks him to help her. Siddhant says I don’t know how to fold it. Anushka says I know you know. Siddhant says I will teach you. He asks her to move back. Anushka says how to go far. Siddhant asks her to go far then come to him. He teaches her how to fold the saree. He then asks for a reward. Anushka asks what he wants. She recalls getting closer to him and says she felt like it happened before. Siddhant says atleast you remember and says he will do what she had done that night. He is about to kiss her, when Purva knocks on the door and calls him. She asks him if KK had killed their father. Siddhant says yes. Anushka hears him and gets upset. Purba asks then why are you silent, that KK reddy shall be jailed. Siddhant says I am silent as I don’t have proof and says he is waiting for strong proof. Purva says how I can believe without a proof and tells that you can be wrong also. Gayatri says your brother is right. Purva says nobody is happy and tells that Papa died infront of us and even in the postmortem death, it was written natural death. Gayatri asks her to go to room.

Siddhant comes to room. Anushka says Purva is young and whatever she said was in anger. Siddhant says how to make her believe. Anushka says even I can’t believe that my Appa is guilty. Siddhant says I will give proof to you. She cries. He holds her shoulder. She asks him not to touch her and then says sorry. She says we have to take a decision fast, you have to either prove that my Appa is guilty or accept that he is innocent. She says if you can’t do this, then our relation can’t get better. Siddhant assures her that their relation will not move forward until he proves that he is right. He says he knows what she is going through and tells that his love will not be affected by any truth and he loves her truly. Anushka says that’s why I love you so much.

Purva and Siddhant come home. Karthik tells that they love each other a lot. Gayatri slaps Purva. Siddhant beats Karthik.

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  1. This is the show where female lead behaves so mature not a drama queen..
    Main lead has some goal in life right from first episode not like roaming behind the heoine .
    And fighting with her fiance .
    Precap wait to see karthik will marry purva or not
    Even though nupur is not good at heart like purva. What is her mistake …karthik should think before because dis type illegal relationship will destroy life’s ..nupur also some ones daughter

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