Nimki Mukhiya 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki fools Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi says to his people we have to keep the security tight on the elections day. Moraylal says you here what can go wrong. Shaurya says to the agents I will show you what arrangements are done. Nimki calls Abhi. She says everything is ready. Abhi says what? She says only two days more and nehar and tettar will see their defeat. He says you are right. You are planning to defeat them both. Nimki says I have to tell you the next plan. She tells him what to do next. He says the plan is good but think once. She says life is all about risks.

Rekha looks for Parbatiya. Sweeti says what happened to you? She says my time has started. Dablo started his own company. He is in power now. Sweeti says him not you. She says babbu also enjoys the power of his wife. I can enjoy power of my husband as well. Sweeti says you wont understand. she leaves.

Tettar gets ready. He starts his speech. People chant for her. He says ask them to be quite. Babbu says tettar ji wants to say something. Tettar says people of the village, I want to tell that today is the last day. Nehar comes there with his people. Babbu says they are here to fail our program. Tettar says I did so much for this village. I made that bridge. Nimki says but it broke but no worries. A man comes and says Richa’s wedding. You got that done as well. Its tune. Babbu says what do you mean? Nehar says tune tell people how they ruined Richa’s life. Tune says give me the mic. Tettar says I think I should go. Nimki says to Tune are you on nehar’s side. He says I am with truth only. Nimki says I will talk to tune. Nimki says richa wasn’t married with force. He says you are not Ram’s daughter anymore. You are Tettar’s daughter in law. Nimki says don’t drag my father in this.

Dablo tells Rekha I told Nehar everything and babu ji’s program was ruined. I wont even vote for him. I will mke sure he loses. Rkeha says but pretend in front of these people.
Ritu says nimki supported you really well. Nimki says I will speak to tune . He is very emotional. He was worried for tune. sweeti says what else would he do. Babbu says what is wrong with you. Ritu says will you vote for your dad even? She says no and leaves. Tettar is angry. Babbu says i will talk to her. Babbu says better talk to your friend. She says I will. she winks at Sweeti.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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