Ishqbaaz 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika forgives Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri sees Shivaye and says he is still standing there. Anika says let him be, you come and have food. Anika sees him and doesn’t eat the food. It starts raining. Gauri says its raining heavily, if he stands in the rain, then….. he is still there, he isn’t leaving. Anika says he will leave when he gets hungry. Gauri says he will fall sick if he gets drenched, his wounds… he might get an infection. Anika goes out to him. He feels cold…. Anika asks why are you troubling me, what to do you want. He says forgiveness. She says fine, I forgive you, go from here, what’s your problem, why aren’t you going now, I have forgiven you. He says you didn’t forgive me from the bottom of your heart. She says I request you, please leave. He goes to his car. She goes to her house.

Its morning, Anika looks out of window. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says nothing. Gauri says you were seeing if Shivaye is still here, you are strange, you didn’t like when he was here, now when he is gone, you are feeling bad. Anika says its nothing like that. She opens the door and sees Shivaye. He says forgive me Anika. He gets up and falls back. Om and Priyanka come and hold him. Anika and Gauri get shocked. Om asks Priyanka to get his medicines from his car. Anika asks Om to call the doctor. Om says his heart condition for triggered because he was getting drenched in the rain all night. Anika cries.

Om sprinkles water on Shivaye. Shivaye opens eyes. Om feeds him medicines. Shivaye coughs. Everyone worries. Om asks what’s this madness, you know about your heart condition, what were you trying to prove by getting drenched all night and hurting yourself. Shivaye looks at Anika. He says you told me Om, to earn forgiveness instead of asking for it, I was earning it. Om says what if something happened to you. Shivaye says it doesn’t matter, forgiveness matters, I will die if Anika doesn’t forgive me. Anika says please stop it, I forgive you from the bottom of my heart, I swear on Gauri, don’t trouble yourself, lets forget it. Shivaye says come home. She asks why. He says because its your home. She says its not my home. He says why, you are my… She says I m not your wife, you told that you don’t accept this marriage, its right, relations are made by love, not by force, you don’t have to keep it.

He asks are you going to live here alone, how will you manage. She says like I managed since childhood, I have learnt to fight with problems, I will continue to fight, you don’t have to worry about me. He says I do worry about you, I do. She asks why, what am I to you. He asks will you be my friend. O jaana….plays…. He says I m Shivaye, friends? Om, Priyanka and Gauri sign yes to her. Anika holds his hand and says just friends. Priyanka asks did you hear it, just friends. Shivaye says yes, but a friend. Om asks shall we go home. Shivaye stops and says Anika, if you need anything… Anika says I will manage, you don’t have to worry. Priyanka asks did you hear it, you don’t need to worry. Om says you understood right, come now. They leave.

Shivaye asks when is our meeting with chinese clients. Khanna says at 11am, you will be having both the meeting and brunch together. Shivaye says okay, I have to take Priyanka to doctor, keep a list of all her tests and scans ready, how’s Anika. Khanna asks why are you asking me. Shivaye says because she stays in your locality, you ask foolish questions. Khanna says Anika… Shivaye asks is there any problem, is her aunt troubling her again, what happened to her. Khanna says no, she has a cold, mild cold. Shivaye says cold…..

Khanna comes to Anika’s house and gives things. He says blanket, so that she doesn’t feel cold, medicines, so that she gets well soon, fruits, so that she gets well sooner. Gauri says fine. Anika sneezes and comes. Khanna says books for you, so that you don’t get bored, this is the family doctor’s visiting card, your appointment has been fixed, call him up before visiting him. Anika asks what’s all this. He says the result of my mistake, Shivaye asked me so I told him that Anika has a cold, so he has sent all this. Gauri says so sweet, some mild cold and all this things. Anika asks why did you tell him. He says he asked me suddenly and I told him everything. Gauri says he asked about you. Anika asks her to shut up now, she talks so much. She says what happened to Shivaye. He says wait, he has sent one more thing. Gauri asks what is it.

Anika asks isn’t all this enough. He gives a container and says you can heat up this soup, Shivaye prepared this for Anika. Gauri says Aw, he prepared this. He says this isn’t sweet, its made of herbs, he said Anika will like this. Gauri says Shivaye knows everything about Anika. She goes. Anika says thanks, you can leave now. Anika keeps the container on table. Shivaye asks did she place it on the table, I prepared the soup so that she drinks it. Khanna says I have given her, it depends on her whether she drinks it or not. Shivaye says you should have told her to have it. The lady says chinese clients are waiting for you. He says give them soup, I mean, tea, coffee or anything. He says Khanna, you should have stayed there and checked if she had the soup, did you tell her that I added herbs in the soup. Khanna says yes, but she didn’t seem to care. Shivaye asks what do you mean, it will make a difference when she drinks it. The lady asks where are you going Sir. He says I m going to China, order chinese food for delegates. He leaves.

Shivaye comes to Anika’s house and looks inside a window. He sees the container and says its still here, did she have the soup or not. He bends in to check. He drops the container down. He says no… and sees the soup spread on the floor. He hides. Anika comes and gets shocked. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says the soup got spilt, but how, poor Shivaye had prepared it. Shivaye says poor Shivaye, not bad…. Gauri says how did this happen. Anika says don’t know, the soup must be like him, bitter, its good it fell down. Shivaye says she didn’t even drink it and saying bad about the herbal soup I prepared, her dosa is out of shape, she is commenting on my cooking. Gauri asks where are you going. Anika says temple. Gauri asks why. Anika says I go to temple on my birthday. Gauri says I forgot. He says birthday…… birthday…..

He calls Om and Priyanka. Priyanka asks birthday. Shivaye says yes, don’t you know. She says how will we know, she is your wife. Om says just friends. Shivaye says she is your friend too, don’t you know. She says I didn’t know that. Om asks did you call us to inform or ask, whether or not its her birthday. Shivaye says I called you to ask if I should wish her or not, I mean I should wish her, should I wish her personally or over the phone, it will look formal if I call her up and wish, I will go and wish her, she is my friend after all. Om and Priyanka smile. Om asks why did you call us, to ask or inform, is she my friend or yours, you had a meeting with chinese clients today. Shivaye says we have meetings all the time, but Anika’s birthday comes only once a year.

Om asks oh, so you cancelled your meeting? Shivaye says no, I m feeding the delegates chinese food, go and attend them, your look…, you should go. Om says what are you saying, you are already in the office, so finish the meeting, birthdays last till midnight, what’s the hurry. Shivaye says no, I m not in office, I m near Anika’s house. Om and Priyanka ask what. Shivaye says I m nearby, I should go and wish her. Priyanka says fine, but don’t get overexcited and get such a huge gift that your friend doesn’t accept it. Om says control your emotions. Shivaye says don’t worry, I m in control, I m not taking a big gift. He sees the huge bouquet beside. Shivaye comes to temple and sees Anika praying. He closes eyes and stands praying. She opens eyes and turns. She sees him and says you…. He smiles and says you…..

Everyone sings the birthday song. Anika gets surprised. Shivaye says happy birthday Anika. She asks what was the need for all this. He says there’s someone else who wants to wish you. She turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Shivaay bhaiya and my bhabhi have become dosts!!! ‘Dost’ is always a special word for me.. and will always be.. while watching ishqbaaz, it was ‘dost,dost,dost,dost’.. sorry for late wishes my dearest pkj family and friends.. belated friendship day wishes to you all.. and to my dost.. Whenever I hear the word ‘dost’, I just think of one person whom I have never met but still, is one of the best of my best friends.. Love you dost.. Love you my sweetest, cutest friends Arpu, Bani, Prabha akka, Jeevi, Janu, Jeni, Misha, Meenu, Chaavi akka, Pushpa akka, Sindhu sis, Nila, Riddhima and many more….. BELATED HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL MY DEARIESSSSS ??????

    1. Luthfa

      Go Dhwani Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love……?
      Awwwww……Feelings are mutual Dost.I was watching the episode recalling our words and you Dost.I am sooooooooo…..much happy today.May God always bless our dosti and PKJ.Love you Dost and thank you very much??????????

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Awwwww dost!!! Love you soooooooo much.. that’s telepathy yaar.. u thinking of me and I thinking of u.. May God bless our friendship!!!! ???

    3. Hello dhwani congrats for being number 1 and nice to hear from you my dear. Love you lots dost

    4. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Sindhu sis!! How r u?? Awww…thank you sis.. love you too??

    5. Belated friendship day.? will u be my dost??

    6. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii nsk!! You and me are in pkj which itself means we are friends???

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Today i was totally Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shivay bhaiya… How CUTEeeee!!!!!!!
    I wish mere vi ase koi Sweet sa dost ho….
    Okk i m still not happy with this much guilty Shivay… Again Anika forgave him so easily (Acc to me)….
    But No problem now we get a new version of Shivika… I m exciting for this DOSTI version of Shivika….
    Chalo sirf Priyanka se Sirf Dosti tk toh aaya…
    Poor Khannaji….
    My reaction was just like Gouri’s reaction Awwwww!!!! How Sweet…!!!
    ShivOmPri convo was fun… But i miss Rudy today…
    Why he was not there!!!?
    Wase toh today i want to say manyyyy moreee thing about this Cute Singh Oberoi , but my head is totally in ghuming ghuming mode… I can’t write anything more now…
    Precap –
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hey banita me dear how are you? Nevermind banita. Forgive be our poor Shivaay who has heart condition. Yet he did not take his medicines for her sincere forgiveness. Nevermind dear let us enjoy this dost relationship.

    2. Agreed

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Yes,episode was totally awwww….dorable.Cute Billu is always a treat to watch.And honestly speaking,the way Shivaay made Anika forgive him,in the threat of his deteriorating health,I didn’t like it.Anyway,as Anika forgave him so we all should do it.And what happened? Why your head is spinning?Everything is okay na?Take care?

    4. Ur so sweet tbh?

    5. Awww…shivika wala awwww…?

  3. Hi I mere khidkitod pagals..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 41….
    First 1+ minute it was too emotinal

    Sso billu ke bilu rahoge still demand maafi.
    It was totally a blackmail ?????..
    Today episode was soo cute…
    Our cute biluji is back..
    So sardi kya hui itni cchese..????….
    Koi mere liye bhi ye karta….
    Gouri was so cute today

    And Ompri were too good….
    Sso was totally a bilu..
    He was sneeking in Annika’s house.
    Today ishqbaaz was theme of movies

    Kal ho na ho
    Kuch kuch hota he..
    Aur bhi list main he cant remember
    And Biluji’s NOT SO BIG GIFT????????????????..
    And in temple showing 32 TEETH AS 64???
    Cute chantomai biluji…..
    Precap waiting waiting
    Finally after so many days I laughed though ishqbaaz
    Now grinning like a idiot?
    Forget typo error.
    @PU DI KYA HAAL HE???????????

    1. Arpu dear I am sure everyone loves what you love. Shivaay sneaking in and Om and Priyanka chemistry. Gauri cuteness and Khanna the middleman. So cute nah all these moments. Wonder what happened to Ridra. Love you lots dear

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Hehehe……Seriously there was some golmal.Otherwise its Shivaay who was drenching in Rain,is absolutely okay but Anika has caught cold!Cvs and their chantomai tarika.But I loved the way he was staring Anika,lying on Priyanka’s lap.This is something which I never saw in RU or AU.My feelings only.And Shivaay was showing his teeth in the happiness of his Dost.It was normal by the way,in over excitement happens.

    3. Omg ur comment left me laughing?

  4. Hello everyone. Fabulous episode. I loved it. Okay guys I take back what I said about SSO. Not for Long though. My heart melted today after seeing him in that state. Glad Om and Priyanka came and helped him. Anika hasn’t that worries look. I loved Gauri’s part. She was so cute with all the adorable expressions and the aww….. Shivaay and Anika are now good friends. That is nice to start in a relationship. It will blossom in love soon. Shivaay looked so cute when he tried to check whether she drank the soup. Om and Priyanka were so cute. Bro and sis trying to help Shivaay. Oh I just love it. What shall I say? Now even Omkara and gauri are going to meet often. So Rikara fans need not worry. I love this redux. I can’t wait to watch what will take place next when they are in Oberoi Mansion.

    1. Luthfa

      Waiting for their love story to start di.It will be an amazing experience?????

    2. Hope our wishes get fulfilled.?

  5. Dhwani_Naidu

    About the episode.. my bhaiya is changing from tadibaaz bagad billa harsh avenger Singh Oberoi to Sweet Cute Singh Oberoi.. loving you my bhai!! Anika bhabhi, pls take some revenge?? only then will my mind get peace.. ??? As a ‘just friend’, prank shivaay bhaiya.. you only have permission.. Vachu senjurunga shivaay bhaiya va.. ?????? and rikara??! ????????
    Dhwani… Cool down.. shanthi shanthi..
    Precap: excited!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..Anika should take revenge but sweet one.What to say about your bhaiya.He is Billu personified in true sense.Rikara will come Dost,don’t worry.Take care.Love you?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah dost.. Anika should atleast prank him.. ???.. and yeah waiting for rikara.. love you dost

  6. Hello Arpu dear Luthfa banita Shivya kadhambari jeevi Shiny beauty sneha aayush riithu sharmine imane pushpa and many many others. Have a good night’s rest and have a very good day tomorrow.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much di with lots of love?

    2. Hello oops gn!na its afternoon now?

  7. My feeling about the episode today (i am not good at writings though)

    Annika couldn’t even eat seeing Shivaay standing outside her house,it clearly shows her concern.She came out and asked Shivaay to leave,in a manner which can’t be labelled as rude.She requested him to leave because she can’t see him suffering. Shivaay acted to leave the place just for ensuring that Annika isn’t worried ,at least for him.Next morning Annika wakes up and searches for the man she asked to leave yesterday,she tries to figure if he’s there or not,desperately wanting her forgiveness. To her surprise she sees him sitting at her door stumbling. Finally their Misunderstandings get cleared. That person who forcefully married her and said that he would never accept her as wife,requested her to get back to her in-laws’-house.she refused and he spread his hands to her with a view to become friends. She accepted after thinking twice.He himself stated that he cares for her and that was clearly seen by the works he did.Sending medicines, books,soup,blanket etc was cute and Gauri’s reactions made it cuter. He came to her house to check that if she’s taken soup or not,there he gets to know its her birthday. He plans to surprise her and also appears before a word to me everything about today’s episode was cute.?

    1. Yes NSK I think you must be drilling watching all these movements. They are all cute and wonderful moments of Shivika.

    2. Yes?

    3. Luthfa

      NSK dear,
      Don’t say like that.Everyone has their own unique writing abilities so do you.Just keep trying to do better and better while challenging your limit of perfection.

    4. Luthfa

      Sorry my reply got scattered.All I want to say is,never give up and keep trying believing your instincts and inner power.You have writren a perfect analysis of yesterday’s episode.Keep doing just like that.All the very best?

    5. Luthfa di , ur just amazing! I love ur positive attitude very much.Thanks for all the love.And let me inform u that i madly like ur writing.?

  8. Love is such a powerful weapon. Though Anika half heartedly said she forgave Shivaay so that he leaves, Shivaay knows it was not sincere and he just sat there shivering in the cold. Yes he did label her as miatress but I think he has punished himself severely even though Anika did not. Whatever Anika says she still considers Shivaay as her husband. But she does not know where she stands in shivaay’s life because he declared her as his mistress. Anika still has the sindoor in her forehead and she knows she has married Shivaay and taken the rounds but now Shivaay has to rectify the marriage part so start as friends and fall in love all over again. This time Shivaay has to prove to Anika that he is really a good husband and treats her with respect and dignity.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Absolutely agree with you.Now ball is in Shivaay’s court.He needs to control his emotions to take any important decision regarding his and Anika’s life and their togetherness.Let’s see.

  9. Helloo my besties. Its really a khidkitod episode. Shivaay character is becoming nice for day by day. The one thing thath now i am asking is how shivika seperated. I didnot understand the reason behind their breakup. If anyone read this comment plz reply to me by saying about the reason for the breakup

    1. Hi nazrin.. Pls watch episode 565…u will understand the new version… N y changed…

    2. Please watch June 18th and 19th I think Nazrin. It is a redux and they have gone back to alternate universe to prove the writer wrong that where there is love no matter how destiny separates them but because of true love they will rejoin. So both of them got separated and the story starts all over again with a new love story.

    3. Luthfa

      I don’t know about what break-up of Shivika you are talking about.Plz clear it so that it will be easy to answer.Thank you?

  10. excellent…wonderful…mind blowing to watch shivay’s antics…
    but thora bura laga segment dekh k ki aab shivika ki divorce hogi. I know it is necessary for track but slightly sad because they will be heart broken due to this…
    hopefully this divorce track will end soon…

    1. Luthfa

      Let’s see what is going to happen,actually.

  11. I can’t believe that it was sso, the charming smile that he gave in the end of episode Uff!

    1. Luthfa


    2. How are you

  12. Hi guys this episode was outstanding shivaay is madly in love with anika and he hides his true feeling by a freindship mask i see that he is crazy about her i just love now there love story will be started as soon as possible

    1. Luthfa

      Waiting to see their love story since long.Let’s see?

  13. Luthfa

    With the most strongest determination in mind,Shivaay Singh Oberoi kept standing bare-feet outside Anika’s house.No-one and nothing had that power to move him from there but Anika.He was torturing himself only for Anika’s forgiveness,which would come from the bottom of her heart-sum and substance of the story.Shivaay was very much expected to cross any limit to earn genuine forgiveness from Anika and at the same time,it was also expected from Anika’s side that she won’t give in so easily.Shivaay was standing on his feet,bare-feet,drenching in the rain to atone his sins,silently asking”plz pardon me”despite knowing his critical heart condition to get a heart-felt forgiving gesture but like his own determination,Anika too was determined not to heed her heart but to ignore whatever was happening,Still they had to bow down before their respective heart’s wishes and matter got solved.Rain just washed away all those humiliation,misunderstanding,hatred everything.But Anika being Anika had the last word and most important word.That is she doesn’t want to want to get into that relation which has brought her worst nightmarish experience of her life.That relation didn’t have any love,respect or willingness but helplessness written all over it.So she did the absolutely right thing in rejecting Shivaay’s offer to go to his house being his wife.And her sense of compromising on her self-respect prevent her to do so.Here the most important thing and that is-it’s time Shivaay to ask his heart where he stands in Anika’s life before going ahead further.Anika has completed her task successfully on not agreeing with Shivaay to return and now its Shivaay’s turn to do the needful to make Anika’s No an Yes.And he should do it not only for Anika but for himself as well.Right now,Shivaay and his heart,both are in need of Anika,more than anything.

    1. Hey Luthfa my dear my comments were a little similar to yours but of course yours is longer. I was getting sleepy so I decided to cut short my comments .Very nice to start the relationship with dost and it is true if he brings Anika to the mansion as his Wife people are still going to label her as Mistress since he declared openly. That is the part to rectify now and Shivaay knows that well. So he needs to start with baby steps first to create a good impression and then fall in love and then propose and marriage. Wow Luthfa I am falling in love with redux again dear????? and love you too. Nice analysis my dear. You always inspire me to write more.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      It’s absolutely an awesome aspect in matching our thinking.And I am sooooooo…happy for it.Everyone is loving the Redux di so makers decided to extend it.So sweet of them.

    3. Luthfa

      And I agree with you.Shivaay needs to start everything from start.Let’s see how things are going to take shape.Thank you sooooooo…..very much for your love di.Looking forward to read more from your pen????

    4. Luthfa

      *Looking forward to reading….?

  14. Luthfa

    Okay,hearing Dost in the episode,I got reminded of my DOST.It’s been long since we talked.I am missing you sooooooo……very much.I know you are busy with your study and college,still Dil Hain Ki Manta Nahi……?????????????????

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Awwwww??????.. Dost!! Don’t worry yaar.. am back na.. We have very strong telepathy.. love you dost

  15. Hi guys… 2day episode was great… After so long i saw some happy scenes…
    The moment SSO ask for forginess tat time.. when annika open the door… Was awesome… He asking for the forgiveness from bottom of his heart.. He can’t tolerate himself as a cruel person.. What he did to annika…
    Nw he become a dhost heh… Hope the track will show the SSO to Sweet Singh Oberoi.. N he stated with small gift heh… ??Bahot kushi meh.
    Omg… soup cheking was really cute… SSO I didn’t expect tis… Aw.. So so cute billu ji…
    Om n prinku part was awesome… Which was abt birthday conversations…
    Precap : I’m eagerly waiting for joyful moment of shivika..
    Gd nite guys… ???

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Yesterday’s episode made everyone happy.Me too loved OmPri moment and their teasing.Sweet Singh Oberoi is on the way.Birthday celebration is a demo of it.Anyway,waiting for today’s episode desperately.Take care?

  16. Anika accepted Shivaay’s apology so soon, like seriously? Self Respect khona aur maaf karna itna easy hai? And now Shivaay will get Anika’s ex-fiancee and feel jealous. Arggh

    1. Luthfa

      I am sorry but I am slightly differing on your point of mixing apology and self-respect.As far as I can understand,Anika has not compromised as to her self-respect and all.She forgave Shivaay looking at his condition and his stubbornness.Her self-respect is not harmed or damaged in any way after that.If she could agree to go with Shivaay to his home then it would have damaged and marred her self-respect,from her point of view.

  17. Luthfa your absolutly right but im talking about shivaay’s expression and they whay that he’s freindship with anika is so precious to him and the whay he take care of her when he knew that she had a cold and the reaction if he didn’t feel something about her and she was just friend how wont care about her that much so that i feel that he tries to hide his feelings from her and my proof is in the final scene when he went to the mandir and he stands next to her and he was staring at her and he was
    Hypnotised by her beauty while he is smiling and i know that from his heart that anika is his wife and he wants her to stay next to him he hides it his face show that

    1. Luthfa

      Imane dear,
      I am sorry I couldn’t get your point.Please clear my confusion.

  18. Riana

    I have a though in my mind…Gul said she will finish the redux story after showing all the couples happy…Then the story will come back to season-1…I think after that they will gear up for a leap of 5-7 years…As the show has already completed 615 episodes…??…Atleast in the name of leap they will be able to show new characters, new story with kids ??

    1. Luthfa

      Let’s see,whether makers are going to fulfill your wish or not??????

  19. Luthfa

    In this way,you will be able to reach your goal.Don’t give up by any means and this is the formula to get anything after our heart.Like you have written a perfect analysis of yesterday’s episode.I loved reading.Keep going like this.All the very best?

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Shivaay is working hard for forgiveness…. Good to see this

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