Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Advices Karthik To Handle Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes to meet KK. KK asks him to sit and says I would have gone and did the negotiation or would have sent Sudhanshu. He says I sent you as your words pinched me that I gave you job because of Prabhakar. He says best part is you have grabbed the bull by the horns, passed with flying colors. He says you are KK’s inner circle members, and says I thought who can be smart, loyal, competent like Prabhakar. Siddhant says I think a man can walk ahead with hardwork and intelligence and not with loyalty. KK says you have something, I will discuss my future with you, I want to become big business. Siddhant asks what is the work? KK says there is a close relation between business and politics. He asks him to get good relations with new politician next year. He says if Prabhakar would have been alive, then he would have been very happy. Siddhant says one more thing, and asks what is the meaning of nenu nenu premisthunnanu? KK laughs and says me too. He says meaning is I love you. As you asked me, I said me too. Siddhant smiles and recalls telling it to Anushka.

Amit Deewan calls Karthik and invites him. He asks him to bring Anushka also, and says she is upset, I will say sorry to her. Karthik asks Anushka to come. Anushka refuses and says she don’t want to go. Karthik asks her not to forget that she is his sister. Anushka says how can I forget, we stayed in mother’s womb for 9 months and laughs.

Karthik is going to party. KK asks him to come for a walk. He asks didn’t you read history? He tells that Siddhant overstepped you and reached me. He says he did airlines deal negotiation, what you were doing then, party? He says Siddhant is sharp, if you don’t handle him then it is your loss. He says it is very good to keep sharp people with them and says that’s why he kept Prabhakar close. He says if Siddhant becomes your Prabhakar then you will go more beyond than KK. Karthik agrees.

Siddhant tells Sweety, if Anushka left? Sweety says don’t know. He says he has to get Karthik’s signature on the papers. Siddhant calls Karthik and tells that one paper needs his signature. Karthik says I forgot to sign on it and asks him to send Sweety to party, and if he can then he can come also. Siddhant says ok. Karthik thinks Appa is right, I have to handle him. Siddhant tells Sweety that they will take Karthik’s signature and leave. Siddhant and Sweety come there. Amit greets them and asks why did he come without invitation and where is Anushka? Siddhant says she will not come. Amit asks then why did you come? Karthik comes and says I called him here, and reminds Amit that Siddhant is his friend also and asks why didn’t you invite him. Amit asks Siddhant to attend the party. Karthik signs on the paper and gives to sweety. He tells that I wanted to talk to you and looks at Sweety. Sweety goes. Karthik apologizes to him and says I should have understood that it is tough for you after Prabhakar uncle’s death. He extends his hand of friendship. Siddhant is surprised and shakes hand with him.

Anushka comes to Siddhant’s cabin and puts the fish food in the bowl. She gets parag’s call and he asks her when she is coming? Anushka says I can’t come, and infact I am in office. Parag says your employees are here, and even Karthik. She asks which employee? Parag says Siddhant is here and partying. Anushka thinks Siddhant went. Some friends ask siddhant if Amit invited him. Siddhant says he came for Karthik’s work else wouldn’t have come. Karthik gets Srikant’s call and tells him that he will take care of work. He tells Amit that he has to go for work, congratulates him and leaves. Siddhant asks waiter to give him water.

Sweety comes to him. Siddhant says we shall leave. Just then Amit comes and asks Siddhant if he is enjoying? Siddhant says I will leave. Amit asks him to meet bhabhi and introduces her. Siddhant congratulates them. Amit asks Siddhant to have a drink and then go. Sweety asks him to agree. Siddhant agrees. They order drink. Sweety asks why is he confident that Anushka will not come. Siddhant says I am sure that she will not come. Just then Anushka comes there. Amit welcomes her and says Siddhant told that you will not come to party and came. He asks didn’t you tell Siddhant you are coming here. Siddhant says why she will tell me, who am I? Anushka says even you didn’t tell me and asks him to enjoy. Siddhant asks bartender to give him more drink. Anushka goes to meet Amit’s fiancé.

Anushka and others play truth and dare game. Amit’s fiancé asks her to tell about her first love.

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  1. Did anyone feel that kk planned something to make prabhakar join Reddy companies.i felt so but not sure,he looks more sharp today.karthik is not sharp ,he is an angry young man.again some misunderstanding between sid and anu or what?
    Hope they clear it soon

    1. Yes Anjana. The bribe scene may have been a KK set up. KK is not as he appears far more shrewd and clever. I think this was an another set up to create a divide betn Anu and Sid. Um!

    2. I agree with you deb

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