Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 57


Preeta enjoys the scenery view of the beach and surroundings.

Karan ; this is the famous beach of our city I am sure you might have heard

Preeta : yea sometimes my Shrishti was crazy about all this so she always told me

Karan : by the way can I ask you something personal

Preeta : yea why not

Karan : do you have any boyfriend?

Preeta : no but my engagement broke recently

Karan instantly remembers the incident that changed their whole life.

Preeta : karan where did you got lost

Karan ; nothing, I just remembered something terrible

Preeta : oh sorry I am very hungry is there any place to eat around here

Karan ; yea you like gol gappas right come lets eat that

Preeta : wait how did you know that is my favorite food

Karan : partner I take care of my friends very nicely and know their likes

Preeta is touched with his words

Karan : okay then bet lets have our little gol gappa competition

Preeta : before that you tell me what will the winner get

Karan : he can make other do whatever he wants I mean any wish

Preeta : then get ready Mr Luthra to lose today because this doctor will win

Karan ; we will see, uncle get the spicy plate of gol gappas

Preeta ; even I want to see how you city people can digest spicy food

Both have tough gol gappa competition but Preeta ends up winning

Karan : I can’t eat anymore

Preeta : told you its not easy to win from our small town people challenges

Karan ; fine what do you want

Preeta : will you be able to give fulfill the task I ask think once more

Karan : I am the Karan Luthra, there is nothing I cannot do in this world

Preeta : fine then you have to show me the whole city and in return I all take you to Nasik

“Wow Karan Luthra is so happy finally kareli is asking me for a date Karan gets happy

Preeta : hello are you scared already

Karan : I am afraid of anybody okay

Preeta : good then be ready tomorrow, come on is your car ready

Karan ; yea come lets go, before that i want to introduce you to somebody

Preeta : who?

Karan takes her to meet Sarla and Dadi at Arora house. They were not present other day in Luthra mansion when Preeta entered

Karan ; this is Sarla aunty and dadi, our another close family

Preeta : if I am not wrong this might be your girlfriend’s family right

Karan nods

Sarla’s emotion come out seeing her daughter after months. Preeta feels her family seeing them and connection with them

Dadi : oh this is Preeta

Preeta : Karan you are so lucky you have two dadi’s not bad I am so jealous

Dadi : consider I am your dadi dear

Preeta ; thank you

Ruchika’s friend tells her to visit the place near music studio.

Roo ; you all go I am not in mood

Pooja : please come on it will be fun and we will be back soon

Roo goes with her friends to the park but deep down she is not in mood missing her family.

Roo : Kritika di, where are you?

Kritika calls her

Roo ; didi thank god you called me I missed you so much tell me did you meet that monkey

Kritika : don’t ask me about him (reveals everything to her)

Roo starts laughing and taunts Kritika for the stupidity

Kritika : are you my sister or foe?

Roo : I am so sorry but you don’t worry the day he comes in front of me I will settle every scores for bothering my sister

Kritika ; okay now listen my live show will come don’t forget to hear that

Roo ; don’t worry I would never forget okay

Kritika ; I have to go now see you later bye

Roo ; di wait I want to give some good news and bad news (tells about Preeta)

Kritika : what she came back? but could not remember anybody

Roo : no didi but you know our Karan bhai will not sit quiet till he brings his baby doll back

Kritika : yea how would I forget that, anyway I gotta go see you later bye

Roo : bye didi take care

Luthra house

Rakhi calls Panditji showing horoscope of their children facing so much difficulties. She shows Rishab’s first

Rakhi : what happened Panditji is there any problem

Pandiji : there is too much complication in his life, he will have to fight for true happiness

Rakhi : what are you saying? is there no way to prevent this

Pandiji : nobody can change future, Rishab will have to go through this dark phase, that’s his destiny he will have to fight for this

Rakhi and Dadi starts getting worried for Rishab’s future.

Mahesh : you both are stressing out for no reason our Rishab is very strong, he very well knows how to handle himself

Rakhi ; but still he is our child how can we let him suffer, we should have a puja at our house what do you say mummyji

Dadi ; yea why not

Karan : hey dad, did Rishab came back? any news, he is not picking up my phone

Mahesh ; i have been trying to call him from last few hours but his phone is not reachable

Rakhi : then try again

Karan : relax he might be stuck somewhere, he can take care of himself don’t panic

Rakhi : you all are not understanding a mother can sense his child is in pain

Karan gets through Rishab’s phone who picks up

Karan : bhai where are you? here mom’s pressure is rising

Rakhi (takes phone) : Rishab are you okay

Rishab : mom I am fine why are you taking so much stress and don’t worry I will come back soon take, can you give phone to Karan

Karan : yes bhai

“Should I tell Karan right now or no Rishab wonders for few minutes

Karan : bhai are you there?

Rishab : yea listen I am sending you address whenever you have time come meet me there and please don’t tell anybody

Karan : is everything alright (says softly) you sound tense

Rishab ; I will tell you when you meet me and take care of mom

Karan ; okay bhai bye

Rishab : bye

Karan ; bhai never get tensed easily there is something big happened I hope everything is fine wherever he is


Sameer goes to his room frustrated with Shrishti’s constant tantrums.

Sameer : this girl will not let me stay in peace this karan bhai I don’t know where he trapped  me at this place

He goes to turn on the light but none of the electricity works.

Sameer : what the hell? why is not AC turning on now

Shrishti sees him scratching hair in irritation and leaves from there

Sameer goes to the reception to complain about the problem. They call the electrician to fix the line

Payal : i am really sorry for the trouble, but the technician said there is problem in wiring and this will at least take few days

Sameer : what? then are you saying me I have to leave from here

Payal : give me one minute (goes to Shrishti) what is going on

Shrishti : I have an idea we can give him another room there is one vacant across mine if you say

Payal : great idea you wait I will tell him

Sameer ; yes

Payal : there is one room available on that suite in the corner if its okay

Sameer : thats fine and I have to check out in two days anyway

Payal : and i am sorry again

Sameer : thats not your fault is fine

Payal : I will call somebody to put the luggage inside the new room

Sameer : thank you

Shrishti gets excited to see Sameer staying opposite to his room.

Shrishti ; oh poor you

Sameer : don’t be so happy why are you so immature, at least don’t play with image of the place you work

“Shorty I am Shrishti Arora everything I do is with back ups wraps arms around him

Sameer (removes her hand) : don’t act too smart with okay lambu, and I said I am leaving in two three days

Shrishti : when did I say no. but you will not go alone my friendship will go with you

Sameer : keep dreaming lambu this will only happen in your dreams

Shrishti ; I don’t accept losing

Sameer leaves with huff


Rajiv : Sahil you are still here? come lets go its getting late

Sahil : you go I will leave after a while

The city gets in curfew due to protestors and violence. In the crowd Ruchika loses the trace of her friends and runs inside the studio that is nearby park. Scared of the situation she hides in the music room. Sahil who is getting to leave see a shadow in dark and flashes the torch. He tries to open the door of music room unaware of Roo

Both tries hard to open the door at same time but ends up falling on each other.

Eye lock

Sahil : you? what are you doing here? don’t you know outside situation

Roo : some thugs were behind me so I had to come and hide here (says nervously)

Sahil : okay let me go check (opens the door slowly)

Roo  ;whats wrong

Sahil : they are still outside I think we have to stay here for tonight

Roo ; what here? with you? I would rather stay outside than seeing your face

Sahil : perfect idea go ahead because I don’t watch horror shows at night time and only owls stay awake at night

Roo : did you just call me? (shows her finger)

Sahil : oh sorry did you hear something else?now stop your bantering and sit quietly let me think

Roo : yes use your brain at least somewhere outside from music

They hear the noise of window glass breaking. Sahil covers her mouth before she could shout and hides under table. The thugs looks around but could not find anybody. One of them accidentally puts leg on Roo’s hand. Sahil does not let her shout even a bit. They leave from studio

Sahil ties handkerchief on her bleeding hand to stop the blood

Sahil : wait I will try to find the first aid box

Roo looks at his care on the wound more than her

Sahil : is it still paining (blows in the wound)

Roo nods slightly

Sahil : I am so sorry but if you made noise then situation could be bad

Roo : thats okay its better, I am very tired

Sahil : you can sleep on that couch, i will lay on floor

Roo : are you sure?

Sahil : don’t worry I am used to it (removes his jacket and makes pillow)

Roo’s eyes are stuck on his decency behind all arrogant nature.

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko taraashe
Meri nazar se tu zara, haaye re
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaun main zara, haaye re
Ik ankahi si daastaan daastaan
Kehne lagega aaina Subhanallah…

Jo ho raha haim pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua, Subhanallah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua

Throughout whole night Roo could not sleep on the couch and keeps moving. Sahil irritatedly wakes up from sleep but finds her freezing with cold. He covers her with his jacket

Sahil recalls his former girlfriend Kaya who was very similar to Roo’s, childishness and naive. He loved her from bottom of heart but was snatched away by destiny.

Rehabilitation center

Doctor Soha explains Tanya’s condition to Rishab that pierces his mind and heart badly. He had no strength in him left on how to handle

Rishab : what are you saying?

Soha ; I am doctor, no patient’s illness is hidden from me, when she was first brought here that day itself I figured it out that she was raped

Rishab : who brought her here?

Soha : I don’t know some local residents found her.  you have to take very special care of her, right now her mental state is very bad even small stress can be harmful to her

Rishab : there would be some sort of treatment

Soha : she is not sick but this deals with traumatic situation, maybe change of place and environment can bring her out of trauma

Rishab ; can I take her back to Mumbai

Soha : definitely but make sure somebody is around her all time, she has tried to suicide two times in last month

Rishab tries hard to control his emotions to take care of Tanya who badly needs him. He sees her sitting in corner with knees closed shaking with fear in body.

“Rishab I am very scared please take me from here Tanya sobs in his arms

Rishab : don’t worry I am here come get ready (wipes her tears)

Tanya gets flashes of the incidence clutching his collar tightly. Rishab does not take her back to the city but somewhere else. He sees different Tanya in front of him who have forgot meaning of life.

Rishab stops the car on the hill. Tanya rests her head on his lap

“Why did this happen to me asks him with broken voice that have not emotion

Rishab : it was not your fault this world is not good place (caresses her hair)

Tanya : I don’t have courage to face anybody, I am forced to do something I hated most

“But you have to live for us, I cannot imagine my life without you Rishab breaks into tears holding her face tightly

Tanya : please go away from me, I won’t be able to take this guilt (stands up in tears)

“But my life is connected with you, only I know how I have lived this two months, every moment had killed me like poison don’t give me such big punishment sits on his knees indirectly begging her to stay back

Tanya : this society won’t accept our relation not even your family what will you do then

Rishab : and me leaving you in mid way is fine with you, is my family not yours?

“Because thats what I am destined to be staying alone not even my own family is with me, everybody left mom dad Tanya’s eyes speak all emotion hiding inside

Rishab : you want to go away from me fine but remember I will wait for you, at least you cannot take that right away from me (starts walking towards the car leaving her)

Tanya cries soberly seeing him leaving

Tujh mein hi dekha hai Mene Manzil Ko 

Tujh mein dhadkan mili is dil ko 

Bin tere kadmon tale 

Raahe nahi hai tujhe mein kahi hai MEri zameen

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath Chahe jo bhi ho baat Tu bas de de mera saath Tu bas de de mera saath

O sun le yaa Padh le tu 

Meri Khamoshi Hai Jarurat teri 

Saanson Jaise Tujh se hi sab kuch mila 

Ek tu nahi to mera yahan kuch bhi nahi 

 Tu dede mera saath tham le haath

 Chahe jo bhi ho baat 

Tu bas de de mera saath 

Tu bas de de mera saath

Seeing him going away starts piercing her like thorns in heart. She hugs from back finally stopping him.

“I am sorry dont’ leave me like this her teary eyes wets his shirt

Both share passionate hug feeling heaven in each other’s arm


Shrishti organizes the party for the students on the resort beach. Taking the advantage of the situation Shrishti sneaks into Rocky’s room with spare key and starts finding the packet. She finds the plastic bag in his belongings and smells

Shirshti : oh no this are drugs, but how did her bring this inside

Unaware to her Rocky starts walking inside the corridor. He opens the room shockingly


Preeta gets her memory back during the prayer

Roo starts liking Sahil

Dhruv and Kritika participate in rally race

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      You will get answers to all your questions in updates dear so watch out for it. Coming to that poll I kept wondering who is that stalker voting for Roohil even before their story has not been covered. And you asked about multiple voting I don’t do that since one time it went over 2000 for each. Roo has started liking Sahil, he has not developed same feeling yet. You won’t get old tanya back with that spunky nature but will reserved, soft one

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