Mere Sai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Becomes Dilawar’s Student To Free Bru

Mere Sai 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Bru that no ustad can help him until he is competent to do something to achieve his aim. Om Sai plays…..Dilawar comes back to Dwarka Maai and asks Bru if the food is ready. Bru stands up and says I want to tell you something. He says I have learnt so much from you and was with you since years, but now I want to go. Dilawar is shocked and asks what you are saying? Bru says I can’t go without your permission. Dilawar says I made you competent and you want to run like Munnu and Jabulani, and refuses to give permission in any circumstances. Sai says you can stop him, but if he can work with full honestly and dedication. He asks him to free Bru.

Dilawar says you made my students go, and says I will keep your work and will give him freedom, but I have a condition that you will make roti for me before going and until you make it., else you can’t go. Bru agrees. Dilawar thinks I will see how you make roti todays and breaks the wooden tawa. Sai smiles seeing his cheap tactic. Bru kneads the flour and searches for the tawa.

Sai asks what happened? Bru says I couldn’t find Tawa. Sai looks out and sees it broken on floor outside. He tells him that the tawa is broken. Bru says I kept it near stove, how I will make roti now. He says Ustad will not let me go, says may be he loves me a lot. Sai says whatever binds is not love and which depends on condition, he says love is to free others. He says you will go surely. Bru asks how? Sai lights fire and asks Bru to keep roti on his hand and heat it. Bru says your hands will get burnt and asks why is he helping him? Sai says I am helping a person who is honest and has a pure heart. Bru makes rotis on his hands. Sai’s hand works like a tawa. Bru makes rotis. He calls Dilawar and says he made roti. Dilawar says how can you make roti, and says you had brought it from outside. He checks and finds it hot. Bru says I didn’t betray you. I didn’t go out.

Dilawar blames Sai and asks if Bru goes then will he becomes his Student/ actually Slave. Sai agrees to help Bru. Dilawar asks him not to touch him and do all his work on time. Bru recalls Dilawar and Ratnakar’s conversation, thinks don’t do this Sai, you don’t know Dilawar’s plan. If I had not promised Ustad, then I would have told him. Dilawar frees Bru and asks him to go, where ever he wants. Bru asks Sai why you are doing this for me and says I am not competent. Sai says God didn’t make anyone incompetent. Bru gets emotional and hugs Sai. Bru says don’t know why I am feeling this, that I want to go and meet my Aapa, and at the other side, I don’t want to leave you. Sai says we will meet again if God wishes and asks him to go to his house and meet his sister. Bru touches his feet and asks him not to touch Dilawar else he will get much angry. Bru leaves. Om Sai plays…..

Dilawar asks Sai to promise that he will obey all his orders, will not hide anything and will not go anywhere without telling him. Sai promises. Dilawar asks him to make arrangements for his bathing. Sai makes the arrangements. Dilawar takes his clothes from Sai and goes to bath. He removes his clothes. Sai sees marks on his body with his divine powers. Dilawar asks him to get ready for the learning. Sai hears him when he reads. Later he rotates hand fan and makes Dilawar sleep. Dilawar wakes up and shouts Sai’s name.

An old man comes to Sai and tells Dilawar that he has back problem. Dilawar says I will treat your illness. He asks him to kill big rat and apply its blood on his back. Old man asks did you treat someone before. Dilawar asks him to do as he said. Old man thinks if he is joking? Sai returns and tells that he went to buy some fruits for him. Dilawar asks him to do his work. Sai sweeps the floor. Nand lal keeps eye on him and thinks to inform him. Sai brings water pot. Dilawar asks Sai to go to jungle and get some wood. Sai says ok.

Nand lal tells Ratnakar about Dilawar controlling Sai. They go there.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. No limit to the bunch of crap being shown.dilawar track is so stupid.stop the nonsense

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Thank you…It has spoilt everything!!

    2. Juthika Ghosh

      I don’t like Sai baba is putting down so long

  2. ramasubramania

    it has become a practice to show glories of the enemys if Sri.Sai Nath.
    This is not the way i expected the episodes to show. The other serial
    in the name of Sri.Sai Baba as a God. This episodes are different. I
    understnd this epi is produced in maharashtra. I ask you if somebody
    shows Shivaji Maharaj as a weak fellow would you toleraate. So give
    proper weight to baba s roll.

  3. I am searching about Dilawar was real Dilawar exist during sai time in shirdi i can find any evidence about his existence if its lie then be ccareful.

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