Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Confronts Siddhant For Harming Reddy Corporation

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK tells Rao ji that Siddhant has no proofs else he would have attacked him by now. He tells that he is searching proof against him. He tells Rao to use a weapon against Siddhant. Siddhant opens a new office Khurana says he came back to high court from supreme court. Siddhant says I was eager to reach the top. Khurana asks why did he take such a decision Siddhant makes an excuse and thanks him for supporting him. He tells Sweety that KK didn’t get affected even after losing 300 crores. Sweety asks him to make KK lose 300 crores again and again. Siddhant says yes and tells that he will find out from where he started. Srikant tells KK that he doesn’t know why Siddhant is doing this with them. Anushka comes there. KK says he missed her. Anushka says she also missed them and tells that she has resumed her duty. She asks what they were talking? KK says no problem. Srikant says we shall tell her. KK says we shall not tell her. Anushka asks what happened? Srikant says first he left the job and then threatened us using Female employees, and that’s why we have to pay them compensation of 326 scores to save their image. He says Appa didn’t tell us before. He says why Siddhant is doing this to cut our roots.

Sweety tells Siddhant that someone came with small cases, but he refused saying Siddhant Sinha don’t fight small cases. Siddhant says he is not a big lawyer now and have to take up small cases also for his bread and butter. He says he has to pay the advance also. Sweety gets a call and tells Siddhant that the coal mine was bought by Srinivasan, but he didn’t reach for registration and then KK got it transferred on his name. Siddhant asks him to find out about Srinivasan.
Srikant asks Anushka to talk to Siddhant and ask him what is going on in his mind. He then asks if they know something. Karthik tells that Siddhant thinks that Appa got his father killed. KK asks who told you? Purva. He says he doesn’t care about others’ thinking, but cares for his own children thinking. He asks Anushka to tell. Anushka says I told Siddhant that my Appa can’t do this. Karthik says we know that you are businessman and not a criminal. Srikant tells that whatever might be the difference, he always trust him.

Karthik and Purva meet in the car. Purva says we shall not meet as this is wrong. Karthik says I like to meet you and don’t have any wrong thoughts about you. Purva says I know but. Karthik says I didn’t tie you and asks her to go. She says lets go to have coffee. They leave. Rao looks at them.

Neeta misses Anushka and tells KK that they shall go and meet her. KK recalls Gayatri’s words and asks her to meet her in office. Neeta says she will come to office. Rao ji comes to KK and tells that he saw Purva and Karthik going to restaurant and talking over having coffee. KK asks him to make drink and says he will come.

Anushka confronts Siddhant for making KK give 326 crores to female employees. Siddhant says I have done right. Anushka says you would have told me. Siddhant asks him not to come between KK and him. Anushka says whenever you try to harm Appa or Reddy Corporation, you will find me.

Purva and Karthik come to Gayatri’s house. Gayatri asks what Karthik is doing there. Karthik confesses that Purva and he loves each other. Siddhant beats Karthik. Purva asks Anushka to stop Siddhant. Gayatri slaps him. Sweety ji tells KK that he got the proof against him and knows how he bought the coal mine. He says he will expose him and insults KK. KK looks angrily.

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  1. Lokesh

    Ab sweety g mar Jayenge or will turn neagtive. Poor Karthik,Siddhant ne revenge le Lia apni pitai ka.

  2. Sweety ji is dead … poor siddhant

  3. vijayalakshmi

    plzzz don’t end the serial plzzz its very nice unique love story yr y director sir u ending dis serial
    plz give another chance to serial plz give extension

  4. Yes .every episode has twists and turns but dis week also show got poor TRP. 0.2 .
    I like the show and characters of not only main leads every one .

    1. TRP is low mainly becoz there is another serial named bepanah in Colors at that time

  5. TRP is low mainly becoz there is another serial named bepanah in Colors at that time

    1. Lokesh

      Not only bepaanah, other craps too kundli Bhagya and yrkkh.

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